16 Feb

Flight of Dragons

The Dragon's Runaway Omega - Connor Crowe

An Omega on the Run…

Alec Cipher is having a bad day. The superstitious elders of his village demand a seasonal sacrifice to ward off dragon attacks. And lucky him—he’s the Chosen. Desperate to escape and forge a new life for himself, Alec stows away on a passing carriage late one night. Little does he know, the driver of the carriage is an undercover dragon!

An Outcast Alpha…

Alpha dragon Lucien wanders the wilds after a bloody mutiny stripped him of his mate, his powers, and his homeland. On one of his midnight journeys, he unknowingly picks up a stowaway—a little omega human. And he smells delicious. What starts out as annoyance transforms into something greater the longer they spend time together. With an extremist clan on the rise, can Lucien save both his people and his heart? Can Alec love a beast whose brethren have terrorized his people for centuries?

Can they find a new life together in one another’s arms?

Sometimes love is the greatest adventure...welcome to Darkvale.


Alpha Dragon: Bronaz - Kaz Crowley & Kellan Larkin

Bronaz has a family in his best friends at Treasured Ink, the dragon-owned tattoo shop, and a job he loves. But since his twin brother's death years ago, he's been reluctant to open himself to anyone—which is hard when he meets his fated mate.

Omega Kuras wants to meet his fated mate and have a baby more than anything. But time is running out, and dating apps aren't any help. When he meets Bronaz, he's overjoyed. But what if Bronaz doesn't feel the same way?

Meanwhile, the dragons of Treasured Ink investigate a dangerous organization targeting mythical shifters. After a friend's sister is kidnapped by the organization, Bronaz vows to find her—so his friend doesn't suffer the same fate he did.

As Kuras pushes, Bronaz pulls. Bronaz realizes he can't ignore the bond pulling them together, but he can't get hurt again. That's what love brings. But Kuras is determined to show him love can bring healing too—and that it's worth everything.

The two have to learn to work together if they're going to be fated mates. But can Kuras help heal Bronaz's heart? And will they find the kidnapped shifter before it's too late?



Alpha Awakened - Susi Hawke and Piper Scott

After thousands of years, they’re back…

Awkward outcast omega Emery Jones isn’t expecting to find anything more than adventure when he leaves his favorite hiking path and follows a strange series of markers through the woods… and he’s certainly not expecting to come face to face with the most gorgeous man he’s ever seen. He’s instantly smitten, but there’s one problem—his dream guy insists that he’s a dragon prince from another time, and Emery is his fated mate!

After thousands of years in stasis, Coryphaeus of Novis, the draconian Crown Prince, has been awakened by a kiss from his fated mate. But when the shy little omega denies his draconian heritage and tells Cory that dragons are nothing more than fairytales, Cory knows that the world isn’t as he remembers it. The dragons that once ruled the world are gone.

It’s too bad the threat they previously faced hasn’t gone extinct, too…


The Last Alpha Dragon - Harper B. Cole and Kallie Frost

Chandler has long been resigned to the fate of his race.
He’s one of the last two dragons in the world and neither of them can reproduce together. In spite of being immortals, he knows that someday there may be no dragons left at all. For centuries he’s been dreaming of a tropical island paradise with other dragons on it. After the dream becomes a nightmare of a hurricane ravaged island, he wonders what if the dreams are real? What if there really are more dragons? And if there are… are they in trouble?

Rask wondered if this was the end for him and his pack…
It’s been centuries since Rask and his companions were shipwrecked while fleeing the dragon massacre. Life hasn’t been easy, but nothing could have prepared them for the devastation of the worse hurricane to ever strike them. Leaving the island has proved deadly in the past, but now Rask thinks it may be better than slowly dying of starvation. He dreams of returning to civilization, finding his true mate, and having children of his own. That is, if the threat of dragon slayers is truly over…


The Dragon's Perfect Omega - Ann-Katrin Byrde

Sometimes the magic of love leads us to discover who we really are...

Zim knows if anyone found out about his dirty fantasies involving other men, his family would disown him, so he keeps his forbidden desires buried. On the outside, he's a good son, a good student, a good future CEO of his family's pharmaceutical company. He's almost convinced himself that's all he is--until his twenty-first birthday brings him a present he could never have expected: a dragon that would unlock all his secrets--body, heart and mind—and help him discard the masks he’s worn all his life.

Lowen's ability to glimpse the future sets him apart from other dragons, but he knows that if his powers came to light, his people would expect him to devote his life to the Gods, remaining celibate. Not something that sounds particularly fun--especially not when Lowen comes face to face with his fated mate and his world is turned on its head.

When visions warn him that being with Zim will lead to tragedy, Lowen is prepared to make any sacrifice necessary to save his mate—and their unborn children—to have a shot at a future together. Even if that means defying his people, Zim’s parents, and destiny itself.


The Golden Dragon's Unexpected Mate - Kiki Burrelli

Dragon King Damari is the last dragon of his kind. After a curse killed his family, Damari is left the only one with the power to sustain his tribe. But when years go on and Damari doesn't find his dragon mate, he must venture out into the human world, and search for other ways to protect his people.

Dumped by his boyfriend, and stuck on the world's most exclusive resort on Chryseum Island, Miko Lannis needs help getting off…the island. He swoons along with all the other guests when he gets his first look at the domineering dragon king, Damari. He is so handsome and noble, there’s no way he could be interested in the socially awkward Miko in his frayed jeans and worn t-shirt.

Damari can’t control the pull he feels towards Miko from the first moment he spots his pastel blue hair in his office. Miko is goofy, clumsy and speaks his mind—a trait that is hard for a dragon king to find. But mostly, he makes Damari smile. If Damari didn’t know better, he would think Miko was his mate, but Miko is a human.

When Miko finds himself alone in Damari’s lair, he’s ready and willing. Except something happens that transforms their one night stand into forever.

Meanwhile, the curse that killed Damari's family may not be finished. Damari needs to call on all his powers as the Golden Dragon King to protect his new mate and his people.


Rescued from the Dragon - Bella Mannaro

Jason watched over the blacksmith forge for his master Rau, when a customer dressed in a nobleman's fancy clothes asked for some work to be done. He was no ordinary customer as Jason discovered.

Instantly drawn to the man's intense beauty, brilliant green eyes, and kind heart, Adain Cariad suddenly consumed all of Jason's thoughts. Their encounter, however, was not by chance. As a powerful wyvern in search of a mate to carry his fledgling, Adain knew the handsome slave was his true mate from the moment he entered the tiny medieval village.

Jason was captivated and found himself dreaming of being with Adain even though his cruel master would not allow him ever to leave him. Adain insisted on spending time with Jason despite Jason's warnings that his master was secretly a vicious monster in disguise, a dragon. When Adain realized Jason was truly his mate, he was forced to find a witch whose spellwork could bind them together forever while giving Jason the strength to bear Adain's fledgling. The witch's price for her service was high. Jason would need to know what Adain was before she would agree to the spell and she demanded the heart of Jason's dragon master.

Will Jason still want to be with Adain when he learns Adain is a wyvern? Will Adain be able to destroy Rau and rescue Jason from the dragon?


Waking His Omega - Crista Crown & Harper B. Cole

This is the end, Simon thought. Not if I can help it, I responded.

After thousands of years asleep in the ice, Ryeth the Sapphire Dragon is waking, and it's the touch of one man's mind that draws him from his dreams. But Ryeth's body is still trapped, leaving him powerless to address the issue of his brother, the Black Dragon, who has already threatened Simon's pack.

Simon didn't realize how alone he felt until Ryeth bonded with him, and now he doesn't know how to function without the dragon's voice in his head. But a yearning for more burns in his gut, and he doesn't know what to do about it.

As the threat of the Black Dragon looms ever greater, Simon must find a way to free Ryeth. It's not only his pack and family that is at stake, but the chance of a future with the dragon he has linked his soul to.


15 Feb

Sweet & Spicy Deals for February 15th

Crossfire - Jackie Keswick

Martin Pendleton was the most beautiful man I'd ever met. He was also the first man I'd ever been attracted to.

I'm Dean Gilchrist, and my twin sister Cat and I run a small tech startup. Looking for angel investors isn't my favourite way to spend time. Not even when they're gorgeous and charming. But there's gorgeous and charming, and then there's Martin Pendleton.

I've no idea why Martin caught my eye. Could be his charisma. Could be the hint of frost at his temples. Could be his voice. All I know is looking at him gives me the shivers and one word from him can turn me back into the awkward, tongue-tied nerd I used to be. Nobody else has ever managed that. It's all very strange.

Stranger still, Cat is totally fine with my sudden interest in batting for the other team. Not that I've done an awful lot of batting for the regular side, you understand. And I have no idea how to go about wooing a guy. But the way Martin makes me feel? I've got to try this even if it kills me. And with the way bullets suddenly start flying… it just might.



The Dragon Heir's Omega - London Kemaker

Dragons don’t just throw parties, they throw balls, but Jordan is from the Kellen family, and they’re more likely to crash a ball than be invited to one. So when Jordan’s partner Zachary suggests they attend the latest fancy to-do and cause a stir, Jordan is definitely on board. The dragon elite live cushy, privileged lives that Jordan never had a chance to see when he was a young alpha. And maybe the ruckass they cause will stir up some interesting omegas.

Zach Knight doesn’t just want to start some rumors at the latest social party, he wants to bring the whole house down. His family has run Ether City for generations, but Zach has something to say about how Omegas are treated and where better to make a statement than in front of a few hundred of his closest enemies? With Jordan at his side, Zach has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Aiden Hunt wasn’t supposed to be at this ball, let alone leashed, collared, and naked for the CEO of the bank where it’s being held. He’s drowning in heat and with hormones racing, his body is nearly out of his control. Walking through a crowd of alphas is his worst nightmare come true. He needs someone to save him, and fast, but he doesn’t know who he can turn to.

Jordan and Zach are happily bonded to each other, two alpha males with more bite than bark. They didn’t come to the party to rescue an omega, but when he’s dragged onto the dance floor, he seems to be just the disturbance the alphas were looking for. Aiden won’t be muzzled by just anyone, but Jordan and Zach are confident they’ve found the perfect omega to share.


The Dragon Boss - Anna Wineheart

What happens when you send an accidental dick pic with your resume?

On the run from dark-web criminals, Lucian Bolt has given up on a permanent safe place--all he needs is a temporary one, so he can earn some quick cash and run again. Better to flee, than linger in the truth: because of his electronic whispering abilities, his family has been murdered. A person like him doesn't deserve happiness.

Then Lucian meets Knox, and things change.

As the boss of Whole Fish Seafoods, Knox has everything--except a family. Fifty years ago, wolf-shifters murdered his mate and child. Believing himself a failure, Knox has sworn off taking another mate... until he meets the job applicant that stumbles into his office.

Lucian smells like wolves. Suspicious, Knox frisks him, and plants his seed in Lucian. Only to find out a week later that Lucian's not the non-magic human he claimed to be. And that Lucian is now pregnant... with a dragon child.

With Knox, Lucian glimpses what a happy future could be like. And with Lucian, Knox has someone to protect again. As the sparks between them grow, and as the dark tendrils of their pasts coil closer, can Lucian and Knox find their way to a future together?


Rough - Hayden Hunt

Leaving was the hardest thing I ever did. That is, until I had to come back...

As soon as I turned 18, I left my old town behind. I wanted a new life, free from judgemental parents, free from the things I was not ready to accept about myself. Unfortunately, in the process of fleeing everything I hated, I also fled the one thing I cared about... My best friend, Aaron.

But now I have to come back and every piece of me is scared. I haven't gotten Aaron off my mind since I left and I both desperately wanted to see him and wanted to avoid him forever. I wish I could see him, but will he forgive me for what I've done? Is our relationship fixable after all these years?

He makes me feel both amazing and terrible.

I've never been as close to anyone as I have been with Jesse. I had to admit, I missed that closeness. But with closeness comes vulnerability and he took advantage of that vulnerability to protect himself. This is something I'm not sure I can forgive, I never planned to.

But now he is back in my life and I don't know how to avoid him or if I even want to. I've never been so torn. Is he someone I should allow back into my life?


A Mate for the Alphas - L. C. Davis

A lawless pack ruled by two mated Alphas, an omega who lives by the book, and a bond that will either bond them forever or break them for good.

Alphas aren’t supposed to fall in love with Alphas, let alone mark them, but Jason and Kade have always done things their way. Their pack, their rules, their life.

One omega stands to change everything.

When a Tribunal agent who’s never heard of a day off comes sniffing around looking for a pregnant teenager who claimed sanctuary in Silver Rapids, the omega immediately lands on Jason’s bad side. Jason knows Betty is being framed for the murder of her baby’s father, but Clyde’s insistence on following the letter of the law puts their pack sovereignty at risk.

Jason wants him gone. The only problem? He’s Kade’s destined mate.

As the murder investigation unravels, revealing high-level corruption in the Federation Jason turned his back on years ago, the Alphas and Clyde are forced to cooperate. When Clyde offers them the chance to start the family they’ve always wanted, it seems too good to be true… Until Jason realizes that it’s going to take more than just a surrogacy agreement to make their family complete.


Only See You - JD Chambers

“I might not be every gay man’s wet dream, but I always get a second look.”

Mal Copol knows who they are: Nonbinary. Awesome. Exhausted. They won’t change for anyone, but just once, they’d like to be the one with relationship potential, not the hookup. Also, not having to fight employers on who they are and how they present themselves would be nice. And while they’re at it, add not getting raised eyebrows at their high heels and tasteful makeup while discussing their latest rock-climbing trip to the wish list. Is that really too much to ask?

“Here I am at twenty-seven, embarking on life, version 2.0.”

Parker McWilliams is breaking free from the constraints of his former life and wife. He’s recapturing his zest to try new things and experience everything to the fullest, instead of the complacency he had fallen into over the past nine years. If one of those “new experiences” happens to be with a certain beautiful and intriguing nonbinary person, well, Parker’s just going to roll with it. Anything contrary to his past life is a good thing.

Mal and Parker keep surprising each other every time they meet. Despite their differences, neither has any interest in fighting their attraction. But when circumstances threaten to keep them apart, the couple must decide if that attraction is enough to overcome the obstacles they face.


Rise of the Dragon - C. K. Gold

A decade of street fighting and brutal intrigue have left Fang, a gang enforcer, with few allies and even fewer friends. He has no time for love -- his loyalties are already complicated enough. His lone connection to a brighter past is Birch, the orphan he saved from the slums when they were boys. And when Fang lost his family, it was Birch who taught him how to survive.

Yet vengeance has its price. Fang let Birch, the best thing to ever happen to him, slip away in exchange for power. Now Fang is a lieutenant in the gang that murdered his family. All he has to do is wait for his chance. But a kiss that shouldn't have been, at a meeting that shouldn't have happened, forces Fang to decide what really matters.

When Fang's boss orders him to steal a magical stone from a royal ship, Birch demands Fang hand it over to him instead. The stone represents more than just wealth: it is the symbol of a people fighting back against corruption.

Fang is caught between the ultimate reward -- dueling his parent's murderer -- and his fiery passion for Birch. But the dragon stone has its own ideas. Its power recasts not just Fang's body, but his dilemma.

Will Fang choose power over love? Or will he leave behind the ghosts of the past and find love with Birch?


Pyromancer - Amanda Young

One desperate night, a rent boy hot enough to scorch the motel sheets, meets a man doomed to burn for love.

Christian Ryder is cursed with pyromancy, a deadly ability he has difficulty controlling. Having hurt lovers in the past, he has sworn off personal attachments.

Tanner O’Bannon is broke and desperate. The recent loss of his father has thrown Tanner into a tailspin of debt he can’t afford to pay. Working as a rent boy allows him to pay the mortgage and his college tuition, but it’s burning away his soul in the process.

Through the machinations of an escort agency these men are thrown together. Smoldering embers of desire fan the flames of love, but will it be enough to make Christian overcome his fear of love, or to save Tanner from the fire?




Alpha's Awakening - Alice Shaw

An alpha’s dream awakens a destiny. Can he fix what’s been broken?

Frisky Pines used to be a safe place to grow up in. Sure, it had its ups and downs, like any other small town. But when the dreamy, alpha Logan Bishop starts seeing visions from another realm, he knows something terrible is about to happen.

Logan is facing the biggest problem in his life. He is the chosen-one, meant to save Frisky Pines from all peril. Uh, yeah. And that’s not even the issue here.

Jackson, his quirky and fun omega, has been by his side since the beginning. After six years of being forced apart, he can finally hold Logan in his arms again.

Logan just wants his fated mate safe. But he also can’t hold back his feelings. With twins on the way, disaster could come without any moment’s notice. No matter the odds, he must protect his pregnant jaguar.

Together, they will discover their goddess-given abilities. Time to tie the knot.


08 Feb

Sweet & Spicy Deals for February 8th

Runaway Omega: Harley - Kellan Larkin and Kaz Crowley

Alpha wolf Carson is dedicated to protecting the people of Stelline City with his partner, Lars. When he finds a pregnant, homeless omega, he can't resist the chance to rescue him. An upstanding alpha always helps omegas, especially pregnant ones.

Harley's just a human escaping abuse in his small town by coming to the big city. He's pregnant with his baby, Hunter, and needs a new life. When he runs into Carson, everything changes. The gentle, strong alpha is the perfect guy to protect Harley from his past.

Lars knows he can't give Carson the baby they've always dreamed of. He never thought about adding to his relationship with Carson, but Harley—and the baby he carries—might just be the missing piece they both need.

When Harley gets mixed up with a dangerous gang that has the city in its grip, Carson and Lars struggle to keep their precious omega safe. On top of that, Harley's past might be coming back to haunt him.

The two alphas will stop at nothing to protect their omega—while they learn what a relationship with three men looks like.


Family Ties - Poppy Denison

Every family has a story to tell…

Blake Bartlett needs a do-over, so he’s going back home to Havendale, Florida, with his three-year-old daughter in tow. The perfect life he built is in ruins and he’s determined to create a new one. The Bartletts are fixtures in the small town of Havendale, and Blake’s extended family welcome him back with open arms. He’s settling in and getting back in his family’s good graces, when he meets Lincoln Coleman. Suddenly, he’s starting to want things he shouldn’t, and their relationship is beginning to heat up.

Linc may have the reputation for being a one-night stand kind of guy, but the rumors aren’t quite right. When he meets Blake and his daughter, he imagines family life and settling down for the first time. There’s only one problem: Blake has taken on a leadership role in the Bartlett Construction business and now Linc works for the man he’s falling in love with.

Blake’s well-intentioned family may have them tied up in knots, but only they can untangle their heart strings...


The Charmer - Myra Scott

Zane: As the head of PR at a Sin City casino, I'm ruthless, but my warm personality will make you think otherwise. Then Diego walks in - a casino owner on the strip siphoning my business.

Diego: I never meant to fall for Zane. I need to keep my distance, but before I realize it, I've fallen for his charm and there's going to be hell to pay.


A Hotter Fire - Parker Avrile

The mysterious matchmakers from Assured Elites face their most challenging case yet.

When pop singer Mikel asks Elites to arrange a date with a brilliant older man, he expects to be paired with his celebrity crush. Instead, he finds himself in the silken hands of a workaholic doctor.

Dedicated brain surgeon Curt knows how to save a life but not how to make time to live. His coworkers take matters into their own hands and sign him up for a date with a young pop star. If Mikel doesn't shake him out of his rut, nobody can.

Everybody knows Mikel and Curt are made for each other. Everybody but them.



Operation Omega - Eva Leon

Protecting the omega is his mission. Falling in love is a whole different battle.

Sergeant First Class Kali Morris is the communications specialist for special forces Delta Squad. He's the love-em-and-leave-em type of alpha. Kali finds his latest conquest the night before a mission, except he’s attracted to this omega more than he ever thought possible.

Sergeant Thomas Carter is an intelligent omega, specializing in dead languages. He never expected to leave a base when he enlisted, preferring a desk job to running through the desert. Alone, Thomas goes to a local bar to fight off his nerves and falls for the tempting alpha.

But when it turns out Sergeant Kali will be with him on the mission--Thomas’ heart is in as much danger as his life is. Alpha Kali's duty is to complete the mission but his nature is to protect the Omega he's claimed.

Together, these men come together in a sizzling dance under the desert sky but must battle their instincts to fulfill their duties. And when those duties come before their hearts, they must face the battle for their love together.


The Omega's Unplanned Baby - Rune Davenport

Lane Monahan has plans. College, an education, freedom from his overbearing parents, and some no-strings-attached fun with a hot Alpha. Preferably Gareth Crawford. The Alpha, a family friend, has dominated his fantasies for years.

Things that don't fit into his plans? Falling in love with Gareth Crawford and then being contractually bonded to him. Goodbye, freedom. Right?

Self-made billionaire Gareth Crawford has been biding his time for years. He’s known since meeting Lane that the omega is the only one for him. But the spirited omega needed the chance to grow up without an Alpha breathing down his neck. After years of careful planning, Gareth now needs to convince Lane to say yes to a bond, promising him the freedom he desires.

Love was part of the plan, but will those two headstrong characters manage to navigate the complexities of a strong bond? And what happens if you add an unplanned baby to the already explosive mixture?


Wed to the Omega - Ashe Moon

For Tresten Croc, a headstrong omega enrolled in the alpha dominated Fighting Arts School, an arranged marriage is about the worst thing that could ever happen to him—especially when his husband-to-be is none other than his rival classmate, the jockish playboy alpha, Loch Luna.

Their families need this alliance in order to retain their place as clan leaders, so the two young fighters reluctantly agree to be wed. There’s absolutely no way they’d ever actually fall in love… so what will Tresten and Loch do when they learn they need to produce an heir?


Omega Protected - Quinn Parker

Rodney is a compassionate Omega who just arrived to the small non-shifter town near the Lunar Lodge Pack. Visiting his cousin Fredrick to take a break from his humanitarian tour in war-torn Liberia, the last thing he needed was to arrive on his vacation during a different war. A feud between the Lunar Pack and the rogues lead by a shifter named Julius.

Daniel is the Alpha heir, a responsibility that doesn't interest him. When news arrives that Julius, a former Alpha of the pack, excommunicated for his atrocities, was spotted wondering towards the non-shifter town, Daniel is sent to investigate. Against his wishes, he meets with Fredrick, a former member of the pack who decided to live among the non-shifters to offer them his protection.

Imagine the surprise when Daniel arrives at Fredrick’s bar and catches the scent of his fated mate, Rodney. When Daniel learns that his mate was threatened by Julius and the rogue clan, he promises he will take care of him and brings him back to the Lunar Lodge. Daniel will do anything to protect his fated mate and the pack. Rodney can't deny their fated attraction. But when Fredrick gets abducted by the rogue clan, Daniel will have to accept his Alpha role and decide if the rescue of someone who abandoned them is worth jeopardizing the lives of the pack and the safety of his fated mate.


Just A Few More - Aria Grace

Damon has paid his dues at The Vault.

For the past eleven months, he's been working hard to earn as much money as possible before his term is over.

But now that he's so close to freedom, he's not sure where to go next. And his friendship with Scotty is quickly blossoming into something else.

When a disgruntled ex-member decides to hurt Tanner by coming after his guys, Damon and Scotty are thrown into a nightmare they aren't sure they'll ever make it out of.


01 Feb

Sweet & Spicy Deals for February 1st

Flaunt - E. Davies

After transitioning, programmer Nic Montero struggles to join gay culture... until he runs into the green-haired, gartered force of nature that is Kyle Everett. Loud, loving, and too much for most men to handle, Kyle spends his precious spare moments with his son. Can two men who feel like they're not enough and too much find something just right?


HeartShip - Amy Jo Cousins

Benji never meant to catfish a hot college football player in Minnesota when he met a fellow anime fan online. But when @joshfortytwo announces he’s coming to Miami for a spontaneous visit, Benji is pretty sure the left tackle—whatever that is—expects to meet a cute girl in a bikini, not an aging twink hoping to finally get his life together when he finishes massage therapy school.

Josh doesn't let himself wonder about questions like:

  • why don't you want to ask @princessglitter if she's a girl?
  • why don't you tell your friends that you can't hang on Sunday nights because you've got a date to watch anime with your new BFF?
  • why do you call it a date?

All he knows is that he needs to escape from the stress of having been injured just before the bowl game, and @princessglitter has somehow become his best friend.

But when Josh's secrets and Benji's sex appeal smash together for forty-eight scorching hours, they're going to feel the heat from Miami to Minnesota.



Unbearable - Kiki Burrelli

Sent on a mission to gather resources for their bear pack, alpha shifters Julian and Hugh are happy as long as they are together. Which they normally are. So much so that the people around them forget that they aren’t actually brothers.

Julian would follow Hugh into hell if he led them. Thankfully, he doesn’t take them to hell, but to Mexico where they are supposed to meet up with a man who can help them get the things they need for their pack at home.

They never expected to find their mate in the back room of a bar.
Logan goes where the wind, and his desire, takes him. He abandoned his career as an ER doctor after a madman killed everyone he cared for. Now, he has two rules, never stay too long in one place and never sleep with the same man. Lucky for him, the world is full of men he still hasn’t met.

Except, when he meets two, sexy men who tell him he is the one, he wants to believe them. His brain is telling him to run, but the bear brothers won’t let him. They say he is their mate and they’re going to convince him.


Oliver Ever After - Spencer Spears

Oliver: It took me 7 years of pretending I was over my high-school boyfriend, Luke, to convince myself that going to my high school reunion was a good idea, and only 5 minutes of moonlit conversation to realize how wrong I was. Though I guess inviting Luke back to my hotel room and then having a panic attack in bed with him didn’t exactly help matters.

All I want to do now is disappear, but instead, I'm stuck at home, helping my father with a health crisis and dodging Luke’s calls. Luke’s a player--he always has been. I know better than to get involved with him again. So how the hell do I get my heart to listen?

Luke: Oliver Luna. The first person I ever fell in love with. The first heart I ever broke. The only person I’ve never gotten over.

I just went to the reunion to apologize. To get Oliver out of my head. Because that’s how it works, right? You say you’re sorry and you get to move on, get to put the past behind you.

I didn’t want to remember what Oliver’s lips tasted like. I didn’t want to remember what he felt like in my arms. I didn’t want to realize I was still in love.

But now all I know is this: I have no idea how to fix all the pain I've caused, but I’ll die before I let Oliver walk out of my life again.


Bound to the Omega - Ashe Moon

Alpha Arthur Luna has sworn off all men. Thirteen years ago, his best friend was forced to be married off to another alpha, even though the two of them were in love. Determined not to have his heart broken again, Arthur has no plans to settle down... Until he discovers that Perry is back in town.

Perry Houndfang curses his arranged marriage. Thirteen years ago, he didn't just leave Wolfheart behind—he left the love of his life. With a cheating, scornful husband on his tail, and a three-year-old daughter to protect, Perry's back in Wolfheart to seek refuge... But he wasn’t expecting to run into Arthur again.

As they rediscover each other, and obvious that fate had meant for them to be together. But Perry is still bound to another. To reclaim his love, Arthur must defeat Perry’s husband in a motorcycle challenge; a death-defying race between two alphas: winner takes all.


His Professor Omega - Harper B. Cole and Aria Grace

Coop was just looking for a good time before leaving town.
He had no idea his one-night stand with a sexy older man would have lifelong ramifications. But when he went back home at the end of his time in the city, he just wasn't the same. Something was missing though he had no idea what it was.

Ash was just a simple professor, living each day in peace and simplicity.
He wasn't the type of omega who got picked up in a coffee shop for a fling. But when a hot young alpha sat down at his table, he was completely helpless to refuse him. Their night was amazing but way too short. And when that alpha walked out of his apartment, Ash never expected to see him again.

All he had left to remember the best night of his life was a beautiful baby girl.


Guarding His Jewels - Jaylen Florian

Ryan, a naive young security guard, becomes intimately entangled with professional fighters in the days before their world championship grudge match.

More is at stake than the title belt, valuable rings, prize money, glory, and fame. The reigning champ has been threatened with losing body parts — his natural treasures — by his arch nemesis.


Watching the Alpha's Omega - Emma Knox

Samson: Ever since my brother, and pack leader Trevor found a mate, he won’t stop bugging me. Now he threatens to take my most favorite thing… Goat meat.

I didn’t need an Omega. I was fine the way I was. I just went for the meet ‘n greet party to soothe my brother’s demands. Now I was faced with another problem. I found my mate. But he only wanted the baby. Not me.

If only he can hang on a little longer. I’ll show him he’s worthy of being loved. By me. And he’d get the whole package. Or well, packages. *wink*


Samson Reluson is almost the mirror of his brother; Trevor. But now he has other leaps and bounds when he meets his mate who’s on a mission of his own.

Arden Wine needs a baby for his pack’s sake. But he’s not ready for the extra Alpha that comes with it.


Omega's Heat - Aspen Grey

Separated by distance, but brought together by fate…

Cole has it all. The looks, the bod, and the prestige of being partner in one of the top law firms in Los Angeles. The one thing he doesn’t have? A mate. But with an endless stream of omega’s throwing themselves at his feet – who needs one?

Keiran has nothing. No friends. No family. No future. He’s been working at a brothel since he ran away from home, doing whatever it takes – whoever it takes, to survive. But one night, after a particularly horrible customer, Keiran decides he’s fed up, quits his “job” and buys a one-way ticket for Los Angeles.

Cole was just looking for another fun night out at the club, and Keiran was just looking for an alpha who could pay. But when Cole lays eyes on Keiran, and catches a whiff of his scent – it’s undeniable.

Cole has something in mind for the sweet omega, and it’s more than just a one-night stand. But Keiran has built up a lifetime of defenses, and he’s cautious. Will Cole be able to prove himself to his wounded love and win the heart of his fated mate?


25 Jan

Sweet & Spicy Deals for January 25th

A Higher Flame - Parker Avrile

A celebrity matchmaking service pairs a reclusive billionaire with a playboy actor. Are they nuts?

“Just be nice, and don't break his heart too fast. Wait until after the Oscars.”

Bad boy Trent has been nominated for Best Actor, and now the rising star needs to clean up his act. A steady older man at his side will make him seem more authentic to the Academy voters.

“There's so many ways this could blow up into you screwing up and having fun.”

Ben isn't quite sure why Gran volunteered him for a blind date with a Hollywood actor. The spotlight is for other billionaires. He chooses to be alone in the shadows.

Assured Elites never fails to put together the dreamiest matches. Will Trent and Ben break their perfect record?



Alpha Dragon: Nyve - Kellan Larkin and Kaz Crowley

As an older dragon, Nyve's been waiting years for his fated mate. He just didn't think he'd be so... young. Austin is the breath of fresh air the alpha dragon needs, but Nyve can't help but worry about the age gap.

Austin feels stifled by his overprotective aunt, who took him in after his mother died mysteriously. As a half dragon, half wolf shifter, he's never felt like he's fit into either world. But he misses his mom—and meets his fated mate when getting a tattoo to remember her.

As Austin strives for independence while also learning to accept his mate, the guys at Treasured Ink learn more about a mysterious organization with a sinister motive attacking mythical shifters.

And it seems like Austin's distant father might be involved.

It's up to the dragons to get to the bottom of this—before someone they love gets hurt. And in the midst of it all, Nyve struggles to give his young mate the space he needs, while controlling his fear that he'll lose the one thing he's been waiting his whole life for.


Rock-A-Bye - Rachel Kane

Evan Cray:
After I crashed my party-boat into a plane (long story), my uncle took my trust fund away, and made me get a job at his company. If that wasn't bad enough, my new boss turned out to be Simon, the gorgeous guy I hooked up with at the club the other night, before realizing who he was. All I have to do to get my trust fund back is straighten up, do a good job, and keep my hands off Simon. No problem, right? But he is so shy and cute and I'm not sure I can do it...especially because I think he feels the same way about me. But here's the thing: I don't need the trust fund money for me. I need it for my son. Nobody knows about him, because I don't want my toxic uncle to destroy his life.

Simon Bowden:
How could I fall for a rich disaster like Evan? I'm Mr. Responsibility. The Crays have been the enemies of me and my friends since high school. But when I discover that he's hardly the shallow playboy I thought he was--that he has depth and secrets--I can't hold back, I have to have him. But I think his family knows...and they're trying to poison him against me. Everybody thinks I'm meek and mild, but they're going to learn differently when they try to take my man away.


The Omega Shift - Tamsin Baker

In a world where only the paranormals survived... A virus wiped out all humans on Earth ten years ago and now there is a war going on between all those left standing.

Caden is an Omega wolf, struggling to stay alive among the ranks of the vicious pack he belongs to. He’s been used and abused by so many who were meant to protect him, yet is alive, unlike so many other Omegas who did not survive the rigors of the new world. His only goal is to fulfill his promise to his grandma, to survive at any cost.

Max, Alpha of the Olano pack was a cop for ten years before the world went to hell in a hand basket. Now, he fights to keep his pack on top, fed and alive. He mounts an attack against a rival pack, only to realise that a revered Omega is among their ranks, and not only that, but Caden is his fated mate.

Can Max convince the broken Caden that love and destiny still exist, or will the violence of their fractured world tear them apart?


Life in a Nowhere Town - Hanna Dare

The hit reality show, Singing Sensation, promises to make its winners big stars - but all Conor Gillis wants is to get out of his small town. It's not the sort of place where a quiet, eighteen-year-old who loves the Beatles and playing guitar can expect to fit in.

Conor's also pretty sure he's the only gay person in town.

Well, except for one other person...

Derek Folsom is the kind of bad influence parents warn you about. He's tough, rough, and always looking for a fight. He's the last person anyone would suspect of being gay, in fact he's likely to punch anyone who does suspect it. So why is he suddenly so interested in Conor?

Conor's pinning all his hopes on auditioning for a TV show. It's his only chance to realize his dreams, and escape all of these confusing feelings. But will he be able to find his voice... and his true self?


My Captain's Baby - Eva Leon

Alpha Captain Zane Mayfield commands the special forces Delta Squad. He’s wanted Specialist Aden Chandler since the man was assigned to his squad. The only issue is Aden is an alpha.

When an op goes sideways, Zane’s alpha instincts take over. All he cares about is keeping the snarky flirt of a sniper safe.

Specialist Aden Chandler lied about his omega status when he enlisted.

He has his dream job in the special forces and he’ll do what it takes to keep his dream alive, even if it means illegal suppressants and denying his need for his Captain.

But an op gone wrong changes everything and threatens to ruin both his and Captain Mayfield’s military career. Will Captain Mayfield choose duty over love? Or will Aden be proven once again that alphas can’t be trusted?


Alpha's Heart - Hawke Oakley

Wesley has one job: infiltrate Indigo Mountain pack, seduce the top alpha, and destroy the pack from the inside out. As a 19-year-old omega yet to have his first heat, he’s the perfect shifter for the task. But Scarlet Ridge’s top alpha knows his enemy isn’t stupid. In order to gain access to the pack, Wesley needs to be hurt - badly. After crawling past the border nearly on death’s door, a sympathetic enemy alpha comes to his rescue, just as planned.

As a doctor, alpha Ken has seen his fair share of injuries, but nothing compares to the beat-up Wesley. He takes the critically injured omega into his home and nurses him back to health. Ken can’t deny the way his heart flutters when he looks at Wesley, but he has a strict policy about not getting involved with patients. But how long can he deny his attraction?


The Omega's Forbidden Child - Chris Savage

Prince Azar wanted a break from the castle and its oppressive atmosphere, so he joined the Royal Guard. So when he meets Jacoby, he’s faced with a difficult decision.

A dragon determines his mate on sight. To Azar, it always seemed an unreliable system. What if your soulmate was elsewhere, and you never met.

Or worse…

What if your mate is a male, and an omega to boot?


The Easy Way - May Archer

Camden Seaver had it easy - a loving family, plenty of money, and the freedom to follow his dreams while his older brother, Sebastian, took charge of the family business. But when a tragic plane crash killed his parents, all the responsibilities he never wanted landed firmly on his shoulders. Now saddled with his crazy, grief-stricken brother and his dad’s multimillion dollar company, Cam doesn’t trust in dreams anymore. He’s forgotten what “easy” feels like.

FBI Agent Kendrick “Cort” Cortland learned the hard way that he couldn’t depend on anyone but himself. Before joining the FBI, the one constant in his life was his foster brother, Damon - and then Damon disappeared. Now, Cort is determined to find his brother and to bring down the man responsible for ruining Damon’s life, Sebastian Seaver. He’s got nothing left to lose.

When Cort’s investigation leads him to Seaver Tech...and Camden Seaver...what started as a quest for revenge and a one-night deception quickly turns into far more than either man bargained for. But how can either man trust in something that seems so easy? As long-held secrets are revealed, the attraction between Cam and Cort becomes combustible - an undeniable love that will either make or destroy them. Will Cam and Cort let their conflicting loyalties drive them apart? Or will they decide that sometimes love is the easy way?


18 Jan

Sweet & Spicy Deals for January 18th

Alpha Dragon: Taran - Kellan Larkin and Kaz Crowley

Tattooing is Taran’s passion, and opening a shop with his four best friends is a dream come true. But when his fated mate walks right in the door on day one, he realizes life is gonna get crazy.

And then a rival tattoo shop opens right across the street. This alpha dragon’s got too much to handle, and if he’s not careful, he’s going to lose his passion, his friends, and his fated omega.

All Nosko wanted was a tattoo to remember his grandmother by. He didn’t think he’d meet the man he’d been waiting his whole life for. Is it the right time, though? His art gallery’s sales are dropping, and he needs to focus.

Just when he thinks he has it all under control, he gets mugged by someone who has a bone to pick with dragon shifters. How can he raise a family if he doesn’t feel safe in his own home?

With a rogue criminal targeting dragons and a flagging business, he needs to get his head on straight. And on top of that, Taran gets him pregnant.

What’s a guy to do?


On the Rocks - Garett Groves

A downtrodden barkeep. A country singing sensation. A small town second chance.

Jason Smith has spent his whole life trying to escape Beauclaire, North Carolina, the tiny town where he was born and raised. But when his father passes away and leaves the family’s troubled bar to him, Jason’s sure he’s never going to escape the town and the painful memories that haunt him.

Dan Montgomery never wanted to audition on America’s Next Top Singer, but gave in when he felt Beauclaire sink its dream-killing hooks into him. His unexpected success on the show launched a smash country music career—but it also cost him the only man who loved him before he was famous: Jason.

After two exhausting, tumultuous years on the road, Dan longs for Jason and a quiet life in sleepy Beauclaire with all its quirks. So when he learns his mother is ill, he rushes home to care for her—and to croon his way back into Jason’s heart.

Though they’ve both changed for the better since Dan’s been gone, Jason’s afraid to give their passionate but rocky romance a second chance. With a struggling bar to save and the eyes of the world watching Dan’s every move, it seems downright reckless—but Jason’s never been able to resist Dan.

Can the two find a way to be together again? Or will they water down like whiskey on the rocks?


Again! Again! - Zach Jenkins

Levi Hamilton can’t do a relationship right now. The hotel hookup he stumbled into was fun, but back home, things are complicated. He's just been surprised with custody of the five-year-old son he's never met. Fighting fires at work and tantrums at home doesn't leave time for dating.

And if he can’t shake a certain someone from his system? Good thing the one-night stand that rocked his world happened out of town. After all, what are the chances he’ll ever run into Inigo again?

Other than figuring out how to keep his business afloat, Inigo Triggs has a pretty sweet life: partying with friends on his roller derby team, plenty of concerts for mosh pits, and easy hookups. Maybe it's getting a little monotonous, but it’s not like he's ready to settle down… especially not with a guy whose phone number he didn’t even get.

A man who doesn’t even live in the same city.

A man who Inigo’s got to stop thinking about, because there’s just no way he'll ever see Levi again… is there?


Bearing it All - Kiki Burrelli

When Heath moves in with his sister in the sleepy forest town of Noel to help run her inn he never expects the move to open his eyes to a whole new world of men who can turn into bears. Even more unusual are the unfamiliar feelings Heath has after meeting alpha bear shifter, Angus.

Angus stares at Heath like he’s a starving man and Heath is his next meal. No matter how Heath tries to deny and avoid his attraction, Angus is somehow always near. Heath isn’t used to being watched so closely, and despite his efforts to keep Angus out of his problems, the possessive shifter is always there.

There isn’t much he can do to help. Heath owes money to the wrong type of people, and now those people want him to pay, with his body. All Heath has to do is survive an unregulated fight with men who are all more experienced than he is and his debts will be cleared.

Angus’ pack has carved their own slice of heaven out of the land near Noel, and when Angus arrives with the lumber and resources needed to expand, he expects to find a community in the making, not his mate. He knows what everyone says about Heath—that he is the straightest man they know--but Angus can see through the man’s mask. He also sees that Heath is in danger, but the stubborn man won’t tell him how.


His Kind of Love - Kate Hawthorne

Joel Reading was lonely.

Nineteen years old, estranged from his family and seemingly unable to ever get a second date, he's surrounded himself with the things he loved most: old books and old music.

When one date got out of hand before it even began, Joel found himself displaced from a flooded apartment and on the doorstep of a handsome and older stranger, more than willing to take Joel in for the night.

Gabriel Hunter had waited years for the right man.

When a distressed Joel showed up at his door needing a place to stay, it was more perfect than Gabriel could ever have hoped for. He quickly found himself falling for the complex and beautiful boy he welcomed into his house, and started to believe in a future with the young man he adoringly called, Little Red.

Unfortunately, Gabriel was a man of many secrets, and they threatened to unravel the delicate relationship he was building with Joel.

Would Joel be able to see beyond Gabriel's deliberate omissions and give their love a chance, or would Gabriel's kind of love prove to be more than Joel could handle?


The Right Way - May Archer

A brilliant, obsessive mind is the heart of Sebastian Seaver’s genius. It might also be the thing that costs him everything he’s created and everyone he’s ever loved. Consumed with the need to destroy Alexei Stornovich, the Russian mob boss who murdered his fiancée and parents, nothing can turn Bas from his plans of revenge until he’s eradicated every last one of them. By any means necessary, and at any cost.

Drew McMann learned early that the key to success is control. Control carried him through law school and helped him keep Seaver Tech together through tragedy. It helped him survive the brutal murder of his sister Amy, his parents’ divorce, and the revelation that the seeds of their destruction had been planted by someone he had considered family. It’s how he’s hidden his love from his best friend Bas for more than half their lives. And now it’s how he’s going save Bas from himself and finally get his family of friends free from Alexei’s clutches. Drew has a plan for everything… Until the kiss.

When Drew loses control one reckless, drunken evening and his true feelings for Bas are revealed, he tries desperately to contain the damage and keep their friendship on track, even as decades of lies and half-truths seek to tear them apart. With Alexei targeting them and their friends, Drew and Bas are forced to rely on each other more than ever. But as danger closes in on them, can they sacrifice their needs?


Blaze - Avery Ford

Fighting fires is Luke is Luke Taylor’s calling. Mastering the seductive, deadly dance of the flames helps him save people and animals. He’s not afraid to put his muscular body and life on the line to do some good in the world. All that’s missing is someone special to share his life with.

Freddie Masterson never dreamed that he’d wind up decorating cakes for a living. He was going to be a lawyer, or maybe a physical therapist. But when his daughter came along, unplanned and unexpected, Freddie stepped up to the plate, determined to give her the best life he could. With his marriage in tatters, Freddie moved back to his home town of Prescott to start again.

When Freddie’s house burns down, taking all of the supplies he needs for his business with it, he doesn’t have time to panic. He has to hustle. But being asked out by the attractive fireman who saved his cat - if not the building - is too much to resist. The two men find a spark between them strong enough to burn down a thousand houses.

But Freddie can’t just pick up and go on with his life after he learns that his house was deliberately targeted by an arsonist. And the culprit? Much closer than anyone would have guessed.

Will revealing the culprit quench the heat between them, or will the fire of justice drive the men apart for good?


Convincing the Alpha's Omega - Emma Knox

Ethan: My life centers around my job.

My job centers around the Omega Lodge. And nowhere does it state that it’ll ever revolve around an Alpha. I’m comfortable where I am and I intend to see this place thrive.

But when our head Alpha and his mate want to throw a mating party for people to find their fated mates, I’m thrust out on an adventure with the raspy and overly Alpha Trevor Reluson.

His scent annoys me. But I can’t help feeling this magnetic pull that’s driving me insane.


The Gryther Pack has more tricks up its sleeves. And each one is going to pull together pairs of fated mates whether they like it or not.

Ethan might not want to see the truth, but Trevor, head of the Reluson pack will make him. Because that’s his Omega. And he’s not going to let him go. Right?


The Perfect Cup - Dominic Clark

Brad's life is in a free fall. He lost his job and will soon be without health insurance—not good considering he has a heart condition. He thinks he's screwed until his lifelong friend Zack offers to marry him to share the benefits.

But Brad's straight, right? He can't marry another guy! At least, that's what he tells himself at first, but he soon finds himself doing exactly that: marrying his best friend. It doesn't take long before he realizes that this marriage is more than one of convenience as he starts to ask himself: Has he been harboring deeper feelings for Zack all along?

Zack runs a steampunk-themed coffee shop. He loves his work, his oddball chihuahua, and his social life, but he's missing just one thing: a partner to share the joy with. When Brad falls on hard times, Zack offers to do everything he can to help. He never expected, however, that it'd be Brad helping him.

A rival appears in the form of an authentic Italian barista, claiming he will take the title of Chicago's Best Espresso from Zack. Though Zack is discouraged, Brad will stop at nothing to help him find the perfect secret ingredient to win the competition.

A hungry lake, a gourd of unusual size, and explosive cheese are only some of the encounters Brad and Zack have to deal with on their journey to find The Perfect Cup. This book is the perfect pick-me-up, second only to a shot of Zack's espresso!


11 Jan

Sweet & Spicy Deals for January 11th

Pitchers and Catchers - Declan Rhodes

The Pitchers and Catchers series complete in one box set. Three novels and two novellas tell the stories of Eric Steiner, Theo Bachman, and their fellow baseball couples. All of the books are individual romance stories filled with baseball, humor, and steamy scenes. Everyone comes together in the final novella for the wedding of the century. Don’t miss a volume of bonus material including the rarely-seen detailed story of Eric and Theo’s engagement.


A Fiercer Heat - Parker Avrile

A new matchmaking service lands in the Big Apple, and no hot gay celebrity will go unpaired...

Pop star Drew is launching his debut album. Former child star Traven must prove himself in adult roles. They need publicity-- stat. Assured Elites has the solution. Start dating, and the tabloid press will report breathlessly on their every move.

But what happens when fake boyfriends turn real?



Omega's Step Brother - Anna Wineheart

Beaten and lied to by his previous alpha, Wyatt Fleming has been recovering from his past: by running his own restaurant, and being the best dad to his daughter, Hazel. No one knows his deepest secret: Nine years ago, he kissed his alpha stepbrother in the family's piano room.

Raph has never forgotten that kiss. Not when Wyatt had looked at him, wide-eyed and beautiful. Nine years ago, their grandmother caught him kissing Wyatt. Wyatt had fled, entangled himself in an abusive relationship. By not rescuing him, Raph had helped ruin his brother's life.

Saddled with guilt, Raph wishes he had fewer regrets: he should've stood up to Grandma, should've gotten himself out of debt, and stayed with the one omega he could never let go.

When their father throws a party, Raph finds Wyatt in heat. Their simmering embers kindle into a roaring flame; after a steamy night together, Wyatt discovers that he's pregnant. Raph refuses to fail his omega again. Wyatt refuses to abandon his innocent child. As their relationship intensifies, both men face the very real danger... of their family and pasts coming to pull them apart.


Breathe - Piper Scott

Atop an empire of his own design lives an alpha waiting to die.

CEO Marshall Alcrest has the financial world at his feet, but it’s been years since he’s made an omega kneel… and he’s come to terms that it’s too late to ever see it happen again. A grim prognosis has cut his days short if he doesn’t take action soon, and Marshall is ready to say goodbye to his hollow, lonely life… at least, until he crosses paths with an omega online who makes him feel alive again.

Trapped in a world that doesn’t see his value exists an omega dying to live.

Oli McKellar is stuck. He’s educated and ready to work, but his chosen field is alpha-dominated, and no marketing department is looking to hire a pretty omega with a sarcastic mouth. The bills are stacking up, his temp jobs barely cover rent, and he’s begun to think that life will never get better. The only thing that keeps him going is his online relationship with a man he only knows as Alcrest—an older, dominant alpha with a silver tongue who makes him feel like not all hope is lost.

When a chance encounter turns Oli and Marshall’s virtual relationship real, their chemistry is off the charts, and things quickly heat up. But Marshall is keeping a secret… and when Oli finds out that a hot night together isn’t all he has to remember Marshall by, they’ll need to figure out if the weight of their obstacles will choke them into submission, or if theirs is the kind of love that will conquer all and leave them both breathless.


Remember When - Harper Logan

When Cuke awakes in the hospital, a piece of him is gone. Three years have disappeared from his mind, and he’s doesn’t even recognize his life - or the people in it. And then there's this super hot guy who appears to be his boyfriend...

Bouj will never be able to erase the memory of Cuke's skull cracking against the pavement during a typical game of basketball. He'd do anything to help his roommate piece his life back together, but he runs into an awkward situation when Cuke seems to think Bouj is his boyfriend. He knows he should correct his friend's mistake... and yet, something stops him.

Will Bouj realize that his feelings for Cuke run deeper than heterosexual affection? And even if they find love in each other's arms, will Cuke ever remember how they got to this point?


Rebound - Remi Ryan

Noah: Five years ago, I left the small town where I was nothing but the star quarterback's geeky little brother, and I never looked back. Then I got my heart broken, and suddenly I find myself running back to the last place I’d call home anymore. The only thing that's makes my return bearable is Aiden - my bullying big brother's best friend and teammate, and my first guy-crush from way back when. He's practically family, and definitely straight — so he's strictly off limits...

But then there's no denying the heat between us, and I soon discover that while Aiden's not out, he's definitely not as straight as he makes out, and one scorching encounter threatens to change everything.

Aiden: I barely recognize the smoking-hot stranger introduced as my best friend's little brother. He's gone from shy and nerdy to a total catch. Just one look at those sad baby-blues and I'm all too happy to offer him a safe place to land.

With my football career as my priority, I'd always kept relationships casual and simple. What kindles between Noah and me is anything but. I’ll have to put everything on the line to get him to trust me, and if he can’t, I stand to lose everything I love. I’ve never fallen so hard before, but could Noah ever feel the same way about me?


Reluctant Omega - Ruby Nox

Hugo has always despised his omega status. He hates his heat and he hates the attention he draws from the alphas around him. He wants nothing more than to feel in control, even if it means taking an experimental and possibly dangerous "heat blocker". But when he gets sick, his sullen alpha roommate takes a sudden and annoying interest in his welfare. An interest that starts to make Hugo begin to believe that being an omega isn't such a bad thing after all. That maybe a mate might make him happier than he's ever been

After his beloved little brother found his mate, Cory is left feeling restless and drifting. He's spent his whole life taking care of someone and he doesn't know how to do anything else. So when a certain aloof omega falls ill, he just can't stay away. As Hugo's walls start to crack, Cory finds that there's more to the omega than he and the pack first thought.


Burn - HJ Welch

Raiden Jones never thought he’d need a bodyguard. His life as a songwriter has been tame to the point of boring compared to his popstar days. But when a malicious hacker starts destroying his career and threatening his life, he finds himself desperately in need of protection.

After leaving the Marines, Levi Patterson takes a place with his uncle’s private security firm. The last thing he expected was a dumb babysitting job for the bratty, privileged Raiden. However, the two men have no choice but to get to know each other as they are forced on tour with one of Raiden’s remaining clients.

Levi has never told anyone of his secret, occasional hook-ups with guys from his unit, and Raiden’s never thought about going with another man before. But it’s obvious the increasing chemistry between them is becoming more than physical, and there’s only so long they can resist.


Omega's Submission - Aspen Grey

Kitchi is a everything an alpha should be. He’s strong, handsome, capable and fierce – a soldier for his pack. But there’s a hole in his life. Everyone around him happy, starting their families. Everyone except him, and after what happened to his father, Kitchi is sure he could never let anyone get close to him. All that brings is heartbreak.

Toby has no one. He never knew his mother, and after his father’s injury he left home and made money the only way he knew how – putting a price on his time for any alpha willing to pay. Working at a brothel, seeing alpha after alpha, Toby’s pretty sure true love just isn’t in the cards for him. That is, until he meets Kitchi.

Kitchi was only looking for a warm body to take his mind off things, and Toby just needed a customer. But when Kitchi catches Toby’s scent, his whole world turns upside down. Toby is the one. Kitchi’s fated mate.

But Toby is scared. Terrified. In his world, alphas are just sweet talkers looking for a pump and dump. But Kitchi is determined to prove himself to Toby, take him away from the brothel, the life, claim him as his mate and put a baby in him.

But will Toby let his walls down? Will Kitchi be able to prove his love ? Or will they both spend they both spend the rest of their lives how they’ve been up until now – alone…


04 Jan

Sweet & Spicy Deals for January 4th

Lodging the Alpha's Omega - Emma Knox

Steven wants to stay out of the way of all Alphas. To him they’re nothing but trouble and see Omegas as nothing but pieces of meat.

So as a computer engineer, he keeps his mind focused on his job and immediate family.

Until everything goes haywire, and he’s mixed in a battle of surrounding pheromones and testosterones, a botched booking, and an Alpha claiming to be his mate? He’s already had a bad experience with one Alpha, and he’s not going to make the same mistake twice.

But Drake Gryther isn’t going to let Steven go easily… or at all. Will Steven be the means to bring peace between the Relusons and Grythers?

Or will he do the same thing his family name is know for, and cause a massive pack war?


Hard Wood - A. R. Steele

Ace Hartley lives for the thrills. This bad boy loves 'em and leaves 'em, and he likes it that way. His family's wealth means he doesn't have to work for a living, so his employment as an exotic dancer is nothing more than a sexy diversion. In fact, he's just about ready to move on to the next adventure.

Gabriel Mueller despises his menial job. When he's presented with the opportunity to audition as a stripper, he leaps without looking - and lands in deep water. Before he even realizes he's in over his head, he's fallen under the spell of one devilishly handsome coworker.

Will the pleasure-seeking playboy take Gabriel into his bed for one night? Or could the good-looking geek give Ace a reason to stay at the Tool Shed?


Omega's Dragon: City Lights - Victoria Brice

Corinth, the youngest of the Sunfire brothers, has a problem. The dragon Alpha wants to take on a more serious role in the family business, but his older brothers think he’s still just a party-boy player. If he can show them he’s responsible, maybe they’ll finally take him seriously. But all Corinth’s clever plans are changed when he discovers that a hot one-night stand resulted in an unexpected pregnancy. Determined to have a place in their child’s life, he rushes to the Omega’s side, ready to prove his devotion.

Shen always wanted to be judged on his artistic talent, not his Omega status. But when his true identity gets leaked to the press, the backlash threatens his future - and that of his unborn child. Still hurting from problems in his past, Shen finds himself torn between his desire to be independent and the growing feelings he has for Corinth, the father of his child. Will he be able to ever let his guard down enough to let love in?


Bird of Prey - Devyn Morgan

When Gary's new in Pittsburgh and down on his luck, what better way to meet new people than to impulsively pick a handsome stranger's pocket?

When Adrian's phone-wallet gets stolen in a crash-and-fall accident on a crowded street, he texts the rakish thief. What better way to find your HEA, after all?


The Last Omega - Shane Honorae

When the orphan boy Asher loves like a little brother is outed as a werewolf, Asher abandons their human colony to find him a pack.

Humans aren’t welcome among werewolves, but it soon becomes clear Asher is something more: A hidden Omega when the pack is in desperate need of one to bear their young.

As the pack’s lone wolf-witch, Alpha wolf Sage, uses magic to keep the pack hidden and safe from humans and the dark Terrors that haunts the night. The new found Omega should belong to the Alpha, but everything about Asher makes Sage want to break the rules and challenge their pack leader for the right to mate.

He's not the only one. The dark forces that split the world apart also seek the pack’s last Omega, and they’re willing to go through Sage to get him.

But pregnant or not, Asher is no ordinary Omega: He has powers of his own.


28 Dec

Sweet & Spicy Deals for December 28th

Champagne Kiss - Raleigh Ruebins

He was sweet, hot, and totally straight. ...Until he kissed me on New Year’s Eve.

Andy: Working at the convenience store isn’t exciting. I’m just here to help out my grandmother and try to stay out of fights with shoplifters. But when Chase, the hot flower delivery guy, walked through our door, my world turned upside down. He was shy, but deeper than anyone I’d ever known.

So I took a chance. I invited him to a New Year’s Party. It wasn’t a date—he was straight, after all. But then I ended up with his arms wrapped around me, kissing as the clock struck midnight. But I can’t get my hopes up for anything real. It’s hot as fire when we’re together, but life keeps pulling us apart.

Chase: My New Year’s Resolutions were simple. Stop being so shy, go out with people, and finally come out of the closet. If only it were that easy.

When I saw Andy at the convenience store, I nearly passed out. He’d been my crush for over a year, but with his tattoos and bad-boy popularity, I never thought he’d give me a second look. But then he invited me to a party. And once my lips were on his, all I wanted was more. But being with Andy means facing something I’d been hiding my whole life: I wasn’t straight. If I wanted any chance of being with him, I knew I had to get over my fears.


Full Night's Sleep - Kiki Burrelli

Grayson Davenwood is an alpha who has spent his life in the field of omega medical research. Despite the numerous drugs his company created for omegas, it is never enough to erase the guilt he feels for failing to protect his best friend and true mate almost twenty years ago. With the prospect of starting a family stolen from him, Grayson cares only about his business... until Lochlan Varner, an omega in trouble, pushes him off the rails.

Lochlan knows what it is like to be helpless and has sworn to never return to that state. Raising his son alone, while taking in wayward omegas and acting as president of the covert organization, the Alliance for Omega Equality, he knows what it is like to end each day exhausted. Taking on a dangerous mission to bring down the country’s largest drug company is simply another step he must take to ensure that one day, omegas will be treated with respect.

When Lochlan meets Grayson, he wants to believe he’s just another overbearing alpha that thinks his gender entitles him to respect and obedience. It doesn’t take long for Lochlan to realize Grayson is different from any other alpha he has met, especially his abusive ex.

Grayson can’t deny his attraction to the omega. His true mate may be gone, but that doesn’t mean Grayson can’t protect Lochlan. Except, as they spend time together, Grayson begins to realize that they have a bond that is beyond friendship. Lochlan is his and Grayson will move mountains to convince him.


Lenus - H J Perry

Development around the small town of Beaumont threatens the woods with destruction. Alex is the only full-time resident of our world who knows the dangers of increased traffic to and from other dimensions. The gateway to other worlds, good and bad, currently lies hidden among the trees.

Seeking a soulmate.

Fighting to protect the woods, Alex’s motives are selfish. He’d like to find magical love with his soulmate from another world, just as two of his friends have already done so. But at only twenty-one, Alex wanted to take his time. He’s in no hurry to settle down with just ONE man.

Finding an enemy.

Instead, the forest has brought an enemy, the man behind the destruction.

Ryan Lenus is hot and gorgeous and too old. He’s an arrogant landowner who won’t listen to arguments about why the trees need to stay. When Alex tries to bargain with the man, things go very wrong...

Alex is in too deep.

So it turns out is Ryan, a man with a mysterious family background.


Bank Robber's Baby - Rachel Kane

The half million bucks in stolen cash isn’t mine, and neither is the baby. And the last thing I need is to fall for that impossibly cute guy who just caught me shoplifting...

River runs the bookstore here in Oceanside. He’s my total opposite, someone with a kind and generous heart who’s never been in trouble in his life. I’m just a faded ex-con trying his best to be good, and I don’t understand what he sees in me. The only good thing in my life is my baby nephew, and I want him to have a better childhood than I did.

River’s got his problems too, though—a landlord pressuring him to close down his bookstore, a local landmark. That stolen money could help...but I know River would never go for that. I’m afraid that if he learns the truth about me, I’ll never see him again. But I can’t stop getting closer to him, I can’t pull myself away from him, and all I can think is that maybe he’s the one who can save me from my old life.

Can I open myself up to him? Can I be the kind of man he deserves? And when my plan for the money goes dangerously wrong, can our newfound love save us both?


Omega's Teacher - Bella Bennet

Harry is a lonely omega who desperately wants an alpha and a family. He doesn't want an alpha to control him but to be his life partner in every way. He's a hardworking English teacher at the local high school who hears the ticking of his biological clock...and worries time is running out.

Alex is a Science teacher, an alpha new to the local high school. He's not looking for an omega, he'd rather be a free spirit than settle down with a clingy omega.

Harry is shocked and furious, when the hot new teacher turns out to be the bully that made his life hell in middle school. After an explosive reunion, the principal realizes he's got a problem on his hands, and comes up with a way to solve it.

They've got one weekend to learn how to get along...or someone is out of a job.


The Omega's Christmas Wish - Alex Miska

I will not jump my sexy boss.
Not in the car. Not under the stars.
Not at the light. Well, maybe I might.
No! I will not jump him here or there.
I will not jump him anywhere.
I will not jump my sexy boss. I will not jump you, To-bi-as!

TOBIAS is a salty, snarky omega who doesn’t play well with others. The only thing keeping Tobias' job safe is his pliable assistant, Malcolm — an alpha who knows his way around code and takes care of everything for which Tobias has no patience.

MALCOLM is willing to be an omega’s PA, if it means getting a foot in the door at a prestigious tech company. It’s a symbiotic deal — Tobias helps him grow as a programmer, and he provides a buffer between Tobias and the world at large. Without Mal’s help, the little guy would either starve or freeze to death… or get stabbed by another coworker.

When an alpha-omega matchmaker sets them up on a date, one stolen kiss confirms what their wolves already knew: they’ve found their True Mate. Fate may want them together, but their precariously-balanced careers could very well keep them apart. Perhaps all it takes is one Christmas wish…

Warning: This holiday tail includes a pouncy niece, a pretend date, a puppy named Kitty, a potential litter of platypuses, and some knotty holiday fun.


Deal Maker - Lily Morton

Sometimes your mouth makes deals that your heart can’t honour.

Jude is a highly successful model, but a very reluctant one. His life is full of casual hook-ups with pretty men in glamorous locations, but it’s still empty. However, circumstances decreed a long time ago that this was his path, so he’s resolutely stayed on it and accepted his fate with good grace. He made a deal with himself and his hook-ups. Get in, get out and no ties with anyone.

However, an accident at home one night leads to him making a new deal and accepting the offer of help from an unlikely source. It leads to an unexpected summer of falling in love with a larger than life man and his child.

But by the end of the summer his reasons for not staying are still valid. Will he turn away? Can he?

Asa is a talented actor who has spent time away from the scene to look after his son. But now he’s back, and the last thing he needs are complications from the gorgeous man who is staying with him. Scarred from too many betrayals, he has no intention of forming a lasting tie with anyone. However, he can’t resist the beautiful man with secrets, and to his horror he develops feelings.

But a deal’s a deal and they said it was just for the summer. What can Asa do with a man who has forever in his eyes and goodbye on his lips?


Alpha's Solace - Hawke Oakley

Omega Mason doesn’t trust alphas. Any of them. Not after the abuse he’s suffered at Scarlet Ridge pack. When he’s given the chance to escape, he takes it - only to find himself in stuck in an animal trap set by an alpha named Jericho from Indigo Mountain pack. After Jericho frees him and takes him home, Mason is irritated and just wants to run. But with a baby growing in his belly, Mason figures his best bet is to milk Jericho for all he’s worth before leaving Indigo Mountain - and alphas - once and for all.

The problem? Mason’s hit by a rare double heat, making him fertile even while pregnant. And it’s only during this time that he realizes Jericho carries the magical scent of his fated mate.


Winter Wonderland - Avery Ford

Callum Lake thinks he has a handle on life. He’s wealthy, he’s successful, and he’s in good health – but when his mother gets sick, it stirs up all the demons of his past… including the death of his father, a few years ago.

John Cooper has had wandering feet ever since he went on his first trip away from home with the Cub Scouts when he was eight. But being a nomad takes it’s toll, and when his sisters, Darya and Ginger, tell him that they’re going to be staying in the New York town where they’ve gone to university, he decides to look into creating a home base for himself nearby.

It should be a simple visit out to look at a fixer upper, but when a blizzard rolls in, Callum and John are forced to take shelter together until the storm is passed. Sparks fly between them instantly, heating them up despite the winter storm. But when the danger is gone, will the winter cold take away the embers that have stoked between them?


21 Dec

Sweet & Spicy Deals for December 21st

An Omega for Christmas - L. C. Davis

A stolen child, an omega who never gave up, and an Alpha who will stop at nothing to bring them together again…

Detective Dean Garza has almost everything an Alpha could ask for: a challenging career, a big, wonderful, wacky family and a comfortable place to come home to at the end of a long day. What he doesn’t have is the omega he always imagined he’d be able to share it all with at this point in his life.

When a troubled kid gets dropped off at the station on Thanksgiving eve with nowhere to go, taking him in for the holidays is a given. When the young Alpha makes it clear that all he wants for Christmas is a reunion with the birth parents he’s never given up hope of finding, Dean sets out on a mission to get him the closure he needs to move on with his new adoptive family. He never counted on getting so attached, much less imprinting on Gavin’s birth father. Dean tells himself that love and good intentions alone can’t make a single Alpha and an omega with a dark past a suitable family, but his heart has other ideas the moment he meets Max.


Long Shot - Harper Logan

How do you get the perfect gift for the love of your life?

It’s Adrian and Chandler’s first Christmas together since their deployment in Iraq, and their very first holiday spent as a married couple and daddies to a boisterous, too-smart-for-her-own-good six-year-old. The two men have April’s gifts wrapped and ready under the tree… but what about their own?

Adrian is scrambling to organize the adoption of Koko, a military working dog who was Chandler’s best friend in hard times overseas, and Chandler is on an impossible mission to find the classic car that once belonged to Adrian’s late father. They’re the perfect gifts, both holding a special significance as great as their love for one another. Now the only problem is getting them on time for Christmas! With just a couple weeks to go, can Adrian and Chandler pull off their own Christmas miracles without the other knowing?

Long Shot is a fun holiday themed romance with a race against the clock and plenty of sexy, in-front-of-the-Christmas-tree M/M action. It delves further into the characters introduced in Long Haul, but is written so that you can also enjoy it as a standalone story.


Sparkle to the Season - Helen Juliet

Aedan wants everything to be just perfect for his boyfriend of seven years, Matt, for their first Christmas in their new home. But it’s Christmas Eve and he’s running out of time to create an idyllic winter wonderland. To make matters worse, Matt’s present hasn’t arrived.

A misunderstanding means the holiday might be ruined before it even begins. But little does Aedan know, Matt has a surprise or two of his own up his Christmas sweater sleeve.


Rough Ride - Devyn Morgan

Cute. Talented. Professional graphic artist. Austin has everything but love, and seeing his friends pair off only deepens his well of loneliness. Not even a string of wounded, broken men he keeps "adopting" fulfills his needs - yet what he needs seems to elude him.

Desperate to jump off the train to nowhere, Kord doesn't ask questions when a guy offers him cash for a quick, easy road trip. But easy things always hide a catch. As Kord's and Austin's attraction blossoms, the going gets hard. But will they forge on, strong enough to plow through the mess that Fate always seems to have in store? They just might be in for the ride of their lives.One thing's for sure, it's going to be one hell of a ride.


Just Chance - Dillon Hunter

Big celebrities don't turn up in small towns every day.

Frankie Moretti isn't exactly bored with small-town life in Bridgewater, Virginia... but he isn't exactly not bored with it, either. He certainly never expects to run into a celebrity there. A hot, friendly, single celebrity who may or may not be flirting with him. One who turns out to be gay, likes his flowers, and needs a favor...

A visit home wasn't supposed to cause so many problems.

Hawk Hawkins doesn't mind coming back to Bridgewater... for a day or two. But getting stuck there for six weeks? Oh, hell no. He'd much rather recover from his latest football-related injury back in the big city where there's actually a chance to have some fun. The trouble is, this injury wasn't earned on the field, but rather in his family's backyard.

And if his team owners get wind of it? It might just prove to be one too many injuries for his career to take.

Lying has never been so much fun.

The paparazzi have descended, and they've got no interest in protecting Hawk's career by keeping his hospital stay under wraps. It's a good thing they got distracted snapping pics of the football star's new boyfriend.

Wait, what? Hawk doesn't have a boyfriend...


His Lord and Master - Alec Stark

In the repressive world of Victorian England, two men find freedom where love meets pain.

Percy has loved Lord Hatton ever since coming to live at Hatton Park. Knowing his feelings can never be returned, he has tried to forget the tall, muscular blond who haunts his fantasies. A life at the fringes of society is all Percy can hope for—marriage is impossible. But not for Hatton. Percy fears he’ll have to leave the comfort and security of the estate he thinks of as home—he cannot endure seeing the man he loves with another.

Hatton must produce an heir, but the thought fills him with dread. Worse, he must live every day with his late father’s ward—Percy, the gentle, dark-haired man who brings grace and beauty to the wilds of Hatton Park. The attraction builds between them, but becoming lovers would mean risking imprisonment. Hatton won’t take that chance. He must find a wife in order to protect Percy.

But when Percy is threatened, Hatton’s protective instincts explode. He can deny his feelings no longer. Percy submits to Hatton’s desire for dominance, and Hatton knows he’s found enduring love. Can they live together peacefully in a society that threatens to destroy them? Or must they go their separate ways for their own preservation?


Dragon's Destiny: Fated Mates - Wolf Specter and Angel Knots

Read the dragon shifter series that started it all… “Hot!” “Addicting!" "So good that it’s spoiling all other books!”

Mankind doesn’t know that dragon shifters exist… or just how human history has been manipulated by the arrogant beasts. Set in the contemporary world, this addicting series has made thousands of readers fall in love with the close-knit family of dragons who overcome everything thrown in their way to finally claim the men they love. You’ll laugh, cry, and have to fan yourself as the dragons struggle to come to terms with their own natures, use their powers for good, and embrace the love fate intended for them.


Jesus Kid - Kayleigh Sky

Thirty years ago, an asteroid struck the Earth. Now killer plants hunt the last surviving humans.

Ori Scott is a young junkie running from his mother’s prophecy that he’d one day save the world from the killer plants. Her preaching made him a laughingstock and now he hides in his drugs. But he can’t hide the change in his veins. They are turning green, and the prophecy is dragging him into a dark struggle between invisible forces. Set up on bogus drug charges, Ori is taken to a secret facility where he becomes a test subject in experiments to discover an antidote to the alien plant’s sting.

Jack Doll is a cop with a vendetta against the plants that killed his best friend. All he has in the world now is his old friend’s lover, Rive. Together they form an unbreakable bond—or so he thought. Jack has never liked Rive’s friend, Ori, but he believes in Ori’s innocence and doesn’t understand Rive’s strange indifference to Ori’s conviction. Struggling with his suspicions, Jack can’t help digging into a mystery that draws him closer to Ori than ever before—and closer to somebody who has secrets to hide.

Alone and scared, Ori is grateful for Jack Doll’s friendship, and his longtime crush soon blossoms into love. But Ori has no plans to accept his fate. He wants to escape, and he doesn’t care if he takes the cure with him.


Alpha's Protection - Hawke Oakley

Charlie is an omega on the run. With nothing but the clothes on his back and his young daughter in his arms, he escapes from Scarlet Ridge pack and the tyrannical rule of its alpha in search of a better life. After being taken in by a gruff alpha from an enemy pack named Flint, he realizes Scarlet Ridge isn’t keen on giving him up so easily - especially when Charlie’s heat is coming up fast.

Sparks fly between Flint and Charlie, but their troubles are only just beginning. Can this new family find a home in Indigo Mountain pack and escape their dark past? Or was Charlie’s daring escape completely in vain?