08 Nov

Sweet & Spicy Deals for November 8

Drawn to You - Rachel Kane

What if you could go back and do it all over again? What if you could get it right this time?

Theo was the painter, and Micah was the lawyer. That's how it was supposed to work, how they pictured their lives together. But when a family tragedy ripped Theo away, they never thought they'd see each other again, and life has never been the same.

Now there's no art, no passion in Theo's life, just business meetings and three-martini lunches. Micah made it into law, but he's addicted to his work, using it to hide from real life, from his real feelings.

A second tragedy is about to bring them back together, back to the lake where they grew up, where they were old friends until they grew into something more. Life is about to offer them another chance at love.

Two men who have given up their dreams have to decide, will you sacrifice everything to get that dream back? Will you do things differently this time, for another shot at love?


Steele My Heart - Tatum West

I always promised myself I wouldn’t come back to Abingdon.

But my new job as police chief has me here for a while.

And Kendall Vincent might just get me to stay. When I’m in his arms, I feel complete. I feel at home.

When two gay kids get beat up, I realize that Abingdon needs me.

I’m here to protect the town—and the man—that I love.


Sword Oath - Jackie Keswick

Can love and a promise triumph over death?

I’ll die for you, or with you.

When Madan swore a sword oath to Serrai he was eight years old. He kept his promise while they grew to manhood and took their respective positions as king and general, even when it seemed that he was the only one fated to love, deeply and devotedly.

Serrai never declared his feelings, but his love for Madan was just as fierce. And quietly, in his heart, he swore his own sword oath: to die with Madan.

Until a battlefield death leaves both oaths broken, and two men fighting for a future that doesn’t see them forever parted.



A Secret Boyfriend - H J Perry

Opposites attract and when the macho construction worker meets the sexy guy from the supermarket it changes both their lives.

Kevin is bisexual. He knows the truth: He’s had girlfriends and craves experience with men. He'd never tell anyone his sexy or romantic fantasies. And could never imagine coming out to his dad or his mates. They are all blue collar workers like him. He's a super romantic and sweet guy who just hadn't found anyone to fall in love with until...

Opposites attract.

Out, loud, and proud: Perry is at a stage in his life when he doesn’t need a boyfriend just casual fun. He avoids hookup apps. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to meet guys. Some of those are not things you’d admit to your coworkers in the supermarket.

When you don’t want a boyfriend, fate will send along the perfect candidate. Sometimes several to choose from. This time lady luck has sent a couple of guys for Perry to choose from: Kevin and Kevin's brother.

Unlikely circumstances bring Kevin and Perry together. The chemistry between them inevitable means they can’t keep their clothes on. And they must make physical connections involving hands and mouths.



Something Blue - Avery Ford

Danny Evans doesn’t need a boyfriend. He doesn’t have time for love, and even if he did, his prospects in Silver Lake, Ohio, are… limited. As groomsman in his best friend’s upcoming out-of-town wedding, Danny is at least looking forward to the thought of having a little fun, except the “city” is in the middle of nowhere. At the prospect of being single person in a group full of couples, Danny has resigned himself to the fact that he’s just meant to be single.

Finding a boyfriend and settling down isn’t even on Micah Daniels’ radar. After getting kicked out of his parents’ house, he’s just thankful he’s found a job and a place to live.

When Danny sees Micah for the first time, he can instantly tell there’s something special about the strong, quiet farm hand. But with Danny only in town for a week and Micah’s need for discretion, there’s no hope for their instant attraction to turn into something more. But wedding fever is a funny thing, and love always seems to find a way. When the week is over, will Danny and Micah take a real chance on each other...and love?