03 Jan

Sweet & Spicy Deals for January 24

Making It Better - Lyss Em

“You still mess me up after all this time, Luc.”
“Not my problem.”

Court’s forceful brand of dominance pushes Lucan’s buttons like nothing else, but he can’t forget how badly Court hurt him in the past. Their romance six years ago was heady, intense, and sizzling—and left Lucan with deep emotional scars. When he runs into Court at a fetish party, the spark is still there. But so is the pain.

For Court, Lucan is the mindfuck he never got over. He still doesn’t know why Lucan ended things, and when he sees Lucan in the flesh again, the desperate need to dominate comes rushing back. Court would do anything to have a second chance, but he won’t let Lucan mess with his head and break his heart again. Or so he tells himself.

“I’ll do it all right for you this time if you just teach me.”

When Lucan agrees to show Court how to be a good Dom, the two headstrong men toe a delicate line between restraint and uncontrolled passion. Will the same sick love that consumed their past destroy their future?



Treasured Ink Box Set - Kellan Larkin and Kaz Crowley

Smoldering dragon shifters covered in gorgeous tats? Who can resist?

Discover the world of Treasured Ink, the dragon-owned tattoo shop run by a group of best friends. As a conspiracy against mythical shifters grows in the underground of Stelline City, Taran and his friends find love in the most unexpected places. A thrilling mystery entwines with five steamy romances in this complete box set.

Five complete romances for one low price!


Recreational Love - Ian O. Lewis

“You still want to have sex? Because if that’s all you can handle right now, I’m prepared to keep it light, no strings attached.”

Recreational love was all Michael Reynolds wanted; no feelings required, just a good time for the night. He only gave his heart away once, and twenty years later, he is reunited with the love of his life. Determined to win Spencer back, he agreed to a simple fling, no strings attached. Could he play by the rules of recreational love, or would he lose his heart instead?

Spencer Talbot returned home to escape rumors and gossip after being abandoned at the altar by his philandering fiancé. Secretly relieved the wedding didn’t take place, all he wanted was a quiet place to lick his wounds and get on with his life. When his first love reappeared after decades apart, his world was turned upside down. The attraction between Spencer and Michael was overwhelming, but the timing couldn’t be worse. Giving in to his feelings would make him vulnerable, and he’d had enough rejection to last a lifetime.



First Alpha - Christa Tomlinson

In the year 2774, Shane Thomas has earned the opportunity of a lifetime – the chance to explore space as an astronaut for the Beals Corporation. If selected, he’ll make the incredible journey along with his best friend Jalen Martin… the man he’s secretly loved for years.

While training to fly beyond the galaxy, Shane and Jalen undergo an unexpected transformation. The change reveals long-hidden desires, and brings the two men together for a night of passion hotter than the brightest star. Now Shane must learn to accept his new role so that he can achieve his dreams… and claim his mate.



Team Chemistry - Van Cole

Harvey Price is the best player in the league but he’s playing for the wrong team.

He’s known as hockey’s playboy. Every time he goes into a bar, he finds someone new to flirt with. That is until he meets Jay Collins, the new defenseman for his team and his potential replacement.

His usual approach doesn’t work on Jay because, well, he’s smitten. But Harvey Price can’t be gay. He’s known for chasing skirts and yet, he cannot deny that Jay is the best-looking thing he’s seen in a while.

And then there’s the fitness trainer. Oh, he is too.

Will Harvey stick to the straight and narrow?

Or will he go for the handsome young hockey player gunning for his position? Or maybe work up a sweat with his personal trainer during after-hours?