20 Feb

F/F Fiction Deals for February 20th


Fake Brides - Maria Jackson

Gloria is a kind and capable caregiver - and an illegal immigrant from Canada. When the U.S. government finds out her visa's expired, she fears she'll have to leave the adorable nine-year-old she nannies - as well as her beautiful single mother.

Although Claire's a successful businesswoman, her daughter comes first. The little girl adores Gloria, and Claire doesn't want to shake up her life again - so Claire comes up with a daring plan to keep the nanny in the country. The proposal has nothing to do with the attraction Claire's always felt for her employee.

As Gloria and Claire strive to portray a realistic relationship, both of them fight their growing feelings. Could these fake brides become real lovers?


Cabin Fever - Edie Bryant

Liz is going through a nightmare of a break-up. To escape the current stress in her life, she decides to go stay at her friend's cabin for a few days. But when she arrives at the cabin she finds that someone is already staying there - her friend forgot the cabin was already booked.

She plans to leave to let the other woman, Emily, enjoy her vacation but when a snowstorm hits she's unable to get back on the road. Instead, she has to stay with a complete stranger in a small, snowed-in cabin. But perhaps this unexpected turn of events is exactly what Liz needs. And Emily, who is always open to new possibilities, doesn't seem to mind the company either.


12 Feb

F/F Fiction Deals for February 13th

In Her Spotlight - H. L. Logan

It’s been twelve years since the girl next door disappeared from Stephanie Neeson’s life, but she’s never been able to forget the promise they made to each other. Since then, Stephanie has been lost on her path through life, suffering through stagnation and the inability to follow her desire to become a writer. When she learns that her old neighbor grew up to become a famous movie star, Stephanie decides to risk everything and leave her life behind. Screenplay in hand, it’s off to LA for a chance at the big time—and to reunite with her childhood sweetheart.

Callie Hinderbrook is Hollywood’s hottest new leading lady and Hollywood’s “sexiest woman of the year”. She’s spent her entire career avoiding romance in order to keep her orientation hidden, afraid that coming out of the closet would kill her chances to reach the A-List. It’s been easy for her to sacrifice love for acting, but that all changes when she shows up in town.

In just one passionate night, their reunion breaks every wall Callie set up to protect herself, but she can’t afford to fall for Stephanie again. She’s about to take on the biggest role of her career, and she’s sacrificed too much to let it all crumble now—so why can’t she control these feelings she thought were long gone? They once believed they would be together forever. Can old love be strong enough to transcend the challenge of time?


A Masquerade in Time - Cailee Francis

When I first arrived at the mansion, I couldn't remember anything. My name, how I'd got there or who the people were around me. I knew I was a woman, and the pink dress and brown ankle boots I wore felt vaguely familiar, but nothing more.

It wasn't long before I was told my name was Celina. I was given a suite to stay in and encouraged to prepare for the mysterious Prince Eldran's masquerade party. I found everything I needed in my suite, other than the answers I sought.

Fragments of memory hinted at dark experiences, at love and loss, but there was no context and I was uncertain about my history and what the future might hold for me.

A stranger at the time, Sorcha found me alone as I sought solace in an empty room. I discovered she too had missing memories, and in her I found a person to talk to. A friend and more, but did we have a chance?


30 Jan

F/F Fiction Deals for January 30th

Superstar Soulmate - Maria Jackson

For years, Kaylee's life has revolved around her adoration for Rain. The young student abandoned all her old hobbies and friends in order to worship the gorgeous rock star. Other people laugh off her passion for Rain, but Kaylee feels an overwhelming urge to get close to her in any way possible.

While making her way through a crowd of screaming fans outside her show, Rain is strangely attracted to the girl whose sign makes an unusual request. Rain needs to see this particular fan again, even if she can't explain why. The electricity crackling between them is too intense to be imaginary.

Could the two women share a soul connection? And if they do, how will they manage in a world that doesn't want them to be together?


Hestia: Sapphic Soulmates - Helen Jayne

Suppose you were seduced by an immortal Goddess today. And discover she has devoted herself faithfully to you for centuries, but you don’t remember past life details. What would you do?

Eighteen-year-old Lauren has survived school in her small town, just about. She’s never had a girlfriend, and she doesn’t have a life plan. She does have the devotion of an immortal Goddess.

Hestia might well be the first of the Olympian gods, but her job has been to keep the home fires burning, which means she doesn’t get out much. She doesn’t mind staying in, but it wasn’t the same when her soulmate went missing for hundreds of years.

When they reunite, their passion and desire are enough to light more fires. They can’t keep their hand off each other. Watch out for kindles melting in the heat and undergarments bursting into flames.

Hestia is a sizzling fantasy romance. It features lovers reunited, with a happy ever after.