04 Oct

Sweet & Spicy Deals for October 4th

Lovefool - Ian O. Lewis

“Will he give me a second chance?”

Dr. Kent King left home to attend medical school, and to experience life on his own. He also left behind his first love, and he’s never forgotten the sizzling chemistry they shared. Offered the job of his dreams, he returns home excited to be making a difference providing medical care to the less fortunate. Will the blue-eyed man he left behind be able to forgive him for leaving him in the first place?

Never able to forget his first love, Erik Rhoads struggles to keep his head above water. Like a turtle he retreats into his shell when tragedy strikes. Unable to cope with his feelings or the people who care for him the most, he hits rock bottom. A true survivor, he will pick himself up, shake the dust off, and begin the process of becoming whole again. But will his heart survive the return of the only man he’s ever loved?


The Bookish Omega - Kellan Larkin

Omega Nathan is the anonymous writer behind the popular book review blog, The Bookish Omega. When he gets hired as the assistant to the famous dragon shifter author author Davy Vaughn, he can't believe the opportunity he has for juicy gossip.

But when he meets Davy, he realizes the opportunity isn't what he thought it was.

Davy Vaughn is an alpha in need of a mate. An assistant, too, sure, but mostly a mate. No omega has caught his attention until the human Nathan walks through his door. Davy can't resist.

But Nathan is hiding secrets from Davy, one after the other. First it's the existence of his daughter, Sammi. Then it's the blog. And when Nathan's kooky, shifter-worshiping family spills the beans, the couple is tested.

After a night of passion, the couple realizes that they've mated. For life. But how can Davy trust an omega with so many secrets? And will Nathan's family ruin everything?


Summer of Sonny - I.M. Flippy

Jay Lauer is content with his life. He’s happy working for his dad at Blue Pine Lake Camp up in the San Bernardino Mountains where he fixes everything that needs fixing, handles logistics, and in his spare time makes stunning works of art at his beloved pottery wheel. He doesn’t need a change or a reason to leave the mountain where he’s comfortable. He certainly doesn’t need a handsome geophysicist from MIT who talks too much to upend everything he thought he wanted. On the bright side, Sonny seems kinda patronizing and dismissive of Jay. So Jay’s in no danger of falling in love...right?

Dr. Sonny Jacobsen has just gained his doctorate in geophysics from MIT. On a whim he decides to teach kids science lessons at Blue Pine for the summer, a well deserved break after a long and intense academic career. He doesn’t expect there to be a gorgeous handyman distracting him. But Jay hardly seems like the academic type, he can barely hold a conversation. So Sonny’s in no danger of falling in love...right?

It’s just as well that Jay and Sonny get the wrong impression of each other. Falling in love would only complicate an otherwise serene summer and they’re in no danger of that...right?


His Instant Family - Rheland Richmond

Shy and awkward Teo Wright, a brilliant young author, has met the man of his dreams in much older Michael, a widower, and father of three. The man has fired up his fantasies and refuses to let go. Discovering they are both single sets them on the road to forever.

“I want to wake up to this every morning.”

Dr. Michael Ashworth has been focused on his work for too many years and although now he is one of the best doctors in his field, it has been to the detriment of his family. But when Teo comes into his life, Michael knows the young man is his future. Teo has made him feel alive and whole again. However, Michael’s in-laws are not thrilled to find the ‘straight’ son-in-law they have known and loved for many years, is in fact bisexual.

Dating a man is not the only issue threatening the life he and Teo are building together. Michael’s teenage son is also not a fan of his father having a boyfriend that is so much younger.

A rebellious teenager and bigoted relatives are hurdles Michael and Teo must overcome before they can find their forever, but nothing good ever comes easy… especially when there are kids to consider.


Change for You - Crystal Lacy

Silver fox Stephen Webb doesn’t mean to start a workplace fling with the cute new intern.

Stephen Webb has a pivotal tax season ahead of him and he doesn't have time for distractions. At least that's what he thinks—until Minoru "Max" Kamigawa walks into his life and disrupts all his plans.

Max secretly wants to follow his love of music, but family obligations keep him rooted in Hawaii. Tax supervisor Stephen Webb makes his spring internship a little sweeter, but the man's priorities don't seem to include Max. Is it only a fling or something worth staying for when his dreams come calling?

Stephen and Max must decide whether to stick to their goals or risk everything and change their course for love.


Wed to the Omega - Ashe Moon

For Tresten Croc, a headstrong omega enrolled in the alpha dominated Fighting Arts School, an arranged marriage is about the worst thing that could ever happen to him—especially when his husband-to-be is none other than his rival classmate, the jockish playboy alpha, Loch Luna.

Their families need this alliance in order to retain their place as clan leaders, so the two young fighters reluctantly agree to be wed. There’s absolutely no way they’d ever actually fall in love… so what will Tresten and Loch do when they learn they need to produce an heir?


Tease - Avery Ford

Trenton Lewis never set out to be the most popular guy around. He’s not afraid to take a stand, even if it sometimes feels like the whole town of Silver Lake is against him. It’s never bothered him to be an outsider, though. He’s managed to take care of the family business and the family home that’s been handed down to him, and he’s done it all on his own terms. The only thing missing is a family to share it with.

Scottie Chambers knows what he wants in life. And for the most part, he has those things—great friends, a thriving business, and a new puppy who makes his heart melt. Sure, he eventually wants to settle down and get married, just like all of his friends seem to be doing, but he’s patient and he knows his time will come. What he doesn’t know is that it’s going to come in a way he never expected. Trenton and Scottie aren’t exactly friends. With competing businesses right across the street from each other, they were never really going to be on great terms. But when a tragic event brings them together unexpectedly, they realize they might just have more in common than not. When it comes time to make some tough choices, will they be able to set aside their differences, or will they sabotage the first real chance at love that