01 Nov

Sweet & Spicy Deals for November 1

The Luna Brothers Series - Ashe Moon

Enjoy the saga of the Luna brothers, a thrilling and steamy mix of shifter romance novels set in a exciting and vibrant modern shifter world!

This complete bundle contains all four books of the Luna Brothers shifter mpreg series, as well as a collection of special extra bonus chapters!


Guarded Hearts - Louisa Keller

“Nobody has ever made me feel like this.”

Blaise: I only took a summer job lifeguarding because I wanted something to do in the last few months before heading off to college. Cue Forest Ethridge—my prickly, defensive coworker. I fall hard and fast, despite his warnings that I should guard my heart carefully. Just as he’s opening his own heart to me, Forest disappears without a trace, leaving me wondering what exactly went wrong.

“I have one rule: don’t let anybody in.”

Forest: As a teenager, I learned the hard way that nobody can be trusted. Still reeling from my parents’ abandonment, I've figured out how to fly beneath the radar. But just as I’m falling in love with Blaise, I’m thrust into chaos once more. It’s time to leave my hometown once and for all—and there’s no time for goodbyes. A decade later I’m still wary and defensive. My solace at the end of each day is listening to Blaise’s award-winning podcast. When I find out that he’ll be visiting a local bookstore on a promotional tour, I decide to go and skulk in the back of the room. Then our eyes meet, and I realize that my feelings for Blaise have never truly flickered out. Is it too late to rekindle my first love? And will Blaise be able to forgive me?


Distant Replay - Declan Rhodes

The third time’s a charm. It has to be when you get a second try at a second chance.

Baseball brought Andy and Zane together for the first time eight years ago in San Antonio, Texas. Neither played the game, but instead, they cheered for the big league RoadRunners dancing on top of the dugout and shooting T-Shirts into the crowd. After two summers of dating and dancing ended in an ugly breakup, neither expected to see the other again.

With the backdrop of a Charlotte Yellowjackets run for the World Series, Andy and Zane try to heal their past scars while building a relationship for the future. It’s not smooth sailing, and they need the support of friends and professional colleagues to search for their happily ever after.


The Mage's Second Chance - Hawke Oakley

Betrayed by his own mate.

Considered a legend in his own time, infamous mage Halo Fire-Eater lacked nothing. With his loving alpha Kassius and their precious daughter, Halo had everything an omega could ever desire - until his very own mate sold him out to their greatest enemy.

Destroyed by an impossible choice.

Magic is evil. Alpha Knight Kassius tried to avoid the dark whispers in Cinderhollow, focusing instead on protecting his mate Halo and their child. Kass ignored the warnings that his child would be born a mage, too - his family was the most important thing in his life, and words alone wouldn’t change that. But when Kass witnesses Halo commit a horrible deed with his magic, Kass can’t look at his mate the same way ever again. Kass does what he thinks is right - even if it means ripping their lives apart.

Pursued by evil.

Forsaken and hurt, Halo escapes to the only place he and his child can truly be safe - the future. But he’s not alone. Old enemies lurk beyond Cinderhollow’s barrier, and the key to saving his family might be the same alpha who betrayed him all those years ago.