31 Jan

Sweet & Spicy Deals for January 31

Alpha's Desire - Christa Tomlinson

An Alpha Yearning for His Mate

Star Officer Tony Alvarez protects his galaxy along with the rest of the 29th Star Squadron. But deep space can be lonely, and Tony longs to share his love and passion with a mate. Many omegas would jump at the chance to bond with the virile alpha. But Tony desires only one, his best friend, and the one man he can't have.

An Omega Newly Awakened to Passion

When it comes to mating, Star Officer Rashan Grove doesn't trust alphas. He's repressed his omega nature for years, choosing instead to focus on his career as an elite fighter pilot. Now that he's experiencing his first heat in a decade, he turns to the alpha who has always been by his side for help.

With a gentle touch and passionate embrace, Tony guides Rashan through nights of passion hotter than an exploding star. Unfortunately, when the heat clears, Rashan retreats behind a wall built from lifelong fears. How will Tony convince Rashan to embrace the bond between them before their shot at love is lost to the stars?



An Omega For Two - Aspen Grey

Two is nice, but three’s a party!

When Elijah literally falls asleep inside his sexy omega, the two realize they’re in a rut. To save their relationship, Max might have the answer: invite an alpha into the bedroom with them.

Alpha Sawyer is having the greatest birthday of his life. The boys have taken him out to celebrate with a wild night of “Drinks and Booty.” When Sawyer is approached by Max and Elijah with “a proposition,” he quickly realizes tonight is going to be one of a kind. Everyone involved thinks it will be a one-time thing. But when Sawyer gazes into Max’s eyes, something unexpected happens.

Elijah is jealous and to make things worse, owes money to a gang of guys who are looking for him—and they want blood. Will Sawyer be able to help them and keep them safe? Will Elijah be able to overcome his jealousy and will this wild experiment turn into something loving and lasting for all three of them?

Because if it not, their relationship will not survive!


Under His Enemy - Kiki Burrelli

When alpha shifter Orion accepts a mission that takes him behind enemy lines he expects to find hate. He never expects to find a mate.

Crow Brownstone's family has known much loss from the hands of shifters. It is that loss that compels Crow's father to create the Protectors of the Pure, an organization committed to protecting humans against shifters. Being a Protector comes with sacrifice. To be accepted, Crow lives in the closet, his true identity hidden from even his twin brother, Falcon.

During a one-night stand, Crow's world is rocked by Rin, the first man to make Crow sad about his one night only rule. But when Rin shows up as one of the newest recruits on the Protectors' compound the next morning, Crow should be terrified, instead, he's relieved.

Only Orion--Rin--would potentially ruin a mission, months in the making, by unwittingly sleeping with one of the Protectors' leaders. Orion can't seem to stop worrying about the last man in his bed. The longer Orion remains around Crow, the more his animal wakes up. Something that could ruin everything.


Lost in Indigo - V. L. Locey

Mathieu Beresford was so close to seeing his dream come true.

The thirty-eight-year-old captain of the Buffalo Surge had led his team to the final round of the playoffs with his aggressive defensive play and leadership. During the first game of the championship series, he was taken down, and his leg snapped upon impact with the boards. From his hospital bed, Mathieu watched his team go on to win it all.

Adrift in anger, resentment, and the new direction of his life, he returns to his mansion along the St. Lawrence River. Alone and sulking, Mathieu is not prepared for Indigo Neu to enter his life. The genderflux twenty-year-old botany major signs on to play nursemaid, confidant, and groundskeeper over the summer and slowly leads Mathieu out of his confusion––one tender smile and touch at a time.

The deeper Mathieu falls, the more he wonders if being lost might not be so bad after all.



Just a Toy - Bro Biggly

Kyson's about to be tossed out of college for not paying his tuition.

Alyosha's millions can't buy him the one thing he wants most, a green card.

But if Alyosha pays Kyson to marry him, all their problems will be solved.

Well, except one.

Alyosha's a playboy who loves to attend all-male parties.

Kyson's straight.

Can this marriage be saved?