11 Oct

Sweet & Spicy Deals for October 11th

Center of Gravity - Neve Wilder

When life comes apart at the seams, love is the only thread that can mend it

Accountant Rob Macomb has a stable job that he's good at and... that's about it. A year of nothing but heartache leaves him seeking refuge from loneliness and grief behind spreadsheets, punishing daily runs, and the occasional anonymous tryst. He wants only to bury the past and focus on his career, but he has one last task to complete: pack up his parent's quaint beachside house and put it on the market.

Alex Andrews is a budding artist with a penchant for Converse, Cracker Jack, and piercings. Family turmoil sidelines his dreams of finishing art school and building a career in three-dimensional design, and now he's doing whatever he can to keep everyone afloat.

When Alex shows up as a part of the moving crew hired to help Rob clean out the house, what should be a simple move becomes far more complex. Because it's not the first time they've met, and their last encounter was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

The attraction between them is undeniable and intense, but Rob's hell-bent on pushing everyone away, and Alex is on the verge of spinning out of control. Can a grumpy accountant and a bootstrapping artist find their center of gravity together, or are they on a collision course to heartbreak?


Omega Wolf: Ollie - Kellan Larkin and Kaz Crowley

Omega Ollie Marks has finally earned his father's respect and is poised to become CEO of the biggest real estate company in the city. Too bad it conflicts with his morals. When he meets a single alpha father of two, he realizes he might have other priorities.

Alpha Anton is struggling to raise his seven-year-old twins, Ellie and Aaron, without an omega in his life. He thought his ex was his fated mate, but in a rare twist, his omega left him, unwilling to be a father.

When Anton's kids literally push the two together, the alpha feels an instant connection with the omega. But how can it be possible for someone to another fated mate?

When Anton's ex re-enters the picture, Ollie and Anton must work together to build their little family while Ollie juggles his precarious position at work.

Will Ollie have to compromise his ethics? And will Anton's awful ex break his kids' hearts one more time?

And is it really possible for lightning to strike twice in the heart of an alpha?


Rivals - Alison Hendricks

The Cyclones are more than just a team to me—they’re my family. As captain, I give my all to make sure they’re taken care of. I’ve always been able to ignore my own needs. Until Ryker.

I know he’s all talk. But it’s such dirty, distracting talk that it costs me and my team. I shouldn’t let him get to me, but I want him in the worst way. When he earns a spot with the Cyclones, all my hangups over this guy are brought to the forefront, 24/7. I never thought he’d become an integral part of my team.

Beating the Cyclones isn’t just about bragging rights for me. It’s about proving to my dad—and myself—that I’m worth more than the internship he’s oh-so-generously offered me.

But I’ve been low-key obsessed with their captain, Finn. He’s everything I want, and everything I want to be—driven, talented, passionate. He also hates my guts, which honestly only makes me want him more. When I finally have the opportunity to join the Cyclones and pursue my dream, the one thing I want most of all is him.


The Selkie Prince & His Omega Guard - J.J. Masters

An alpha prince ready to find his fated mate. A Selkie who wishes he wasn’t omega-born...

Unlike his brothers, Prince Adrian, the dutiful second-born son to the King of the North, looks forward to finding his true mate and producing an heir. Until he stumbles across a beta guard with an enticing scent.

Del never wanted to be an omega. All his life, he’s only wanted one thing: to serve as a Royal Guard. Though forbidden, he found a concoction to mask his omega scent and was successful until his dwindling supply caused the alpha prince to discover his deception.

Rian not only breaks every cherished royal tradition, but ends up hiding Del until he can figure out the reason for the attraction between them. However, one selfish mistake puts them in a precarious position they can’t escape. Their reckless actions have them worried they’ll be banished from the Selkie community. Rian needs a plan to convince his father to accept his mate before he has to risk everything he’s ever known and loved for their future. Because, no matter what the king says, Rian will not give up Del.


New Days Dawning - Sierra Riley

After exiting a disastrous relationship, Kieran Lightfoot just wants to keep his head down and avoid the persistent advances of his ex. When a new tutoring client who can pay top dollar falls into his lap, he hopes at least some of his problems might be over.

David Beauchemin always ignored class in favor of hockey. But now that an injury has cut his NHL career short, he’s going back to school. And he has a lot of catching up to do. When someone breaks into his tutor’s house, he does the gentlemanly thing and offers him a place to stay, unaware that he’s set something into motion that goes deeper than both of them could have anticipated.

In this tale of opposites attract, Kieran must learn to overcome the anxieties and scars inflicted by his ex. And as his feelings for Kieran grow stronger, David finds himself questioning everything he ever believed about his sexuality. But maybe Kieran’s worth it.


Home for the Holidays - Ashleigh Lyons

Kyle Peterson is an Omega from a small town, just trying to make a life for himself in the big city. Although, so far, it’s been a total disaster. Kyle’s romantic life is in shambles and he still hasn’t gotten that big promotion at work. The only shining light in his life is Adrian, Kyle’s childhood BFF.

Ryan James is an Alpha from the big city, who’s currently living the small-town life in Beckinsdale. Ryan came to Beckinsdale after his life completely fell apart, with his business crumbling and his ex-boyfriend dumping him soon after. He now spends his days working alongside Adrian, at the small town’s only coffee shop.

When Kyle comes home for the holidays, he doesn’t expect to find himself falling so hard for a stranger he meets at a Halloween party. Ryan finds himself falling just as hard for Kyle, too, and they both start to wonder if they’re fated to be together...

But there’s a huge problem standing in their way:


Adrian has had feelings for Ryan ever since the Alpha first came to town, and Kyle can't stop feeling guilty about falling in love with his best friend's crush.

Will Kyle really be able to choose between his best friend or his Alpha? Or is this fated pair just not meant to be?


Crowning His Omega - Leyla Hunt

An alpha fox prince running from the crown. A vampire omega who's given up on love.

Axel Lindquist is an alpha fox prince running from his past as the Swedish crown prince and the fatal mistake he made in his homeland. In the U.S., he and his brother find Thornhill, a shifter-friendly town where they could settle down and keep their secret to themselves. He knows his family is looking for him, so he must keep a low profile.

Axel is content running his restaurant, The Fix, and brushes aside thoughts of love, but everything changes when he meets Victor, an enigmatic and handsome omega vampire, who he discovers is his fated mate. Can he capture the omega's heart, or will his secret tear them apart?

Victor McMurtry has almost given up on love. Unfortunately, no one wants to give a vampire omega a chance. After being ditched time and time again, he feels like an outcast, so he's devoted himself to his career as an anthropology professor.

When June rolls around, he decides to spend it in Thornhill for a quiet summer of research, and to hopefully get some work done on a pesky academic article. To his surprise, a mysterious and handsome fox-shifter he meets gives chase, but Victor has a hard time believing that anyone could truly love him.

When he gives in, he finds himself pregnant, but can he learn to let Axel into his heart?


Alpha's Ride - Aspen Grey

Come...take a ride!

Gabriel doesn’t believe in fated-mates, but when he picks up Percy’s scent at the bar, he knows he has no choice but to follow. He tracks him, but is horrified to find the sweet omega being held hostage by Killoran, leader of the Jackals, the gang he used to belong to. Like a true alpha should, Gabriel throws himself headfirst into harms way to save the beautiful boy from unspeakable acts.

Gabriel throws Percy on the back of his bike and speeds him home. The two can’t believe it, but the truth is impossible to ignore: they are meant for each other, and Gabriel won’t rest until there’s a pup in Percy’s belly and a strong roof over his head.

But Killoran and the Jackals are still out there, and they’re pissed. They managed to get away, but it’s only a matter of time before his old boss comes looking for them. Will Gabriel be able to protect his mate against superior numbers?

Gabriel was lost his entire life, and now he’s found meaning, and nothing will stop him from holding onto that future.


Green's Thumb - Alexander Elliot

Mitch Graham and Karl Hartman are meant for each other - they just don’t know it yet. They’re both gay, middle aged, single, and open to meeting that special someone. Problem is, they never get out of the house!

With Karl working from home, and Mitch’s non-existent social life, it seems unlikely the two will ever meet. When Mitch decides on a whim to visit a new dog park, Karl’s greyhound takes a shine to him and the game is on.

In a sneaky bid to spend more time together, Karl hires Mitch to do some landscaping work on his front yard. It doesn’t take long for something special to grow along with the flowers.


04 Oct

Sweet & Spicy Deals for October 4th

Lovefool - Ian O. Lewis

“Will he give me a second chance?”

Dr. Kent King left home to attend medical school, and to experience life on his own. He also left behind his first love, and he’s never forgotten the sizzling chemistry they shared. Offered the job of his dreams, he returns home excited to be making a difference providing medical care to the less fortunate. Will the blue-eyed man he left behind be able to forgive him for leaving him in the first place?

Never able to forget his first love, Erik Rhoads struggles to keep his head above water. Like a turtle he retreats into his shell when tragedy strikes. Unable to cope with his feelings or the people who care for him the most, he hits rock bottom. A true survivor, he will pick himself up, shake the dust off, and begin the process of becoming whole again. But will his heart survive the return of the only man he’s ever loved?


The Bookish Omega - Kellan Larkin

Omega Nathan is the anonymous writer behind the popular book review blog, The Bookish Omega. When he gets hired as the assistant to the famous dragon shifter author author Davy Vaughn, he can't believe the opportunity he has for juicy gossip.

But when he meets Davy, he realizes the opportunity isn't what he thought it was.

Davy Vaughn is an alpha in need of a mate. An assistant, too, sure, but mostly a mate. No omega has caught his attention until the human Nathan walks through his door. Davy can't resist.

But Nathan is hiding secrets from Davy, one after the other. First it's the existence of his daughter, Sammi. Then it's the blog. And when Nathan's kooky, shifter-worshiping family spills the beans, the couple is tested.

After a night of passion, the couple realizes that they've mated. For life. But how can Davy trust an omega with so many secrets? And will Nathan's family ruin everything?


Summer of Sonny - I.M. Flippy

Jay Lauer is content with his life. He’s happy working for his dad at Blue Pine Lake Camp up in the San Bernardino Mountains where he fixes everything that needs fixing, handles logistics, and in his spare time makes stunning works of art at his beloved pottery wheel. He doesn’t need a change or a reason to leave the mountain where he’s comfortable. He certainly doesn’t need a handsome geophysicist from MIT who talks too much to upend everything he thought he wanted. On the bright side, Sonny seems kinda patronizing and dismissive of Jay. So Jay’s in no danger of falling in love...right?

Dr. Sonny Jacobsen has just gained his doctorate in geophysics from MIT. On a whim he decides to teach kids science lessons at Blue Pine for the summer, a well deserved break after a long and intense academic career. He doesn’t expect there to be a gorgeous handyman distracting him. But Jay hardly seems like the academic type, he can barely hold a conversation. So Sonny’s in no danger of falling in love...right?

It’s just as well that Jay and Sonny get the wrong impression of each other. Falling in love would only complicate an otherwise serene summer and they’re in no danger of that...right?


His Instant Family - Rheland Richmond

Shy and awkward Teo Wright, a brilliant young author, has met the man of his dreams in much older Michael, a widower, and father of three. The man has fired up his fantasies and refuses to let go. Discovering they are both single sets them on the road to forever.

“I want to wake up to this every morning.”

Dr. Michael Ashworth has been focused on his work for too many years and although now he is one of the best doctors in his field, it has been to the detriment of his family. But when Teo comes into his life, Michael knows the young man is his future. Teo has made him feel alive and whole again. However, Michael’s in-laws are not thrilled to find the ‘straight’ son-in-law they have known and loved for many years, is in fact bisexual.

Dating a man is not the only issue threatening the life he and Teo are building together. Michael’s teenage son is also not a fan of his father having a boyfriend that is so much younger.

A rebellious teenager and bigoted relatives are hurdles Michael and Teo must overcome before they can find their forever, but nothing good ever comes easy… especially when there are kids to consider.


Change for You - Crystal Lacy

Silver fox Stephen Webb doesn’t mean to start a workplace fling with the cute new intern.

Stephen Webb has a pivotal tax season ahead of him and he doesn't have time for distractions. At least that's what he thinks—until Minoru "Max" Kamigawa walks into his life and disrupts all his plans.

Max secretly wants to follow his love of music, but family obligations keep him rooted in Hawaii. Tax supervisor Stephen Webb makes his spring internship a little sweeter, but the man's priorities don't seem to include Max. Is it only a fling or something worth staying for when his dreams come calling?

Stephen and Max must decide whether to stick to their goals or risk everything and change their course for love.


Wed to the Omega - Ashe Moon

For Tresten Croc, a headstrong omega enrolled in the alpha dominated Fighting Arts School, an arranged marriage is about the worst thing that could ever happen to him—especially when his husband-to-be is none other than his rival classmate, the jockish playboy alpha, Loch Luna.

Their families need this alliance in order to retain their place as clan leaders, so the two young fighters reluctantly agree to be wed. There’s absolutely no way they’d ever actually fall in love… so what will Tresten and Loch do when they learn they need to produce an heir?


Tease - Avery Ford

Trenton Lewis never set out to be the most popular guy around. He’s not afraid to take a stand, even if it sometimes feels like the whole town of Silver Lake is against him. It’s never bothered him to be an outsider, though. He’s managed to take care of the family business and the family home that’s been handed down to him, and he’s done it all on his own terms. The only thing missing is a family to share it with.

Scottie Chambers knows what he wants in life. And for the most part, he has those things—great friends, a thriving business, and a new puppy who makes his heart melt. Sure, he eventually wants to settle down and get married, just like all of his friends seem to be doing, but he’s patient and he knows his time will come. What he doesn’t know is that it’s going to come in a way he never expected. Trenton and Scottie aren’t exactly friends. With competing businesses right across the street from each other, they were never really going to be on great terms. But when a tragic event brings them together unexpectedly, they realize they might just have more in common than not. When it comes time to make some tough choices, will they be able to set aside their differences, or will they sabotage the first real chance at love that


27 Sep

Sweet & Spicy Deals for September 27th

The Fall - May Archer

“I was in free fall the moment we met, and I just keep falling.”

Small town police officer Silas Sloane knows every resident of O’Leary, New York. He’s earned the love and respect of its citizens, though living under the small-town microscope grates on him. But though he’s good at his job, there’s one thing he’s not good at: commitments… Until Everett.

Widower Everett Maior, O’Leary’s newest citizen, came to the small town kicking and screaming. He never wanted to become primary caretaker for his grandfather, and has no interest in living the provincial life. Snarky and superstitious, he’s proficient at keeping people at a distance... Until he lays eyes Officer Silas Sloane.

Strange, unsettling occurrences are plaguing O’Leary, though. As danger looms, Silas and Everett find their growing attraction undeniable. But can they remain safe… and together… despite everything that threatens to tear them apart?


Would it Be Okay to Love You? Box Set - Amy Tasukada

A robot fanboy. An erotic voice actor. Will their secrets overwhelm their love?

Sato doesn’t get out much. The anime company accountant spends his days at a desk and his nights working on his own small-scale robots. His geeky life is like a dream, but it has just one piece missing…

The world only knows outgoing playboy Aoi for his moans. The budding voice actor has sworn off relationships since they’ll only distract him from his budding voice acting career. That was until he met Sato.

As Aoi’s popularity rises and secrets about his past begin to reveal themselves, can the accountant and the voice actor rise above their problems to create something real?



Alpha Dragon: Varos - Kellan Larkin and Kaz Crowley

While the dragons of Treasured Ink work to take down their mysterious enemy, Varos has made friends with one quick-witted—and cute as hell—fox. But can a friend be a fated mate?

Ronnie's always been independent and focused on his work as a hacker. But when his work brings him closer with the sexy dragon shifter Varos, he realizes he's getting a crush on the burly, inked man.

As the friend spend more time working together on cracking the case, their feelings get stronger. But what if they don't feel the same way? Or worse, what if they're not fated to be together?

Just when they realize they might be meant for each other after all, the dragons find themselves tangled in a final battle to take down their enemies once and for all. But the big boss might not be who they thought it would be.

Ronnie and Varos have to focus on the mission like never before, because everyone's lives are in the balance. The fox's cunning meets the dragon's might.

But when will they get their happily ever after?


Portrait of a Ghost - Parker Avrile

A second chance male/male romance...

Twenty years after a tragedy, Mark lives alone in a haunted house far out in the country. Can a big city artist break him free of a ghost that is more than a mere metaphor?

Leo finds a muse in Mark's expressive face. Are these portraits evidence of obsession or something deeper?



Accidental Alpha - Ashe Moon

Ryan Denham’s life can’t get any worse. His music career dreams are dead, his boyfriend dumped him for another man, and now he might literally be going insane. How else could the stray dog he rescued suddenly have turned into hot-as-hell naked man, right in his living room?

Except, he’s not crazy. He saved the life of Leksa Aludra, wolf-prince shapeshifter, and now they’re bound as mates.

Leksa’s month long mission to the human world is his final test before becoming a full-fledged shifter, and his last adventure as a free omega. He expected to learn how to live like a human, but he certainly didn’t expect to be debt-mated to one. He only needs to tolerate his company—and the humiliation of acting as Ryan’s pet dog—until the end of the mission.

Can Ryan teach Leksa the joys of life in the human world? After all, it’s hard to deny the attraction crackling beneath their forced arrangement. Or will this unwitting couple tear each other to bits first?


A Family for Keeps - Rheland Richmond

Tristan was devastated when his sister died. His only consolation was her newborn daughter. He promised to take care of her like she was his own, but he’s broken that promise.

After growing up in foster care, Nathaniel's finally built the life he’s always wanted. Now one case of human error could tear it all apart.

An unthinkable mistake that could never be rectified. Two men. Absolute strangers until tragedy and unforeseen circumstances bind them together. They must now find a way to co-parent and make the best of a bad situation. With no shared history to help them and two little girls caught in the middle, they now have no choice but to make it work. What could possibly go wrong?

Can two men put their differences aside for the sake of their children? They both have difficult choices to make, or what they love most will be taken away.

Are there bonds stronger than blood?


Falling for the Boss - Ashleigh Lyons

Liam Davis is an Omega, and currently the Executive Assistant to the CEO at StockLow & Co. It’s a job he never intended on having, but after his ex-Alpha left him high and dry, he needed to find a way to support himself. Although, the hardest part of Liam’s job isn’t the expense reports clogging up his email. It’s the secret, unrequited crush that he’s developed on his boss.

Nicholas Williams is an Alpha, and the CEO of StockLow & Co. It’s a job he’s earned through years of hard work and devoting himself entirely to the company. However, ever since Liam Davis was hired on as his Executive Assistant, Nicholas is finding it hard to concentrate on anything besides the gorgeous Omega...

One day, while in a rush to work, Liam forgets to take his heat suppressants. To avoid a company-wide scandal, Liam ends up asking Nicholas for a huge favor:

He needs Nicholas to sleep with him, right now, to help get him through his heat.

This sets off a series of sudden twists and turns that neither Liam or Nicholas ever saw coming... But could this unexpected situation lead them right into each other's hearts?


Falling for Forest - Charlie Tran

Most packs fight for dominance. His fights for their lives.


At first, everything was all fun and games. Dancing with the nameless hottie in the club, getting drunk, and forgetting about all my problems. But that escalated quickly into a night of horror. The Grey Brotherhood tried to kill me, and my pack killed one of their own in self defense. Now they'll stop at nothing for retribution. And what's worse, I can feel that red-head's eyes all over me. I'm thankful that he saved my life, but I couldn't possibly drag him into all my problems. But the more I'm around him, the harder he is to resist.


Cruising around downtown Solara, waiting for an emergency to be called to. Night shifts as an EMT were harsh, but it paid well. Then that call came in. Arriving at the scene, I expected the blood, the gore. I didn't expect that I'd instantly fall head over heels for the man I was supposed to be rushing to the hospital. But why was he attacked, and what's with the dead wolf at the scene? My head tells me to mind my damn business, but my other head is saying something much different.


27 Sep

F/F Fiction Deals for September 27th

Behind Closed Doors - Anna Stone

Emma Cole has left behind her family and an ex-fiancé to move to Chicago and start over. When a mix-up lands her a job at a high-profile law firm, Emma is determined to meet this new challenge head-on. What she didn’t count on was working for a woman like Lillian White, and it doesn’t take long for Emma to realize that she might be in over her head in more ways than one.

As beautiful as she is ruthless, Lillian has worked hard to build a reputation for herself that commands respect from everyone she meets. She’s sacrificed everything for her career, and she doesn’t have room in her life for romance. But there’s something about her sweet yet feisty new assistant that Lillian can’t resist, and Emma finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of new desires that she never thought possible. Soon, the two women are embroiled in a scorching-hot forbidden affair that threatens to consume them both.

While both women grapple with their unexpected feelings toward each other, things at the office start to unravel. The future of Lillian’s firm is in turmoil, and something sinister lurks behind the scenes that forces both women to reexamine their lives and decide whether their relationship is worth fighting for.


20 Sep

Sweet & Spicy Deals for September 20th

The Heights - Amy Aislin

Twenty-one years ago, a four-year old child was kidnapped from his front yard. He was never found. Until now.

All Nat Walker wants is to make his late father’s dream of running a father/son woodworking shop come true. And he had the perfect building in mind—until the new guy in town came in and bought the place right out from under him. The fact that the new guy is adorable means nothing. For all Nat cares, he can take his new dance studio and waltz back to New York City.

Professional dancer Quinn Carroll couldn’t be happier that he made the move to the small town of Lakeshore, Oregon. Sure, it’s not New York, but now he’ll be living closer to his adoptive brother. And since his studio will be the only one in the area, he should get enough business to keep him busy. Besides, there’s something about this place that seems familiar...

He doesn’t expect to fall hard for the local, grumpy woodworker who won’t even smile at him.

Or find out that his entire life is a lie.



Alpha Dragon: Sako - Kellan Larkin and Kaz Crowley

As the youngest dragon at Treasured Ink, Sako's got years to find his fated mate—or so he thinks. When one of the top officials involved in a recent kidnapping ends up in the hospital, the dragons decide to interrogate him. Sako has no idea what he's in for.

Carlo doesn't remember a damn thing. Last thing he knew, he was a petty thief running with a minor gang. When he wakes up at the hospital with tough, tattooed dragons glaring at him, he knows something's not right.

As Carlo struggles to remember his recent past, the dragons realize he might not be a bad guy after all. Memories trickle in and help the team uncover more about the evil organization aiming to take down mythical shifters. But will it be enough?

Sako and Carlo must learn to trust each other—which is a big ask, considering Carlo's history. But lust swirls between the tension, and the two reluctantly realize they might just be what the other needs.


Under His Embrace - Kiki Burrelli

Inexperienced alpha, Fritz knows he is called to protect Link. The fox shifter has lost everything he loved in a tragic attack, including--he thinks--his mate. When Link decides to volunteer for the shifter exchange, which means he’ll have to leave the pristine forest setting to operate under the authority of the manipulative, yet cunning, Sibelius in New York City, Fritz knows he must follow.

Haunted by the ghosts of his past, Link is eager for a change of scene. And if he gets to help take down the Protectors of the Pure—an anti-shifter terrorist organization—then he’ll at least have a chance at avenging his family. But grief travels and it doesn’t take long before it has caught up with him. He’s more thankful than he’ll ever admit for Fritz’s company, but living the sheltered life he had on his family’s farm did little to prepare him for the world and Link doesn’t think he’ll ever be good enough for Fritz.

Then they meet Crius, an onyx dragon shifter running from his own demons. He saves the two naive shifters from a spot of trouble and his inner dragon will not allow the fox or hybrid out of his sight. Before he knows it, the pair has become a trio.

Will the three fractured shifters face the Protectors unscathed? More importantly, will they be strong enough to put aside the trauma of their pasts to embrace a pregnancy that no one saw coming?


Open Skies - A.J. Marcus and Nicole Godfrey

Some Enforcers are urban legends in the shifter community. No one knows all their secrets. And the only people who fear them more than regular shifters on the streets are the Enforcers themselves.

James left the ranks of Enforcers years ago, when asked to do something unthinkable. Since then, he’s lived a quiet life in Montana, even though the cost of his isolation was high.

Theo had no real plan for his life, and when a human attack on his brother finds him on the run from the Enforcers, he can only hope to escape with his skin intact.

Wounded and trapped in his eagle form, Theo almost literally falls into James’ lap.

The two can’t fight the attraction they feel for each other as James nurses Theo back to health. But will they find the strength of their growing mate bond in time to endure what the Enforcers and other forces have in store for them? Or will they have found each other only to be torn apart before they can fly in open skies?


Dance With Him - Ashe Winters

No more hook-ups. No more fun romps in bed. That’s the vow Harper Spiers takes after he realizes he wants something more than just a one-night fling. Harper isn’t quite prepared for the sexy cowboy who sweeps him off a nightclub barstool and onto the dance floor to be that connection.

All Cody Reid meant to do when he first approached Harper was talk, but he found himself totally smitten with the adorably awkward man and couldn’t resist pulling him onto the dance floor. After he makes a blunder and Harper runs off, Cody believes he’ll never see the man who intrigues him again. Until a happenstance meeting on a city street changes everything.

Harper is reluctant the cowboy would truly want someone like him. But Cody thinks Harper could be the man he’s longed for all his life. Now all he has to do is convenience Harper that he’s meant to Dance With Him.


Portville Omegaverse - Xander Collins

Secret babies, friends to lovers, a second chance, May/December romance, enemies to lovers ... this box set has it all.

Follow the journey of four omegas (Mark, Jake, Daniel, and Hank) and four alphas (Landon, Stephen, Cameron, and Jason) ... four sets of fated mates who find each other, or return to each other ... in the first four books of the Portville Omegaverse series.

Mark and Landon - two cops who find out what happens when a beta suddenly turns into an omega and becomes pregnant.

Stephen and Jake - two doctors who are both desperate for a second chance ... but have let their fear stand in the way of happiness for too long.

Daniel and Cameron - a wealthy businessman and a poor street kid find each other during an intense superheat that cannot be ignored.

Hank and Jason - a cop and criminal who are drawn together and find a way to get past their differences.

If you haven't read all of the first four books in the Portville Omegaverse, then turn off your phone, get in bed, and spend the night with these eight men. Their stories will fulfill every secret dream, desire, and wish you’ve ever had … and give you even more naughty ideas after the lights go out.


The Dragon's Doorstep Baby - Hawke Oakley

No alpha wants Scar.

Wolf omega Scar abandoned his old name along with the traumas of his past fifteen years ago. The pain rendered him bitter and tough - to protect the gentle soul he keeps secret from the world. Now his life is safe but unfulfilling. Scar desperately wants a child of his own. He's not the young omega he used to be, and if an alpha can't see him for who he is inside soon, he might not ever have a family - or a reason to live again.

No omega wants Ryu.

Business at Ryu's magic school is slow, but the loneliness is even worse. All Ryu wants is an omega - and maybe a baby - to hold dear. Ryu knows there must be someone out there who can love him for what he is. But when Ryu finally begins dating a young omega, he doesn't feel as happy as he should. Instead, he can't stop thinking about the mysterious omega named Scar. But Scar is cold and bitter, and he only pushes Ryu away. So why does that make Ryu want him more?

No one wants baby Angel.

Scar's life turns upside down when an abandoned baby turns up on The Drunken Dragon’s doorstep one night. Confused and afraid, Scar seeks the help of the kindest alpha he knows - Ryu. The two wildly different men must cooperate to save her. But will an unexpected baby pull them together, or push them apart - forever?


13 Sep

Sweet & Spicy Deals for September 13th

A Ferry of Bones & Gold - Hailey Turner

When the gods come calling, you don’t get to say no.

Patrick Collins is three years into a career as a special agent for the Supernatural Operations Agency when the gods come calling to collect a soul debt he owes them. An immortal has gone missing in New York City and bodies are showing up in the wake of demon-led ritual killings that Patrick recognizes all too easily from his nightmares.

Unable to walk away, Patrick finds himself once again facing off against mercenary magic users belonging to the Dominion Sect. Standing his ground alone has never been a winning option in Patrick’s experience, but it’s been years since he’s had a partner he could trust.

Looking for allies in all the wrong places, Patrick discovers the Dominion Sect's next target is the same werewolf the Fates themselves have thrown into his path. Patrick has been inexplicably attracted to the man from their first meeting, but desire has no place in war. That doesn’t stop Patrick from wanting what he shouldn’t have. Jonothon de Vere is gorgeous, dangerous, and nothing but trouble—to the case, to the fight against every hell, and ultimately, to Patrick’s heart and soul.


Alpha Wolf: Jason - Kellan Larkin and Kaz Crowley

Omega Rudy Larson has scraped a living in Stelline City after growing up in an orphanage. So when he meets a billionaire who claims that they're fated mates, he can't believe the gorgeous alpha.

Alpha Jason Marks knows what he wants and isn't afraid to get it. The shy yet feisty omega is his and he knows it. But Jason's wealth is a lot for Rudy to handle, and the two clash.

Things get worse when Jason's parents accuse Rudy of being a gold-digger. Rudy realizes he's stuck in a dead-end job, and he doesn't want to be dependent on the charismatic alpha.

On top of that, Jason's struggling to show his overbearing father than he's an alpha who can take care of himself. Add in Jason's four meddling younger brothers, and the alpha has a lot on his plate.

Can he prove to Rudy that he's not just another snooty billionaire? Will Rudy find the love and family he's always dreamed of?

And will either man truly open his heart to what's destined to be true?


Always the Groomsman - Raleigh Ruebins

He’s my best friend’s best man, and I hate him.
So... why do I keep wanting to kiss him?

Weddings used to be fun... but then I had to be a groomsman in one. Then two. And now ten. The last place I want to be right now is in this Nowhereville, Idaho small town for my friend’s wedding, still single, and still a groomsman. And even worse: the best man, Sebastian, makes my blood run hot. I just got dumped by my ex-boyfriend, and right now what I want is time alone. The last thing I need is some over-eager small-town guy to be constantly flitting around me, trying to get me to participate in bachelor party festivities.

But Sebastian isn’t afraid to challenge me. And some primal part of me loves every minute of it.

When he shows up at my hotel room on the night of the bachelor party, hot and desperate, I can’t say no to him. Suddenly, it’s like fire when we’re together, and I can’t keep my hands off of him. But I can’t ever be with him. The other groomsmen don’t know we’ve been in each other’s beds. And besides, he’s a small-town guy, and I need the city. I can’t commit, and Sebastian could have any other guy he wanted. Am I destined to forever be a groomsman, never the star of my show?


Pros & Cons of Vengeance - A. E. Wasp and May Archer

There’s nothing like being blackmailed by a dead man to really bring a group of cons together. And what a group we are: a hacker, a thief, a con artist, a thug, and a Federal agent with an axe to grind. The deal is simple, we do the jobs and Charlie’s lawyer wipes the slate clean for each of us, one at a time.

Then I met Senator Harlan’s latest victim: Breck Pfeiffer, the gorgeous hooker with a heart of gold and the soul of a fighter. One look at him and I’m gone. That kid laid me out harder than any punch ever did. I’ll do anything to protect Breck, even kill for him. But Breck doesn’t want the senator dead, he wants vengeance.

Since job number one calls for some muscle, it looks like I’m up first. I’m Steele Alvarez, ex-Special Forces Close Protection Specialist (aka, a bodyguard for some not so nice guys).

If we’re going to find a way bring down the slimebag and get the blackest mark on my record erased, I’m going to need all the help I can get.


The Omega's Secret Obsession - Chris Savage

When it comes to love, it's true. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Daval, transformed into an omega two years prior, served as one of the King’s consorts. As one of six, the plan called to impregnate each and bring back life into the land. Unfortunately for Daval, he was abused and only used as a mate. Although he escaped on the wings of Azar, the nightmares and emotional scars remain.

Daval’s life shifts as a new dragon, Vardon, is awakened. A new fire within Daval is formed. Although, one question still remains.

Can Daval recover from his emotional demons and learn to open his heart again?


The Alpha's Bond - Colbie Dunbar

What happens when your world is turned upside down?

Seb juggles his newborn daughter, a pet piglet, and insomnia while searching for his missing mate. And despite the risks, he heads for Max’s childhood home.

As the alpha learns more about the omega’s former life from those who know him best, he can’t piece the puzzle together. But luck, bravado and ingenuity bring the mated pair face-to-face, and they celebrate their reunion with their daughter and extended family.

Foes become frenemies, though Seb’s inflated alpha ego almost destroys what he strives to protect.

Trixie relishes her role as big sister to Isla, but as the piglet grows up, the omega has trouble letting go of his first ‘baby’.

No one is who Max thinks they are as his father hides behind a mask and pulls the strings.


Red Sky at Morning - Genna Donaghy

Fox has been secretly in love with his best friend, Tobias, since grade school. But even though Fox has fought in wars overseas, he hasn't worked up the courage to do act on his feelings.

Then, an alien ship appears in the pre-dawn sky and bombs San Francisco.

Fox never imagined he would have to go to war again. Now things have changed. To save himself, and the man he loves, Fox will have to join the fight against the invaders.

But the aliens aren't what they seem, and the real enemy may be within...


Triple Threat - Van Cole

Can Three Be The Magic Number?

Hot new player Mats does more than just score goals. Arrogant, ambitious and good looking, he thrives on attention. And he just loves teasing team star, Keir.

Keir is a ladies’ man. He likes women. And he lives to party.

So how does he wake up, unexpectedly married to someone he doesn’t even like?


First Time Up - Declan Rhodes

There are plenty of firsts for a big league baseball player. There’s the first time up to bat. There’s the first time you hit a home run, and there’s the first time you go to bed with a man.

Eric’s team, the Charlotte Yellowjackets, has experienced the coming out of two players and a coach all in one season. Romance fever has gripped the fans, and straight arrow Eric fears everyone is ignoring his banner season. Then he meets Harley, the right fielder called up to replace his best friend, Chase.

Harley grew up as a small-town boy from southern Indiana. He’s been a journeyman over six seasons in the minor leagues. When he thinks his baseball career is nearly over, he’s called up by the Yellowjackets to take over right field. He’s muscular and fast, and he’s pursued only women until he meets Eric.

It’s not long before one night together turns into a relationship sharing custody of their dog, Rudy, from Harley’s local charitable cause, an animal shelter. They move in, come out, make plans for the future, and then the roof caves in. Will love, the support of friends, and a national movement of fans be enough to keep the new couple together?


13 Sep

F/F Fiction Deals for September 13th

Firebird - Savannah Swan

A woman who understands animals better than people...

Since her grandparents died, wildlife rehabber Reese Greeley became a hermit with only wild animals and her dog, Cocoa, for company. Juggling the care of dozens of injured and sick creatures in her barn, she's forged a simple, if lonely, life for herself. Everything changes when her former best friend returns to town with a Purple Heart and a horrific story.

A former hotshot pilot with broken wings...

Jean Jardine left Big Woods for the Air Force Academy so she could escape her late father's abuse. After a harrowing and widely-publicized experience in the Middle East, she's back, but she's not the same person she used to be. Hindered by pain and PTSD, she can only see a bleak and solitary future for herself. But when she finds an injured hawk in her backyard, she crosses paths with her best friend from high school.

Two best friends open their hearts to love...

Jean starts helping Reese with the animals, and the two friends rediscover the rapport they once had—as well as the fact that they're both into women. But when more hawks are found injured and a wildfire threatens the barn, Jean finds she has to overcome her fears to save the animals. Will Reese be able to help her fly again?


Seeking Witches - Cailee Francis

A supernatural attack leaves Raven, a male witch, unconscious and clinging to life. While his fiancée and children wait for news, an enemy is discovered: one as dangerous as they are ruthless, and they’re hunting members of his coven.

Rose, a succubus and fledgling private detective, has strong personal ties to that coven. Her girlfriend Lisa is a member, as are Lisa’s close friends. Knowing her girlfriend is in danger, and of Lisa’s need to protect and help the other members, Rose will do all she can to identify their enemy and help the Circle of Harmony coven survive. It’s more than a job – for one pink-haired succubus, it’s personal.

Their enemy doesn’t seem to care what harm they cause, what laws they break or who gets caught in the occult crossfire. With the Enforcers one step behind, Rose and the coven must band together and stand strong when things get ugly.


Cinders - Cara Malone

Cynthia “Cyn” Robinson has only ever wanted three things: the approval of her stepmother, to save lives as a firefighter, and the attention of her dream girl, Marigold Grimm.

A socialite who most of the town refers to as Grimm Falls royalty, Marigold is so far out of Cyn’s league that even dreaming about her could be considered inappropriate.

And Cyn has all but given up on her stepmother, who refuses to accept a daughter who does not delight in wearing dresses and working in her clothing boutique. Cyn tried to be that girl ever since she and her father moved to Grimm Falls, but sooner or later, she always turns back into a pumpkin.

One thing Cyn does have is her job. She’s a great firefighter, and when an arsonist strikes her beloved town, she’s ready to forget the unfulfilled parts of her life and throw herself into work – until Marigold Grimm’s beloved garden becomes the firebug’s next target.

Cyn puts out the blaze, but there’s more than one type of spark flying as Cyn and Marigold meet. Is her dream girl really within reach, or will it all go up in flames?


06 Sep

Sweet & Spicy Deals for September 6th

Mister Hard to Get - Ivy Oliver

My new worst enemy is the hottest guy I've ever seen.

Getting a small business off the ground is hard, but it's even harder when a competitor opens up on the same block- and he's a charming, dashing rogue. I try to despise him, but one look makes me a tongue-tied mess. All he has to do is stand there with his smoldering eyes, rock hard body, and lithe muscles that draw my eye to dangerous places, and I forget why I'm there.

I'm here to run a bakery, not fall in love, but one look at his buns and my loaf rises. Every time I see him I'm consumed driven to distraction, but this is a war and there's no sleeping with the enemy…

...until there is, and I wind up in bed with him. Our liaison has to stay a secret and I have to play hard to get, for both our sakes. As much as I'd like to surrender to those strong arms and give in to my passions, there's too much at stake.


Alpha Dragon: Bronaz - Kellan Larkin and Kaz Crowley

Bronaz has a family in his best friends at Treasured Ink, the dragon-owned tattoo shop, and a job he loves. But since his twin brother's death years ago, he's been reluctant to open himself to anyone—which is hard when he meets his fated mate.

Omega Kuras wants to meet his fated mate and have a baby more than anything. But time is running out, and dating apps aren't any help. When he meets Bronaz, he's overjoyed. But what if Bronaz doesn't feel the same way?

Meanwhile, the dragons of Treasured Ink investigate a dangerous organization targeting mythical shifters. After a friend's sister is kidnapped by the organization, Bronaz vows to find her—so his friend doesn't suffer the same fate he did.

As Kuras pushes, Bronaz pulls. Bronaz realizes he can't ignore the bond pulling them together, but he can't get hurt again. That's what love brings. But Kuras is determined to show him love can bring healing too—and that it's worth everything.

The two have to learn to work together if they're going to be fated mates. But can Kuras help heal Bronaz's heart? And will they find the kidnapped shifter before it's too late?


Trust - Avery Ford

Newton Allen needs a new start. On the run from his past and uncertain about his future, he’s broken and scared, but he’s determined to make it on his own. Opening a small photography studio in the small town of Silver Lake seems like the perfect way to start over and follow his dream. All he wants is to live his life on his own terms, quiet and alone, with no reminders of the life he’s been trying so desperately to forget.

Gage Michaels was born and raised in the small town of Silver Lake. He’s tall, good looking, and owns the only gym in town. He has everything he needs—his health, great friends, and a thriving business. The only thing he doesn’t have is the one thing he wants more than anything… love.

From the moment they meet, Gage knows there’s something special about the shy photographer. Newton can’t believe the hot guy from the gym might actually be interested. However, when Newton’s past finally catches up to him, all Gage cares about is keeping Newton safe.

Newton will have to choose between learning to stay and trust or running away…especially as both their hearts and lives could depend on the decision he makes.


The Dragon's Omega - Eva Leon

An omega finds himself as the prized piece in his Dragon’s hoard.

Maxwell "Max" Robertson collects beautiful books and enjoys spending his days in Austin's many art museums. Of course, he's drawn to them, he's a dragon. His hoard consists of books, his shelves loving filled with tomes he's discovered. He knows that dragon shifters are rare, and Max has accepted he'll never have his own Alpha since he refuses to share. But when he runs into, literally, the most gorgeous alpha he's ever seen--Max wonders if this could be his chance.

Damien is a collector of beautiful things. When he is inspecting his latest purchase at a museum, he meets Max. Clumsy, intelligent, incredibly sexy omega Max. Damien isn't a stranger to casual relationships, but the intensity of his own desire shocks him. All he knows is that his collection pales in beauty compared to the shifter before him. He wants, no, Damien needs Max.

But Max won't simply roll over for Damien, he will only bond with an alpha he deems worthy of himself. And for all of Damien's flash, Max needs to know he has a heart. Damien must choose his pride or the omega of his dreams.


Love on Dragon Wings - Shane Honorae

As a dragon veterinarian, Trent has seen clients of all shapes and sizes come through his clinic — both human and animal. His favorite client is Cole, the sweet and shy man who runs a shelter for dragons out of his home. Despite the way Cole makes his heart pound, Trent is determined to keep their relationship professional…even if he falls harder for Cole every time he brings in another rescue.

That changes the day Cole brings a recently abandoned egg-heavy dragon into the clinic. Breeding females are rare, their eggs even rarer. When word gets out, her former owners want her back, and they won’t accept no for an answer.

In order to keep both Cole and the dragon safe, Trent will have to let down his walls and open his heart.


Find You Out - Rachel Kane

When an internet stalker threatens to reveal all of his personal secrets online, mystery novelist Cam has to do the one thing he’s most frightened of: Trust someone else. He hires gruff, jaded Alex to protect him and investigate the stalker…and tries not to think too hard about his growing feelings for his protector.

Alex didn’t mean to fall for Cam. He has secrets of his own, secrets that make him pull back from any connection…but something about Cam draws him in, makes him almost willing to trust again.

Nothing stays hidden forever. Soon these two must face the hardest choice of all: Trust one another with their darkest secrets, or let the truth tear them apart forever.


The Marriage Proposal - Felix Brooks and Andrea Dalling

Can a fake marriage turn to true love?

CEO Noah runs a tight ship when it comes to business, but he made the ultimate workplace mistake: he dated his assistant. When the guy quit his job in a snit, he left some important paperwork unresolved—namely, Noah's visa extension. Now Noah's got two weeks to get things in order, or he'll have to leave the country.

Enter IT expert Dylan. Noah has had a secret crush on him for months. Bone-meltingly handsome and wickedly smart, Dylan's the only guy in the company who doesn't kiss up to the boss. Marrying him will solve two problems at once: Noah will be able to stay in the country, and he'll get to play house with the one guy he can't get out of his system.

Dylan's life is complicated enough without a marriage of convenience to the boss. That can't possibly end well, right? But the man sure knows how to fill out a suit, and Dylan's had more than one fantasy about what's underneath. Plus, Noah is offering to throw a stack of money Dylan's way. With his mom on the brink of losing her house, it's an offer Dylan can't refuse.

When Dylan moves into the blond-haired, blue-eyed CEO's mansion, it's supposed to be temporary. But when Dylan sees the cracks in Noah's confident façade, he can't stop his heart from getting involved. Will their differences tear them apart, or can these two opposites find their way to lasting love?



Bound by His Omega - Alice Shaw

Some rules are meant to be broken.
Some knots are meant to be tied forever.

That hot cop is the only guy that makes my c*ck stir.
I know that boy's straight, but he's got my heart twisted up in knots. I can't stop thinking about him.

It feels crazy to be this captivated by someone, but he's got me in his grasp. I crave his skin, hushed moans, and strict obedience. Together, we form an incredible bond. Is it time to push that to the next level? Or will it end up breaking me again?


Behind the Velvet Curtain - Matt Converse

You may think you know what being a stripper is like, but you'd be surprised. Matt Jaxx is a sexy stripper who develops a fast following, but one of them turns scary stalker. Along the way he way he meets Justin and it's lust at first sight, both doing things they'd only fantasized about. Right when he seems to have it all, his stalker reappears, revealing his twisted agenda. Sex sells, what it attracts can be deadly.


06 Sep

F/F Fiction Deals for September 6th

A Masquerade in Time - Cailee Francis

When I first arrived at the mansion, I couldn't remember anything. My name, how I'd got there or who the people were around me. I knew I was a woman, and the pink dress and brown ankle boots I wore felt vaguely familiar, but nothing more.

It wasn't long before I was told my name was Celina. I was given a suite to stay in and encouraged to prepare for the mysterious Prince Eldran's masquerade party. I found everything I needed in my suite, other than the answers I sought.

Fragments of memory hinted at dark experiences, at love and loss, but there was no context and I was uncertain about my history and what the future might hold for me.

A stranger at the time, Sorcha found me alone as I sought solace in an empty room. I discovered she too had missing memories, and in her I found a person to talk to. A friend and more, but did we have a chance?


30 Aug

F/F Fiction Deals for August 30th

Wounded Bear - Chloe Peterson

She's always been able to keep the darkness at bay...until now.

Jade, a highly trained former soldier, knows that she's not girlfriend material. The dark secret she keeps hidden reminds her of that fact every day. But, when a regular patrol brings a tall, leggy blonde her way, this bear shifter will have to find a way to break down her walls.

Waitress Emma has worked hard all her life to take care of her alcoholic mother and carve out some semblance of a life. But an encounter with her mother's latest beau leads to Emma witnessing a murder. One where the killer turns into a panther.

Overwhelmed and now the sole witness, Emma takes off on the run. She ends up in Falhurst and runs straight into the Jade. The beautiful green-eyed woman intrigues Emma, and the sadness she carries around calls to the fixer within her.

But there won't be much time for fixing. Because the murderer that's chasing after Emma is more than your average rogue shifter, and the power he wields will soon prove that...


Hestia: Sapphic Soulmates - Helen Jayne

A lesbian fantasy romance.

Suppose you were seduced by an immortal Goddess today. And discover she has devoted herself faithfully to you for centuries, but you don't remember past life details. What would you do?

Eighteen-year-old Lauren has survived school in her small town, just about. She's never had a girlfriend, and she doesn't have a life plan. She does have the devotion of an immortal Goddess.

Hestia might well be the first of the Olympian gods, but her job has been to keep the home fires burning, which means she doesn't get out much. She doesn't mind staying in, but it wasn't the same when her soulmate went missing for hundreds of years.

When they reunite, their passion and desire are enough to light more fires. They can't keep their hand off each other. Watch out for ebooks melting because of the heat and undergarments bursting into flames.