18 Oct

Sweet & Spicy Deals for October 18

Alpha Dom: Caden - Kellan Larkin and Kaz Crowley

The Black Thorn Bar is a hotspot for the city's kinkiest alphas and omegas, and Alpha Caden is proud to call it his life's work. But among all the sexy BDSM encounters that happen there, Caden hasn't found an omega of his own.

He's too hung up on his best friend Oliver—who disappeared years ago after entering an abusive relationship. Now, Oliver's returning to the city with his little girl in tow, and Caden realizes he has a second chance.

Too bad Oliver is purely vanilla. Working hard to rebuild his life after his divorce, he doesn't have time for dating. But he can't help but remember how Caden made him feel.

The two men decide to give it one more chance. But as Oliver delves deeper into the world of BDSM, he is torn between his fear and his feelings for Caden.

Oliver and Caden must give each other everything—mind, body, and soul—if they want to make this work.

The only question is: can they?


The Alpha's Game - Colbie Dunbar

What would you do to save your most important friendship?

Theo’s a dedicated charity worker alpha in Hong Kong who guides the city’s alphas and omegas through a maze of legal tangles.

His friend from college, an omega named Oliver, is a wealthy antique dealer whose family fled northern China in the late 1940s.

Whether eating noodles on the street, rubbing elbows with the well-to-do on Victoria Peak or shuffling mahjong tiles, the pair share a strong bond—but it’s always been platonic apart from a messy, drunken hook up.

When winds from four directions blow through the hills named after dragons and create chaos, the alpha grapples with his feelings.

But Oliver hopes for something romantic. And that something terrifies Theo and threatens to tear them apart.

The pair wrestle with doubt, fear and uncertainty, and then face a more tangible threat. But the once-fragrant harbor refuses to disclose its secrets until an unexpected source uncovers Theo and Oliver’s future. Are they destined to be?


The Man Inside Me - Sean Kerr

Victorian London is a difficult place to be when you are gay, as Henry and Gabriel know all too well.

When they were young at Oxford University, Henry and Gabriel’s love burned hot and bright, and they thought to change the world together until a devastating tragedy ripped them apart.

Now, as youth fades away, Henry can no longer stand to see his own reflection in the mirror. All he sees is a sad, tired old man whose body has betrayed him. He craves the touch of another, to feel attractive and vital once more but his obsession with finding a cure for insanity has stolen his life away, and now his work has taken on a dark and sinister dimension. How far will he go to recapture the passion of his lost youth?

Gabriel fears that Henry is losing his mind, and when a brutal killer invades their lives, they are thrust into the dark depths of Victorian London in a fight for their very lives.

As their friendship is tested to its limits, Gabriel cannot help but wonder if there is still a chance for love. Can they move beyond the friendship that has spanned over thirty years and find the love that once made their hearts beat as one?

You may never be too old to find love, but will you be able to survive it?


Unlikely Ever After - Eva Leon

Arthur and James were an unlikely couple--Arthur enjoyed his Cuccinelli suits and his professionalism, and James his free-wheeling writing career and constant flirting.

They were in love and thrilled about moving in together. The could indulge in sex in every position on every surface and argue British versus American slang their hearts’ content. Arthur lived a convenient distance from both his office and his dry cleaner. James had a beautiful view from his desk at home, in his pajamas.

Neither of them were expecting to become a parent.

These two former playboys may have decided to settle into domestic bliss with each other, but now they have to figure out the rest of it, from the morning sickness to the birth plan, and everything else that’s a part of their unlikely ever after.


His Bodyguard - Alex James

Bodyguard or babysitter?

Billionaire heir Thatcher can't stand having his new bodyguard, Drake shadowing him 24/7. So what if he almost got kidnapped? Thatcher still has a life to live.

He decides to play a game - annoy the man into quitting his job. Except the more Thatcher presses Drake's buttons, the more Drake presses his back.

It just so happens that powerplay causes both men to have trouble keeping their hands to themselves - and a certain something in their pants.


Daddy's Home - Alice Shaw

Money Talks, but a daddy is forever.

Matthew falls into a world of pleasure and trouble as an unexpected pregnancy twists into a strong and complicated bond. A life, a real future—all of these things are in the cards if Matthew gives himself to Hunter. But there’s a catch.

The game of love always comes with a price, but the temptation to lose oneself in another’s heart is almost uncontrollable. Faced with a choice over his family, will Matthew back out before Hunter takes it too far?


Obsexsion - Matt Converse

When sex and a deadly obsession collide, not everyone will survive.

Matt fears his nightmares are premonitions that the Creeper will return. Justin comforts him but they soon face possible separation. Can their love survive? Will Matt return to the stage as a stripper? And if he does, what--or who--will follow?


Expectant Moon - Alexander Elliott

Modern gay shifters struggle for equality, and when gay Alpha Ben Blair challenges the status quo, he unintentionally ignites a controversy which divides the community. Soon Ben gains new allies: Evan Reid, a misunderstood Arctic wolf possessing unique gifts, and Jack Eby, an ancient shifter holding the key to their future. Join the Gladstone shifters as they find love, acceptance and purpose in a time of monumental change.


Vegas Omega - Parker Easton and Declan Rhodes

Wracked with grief after the death of his best friend Pete, omega Jeff is on the run, an escapee from his top-secret community, and, after a wrenching trek through the desert, he lands in Las Vegas.

Alpha widower Beck, one of the first children born when the community began in the wake of a gene-altering accident, is on a mission to bring Jeff home. With his superior sense of smell, he’s the best tracker available, and, still grieving the death of his son Pete, he vows to prevent the demise of another young omega.

It only took a few short months for Jeff to settle comfortably into the Vegas life, and he thinks that all he needs to do is guard the secret of his omega fertility. It’s an easy task until he catches the scent of an alpha, and his body betrays him, launching him into his regular cycle of heat a week early.

Struggling to escape both the staggering impact on his anatomy and the magnetic pull of the nearby alpha, Jeff comes face to face with Beck. They both realize there is more than animal lust to their attraction. They also realize they can’t go home again. With help from a friend who knows more than either expected, they fight to leave behind both the tyranny of their community’s captors and the prying curiosity of the outside world as they discover their fated bond of love.