06 Dec

Sweet & Spicy Deals for December 6th

The Vampire's Omega - L. C. Davis

At the age of twenty, I never thought I'd have to make the choice between true love or my soul.

Then again, I never thought I'd be faced with any of the terrible, wonderful, impossible things that exist in Lyle Carraway's world. The vampire is a weakness I never even knew I had, and when he whispers promises of immortality and sensual luxury, it's more temptation than I can handle.

Good Catholic boys from small towns aren't supposed to make deals with the devil, but I never counted on him being this hard to resist. Or being the key to the family I've always wanted. If I accept his forbidden gift and turn out to be a prized male omega, there's a chance I could bear his baby and his name.

Too bad my guilty conscience isn't the only force conspiring to keep us apart.


Save the Date - Reegan Ellis

It was just supposed to be one little date…

Chicago firefighter Noah Summers lives his life in the closet; it’s just easier that way, after he’s done it for so long. Surrounded by the boy’s club that is the fire department, it’s simply second nature for Noah to go along with the lie… even when that means agreeing to be auctioned off for charity.

The prize for whichever lucky lady wins is a date, and Noah is fine with that. It’s a chance to have a nice dinner, meet someone new, and maybe get the guys off his back about why he never seems to date.

Except it’s not a woman who wins, it’s a man—a cute, sweet, wonderful man who is everything Noah never dared let himself want.

But what’s Christmas for, if not a little magic?


Snowed in With the Alpha - Pernilla Oswick

Going home for Christmas sounds great, but Gabriel knows he's in for an impromptu matchmaking session. His mom thinks it's time to find him an Alpha, and if he doesn't find one, she'll find one for him. Gabriel's worried about that, but also that he might not even make it home for the holidays. A blizzard traps him on the road, and the only place to take shelter is a local B&B. He didn't want to meet any Alphas, but he hadn't counted on one as handsome as the B&B owner, Leo.

Leo didn't expect any customers to show up in a blizzard, but especially not a hot little Omega who's on the verge of going into heat. When Gabriel begs for his help, Leo can't do anything except agree, but how far is this going to go? Is this chance encounter really how he finds his fated mate? Leo thinks it might be, but Gabriel's torn by parental expectations and the future he had planned for himself.

Can Leo fight for the love he just found? And can Gabriel let himself believe that good things happen at Christmas?


Mated Under the Mistletoe - Connor Crowe

It's like your favorite Hallmark Christmas movie...but way more gay.

Sebastian Wallace spread his wings (literally) and left Vale Valley for business school in the city. Ambitious and full of big ideas, he wanted to find his own place in the world. Things are looking up..until he gets the call that his mother has passed away and left him The Dozing Dragon, her bed and breakfast, in the will. Sebastian returns to his hometown, hoping to make it a quick trip. But when he reconnects with a sweet omega in the Valley, everything changes.

Will Sterling can see things no one should. In a town full of shifters and other paranormals, you'd think seeing ghosts would be no biggie. Afraid of his own power, Will does his best to live a "normal" life and keeps himself busy at the local garden shop. But things are starting to change in Vale Valley. The yearly fireworks show ended five years ago when an accident sent the place up in flames. And now The Dozing Dragon's sudden closure fills Will with dread for what might come next. When the owner's son returns to town, dare he hope for a better future?

With Sebastian's help, can they save the Dozing Dragon and bring back the fireworks in time for Christmas? And does Will's secret power hold the key to both?


Wrapped - Rachel Kane

I didn't mean to lose my virginity to a sexy Christmas elf...but hey, 'tis the season.

Val It might sound like a great problem to have: Millions of dollars in the bank and nothing but free time ahead of me. But I missed being CEO of my company, and now that I've stepped down, I don't know what to do with myself, other than spend money on things I don't need. I'm not looking for love, I'm not even looking for sex, I'm just looking for something to do...and then I meet Charlie The Elf at Santa's Village at the mall. He's so laid back, more relaxed than I've ever been in my life, and there's something about him--his body, his attitude--that makes me keep coming back for more. My family's going to freak out when they hear about him, because he's not rich, he's not cultured...but I can't get enough of him.

Charlie When everybody's got high expectations for you, sometimes you have to escape. That's why I'm a pool boy during the summer, a Christmas elf during the winter, and not interested in anything more complicated than that. But this Christmas, I need something to care about. That something might just be Val; he's this strange combination of shy and arrogant, rich and generous, and the first person I've ever met who doesn't demand anything from me. Except the more I see of him, the more I wish he would demand something of me...


Because You Came Along - Ian Finn

My life goal is simple, and nearly complete: Get the f*ck out of Baytown.
Then Colin's hot self has to come along and complicate everything.

On my last day of work as a nurse at Baytown ER, a stranger runs in screaming at me, demanding that I treat his daughter for an allergic reaction. Colin may be over the top dramatic, but he's also super handsome, filthy rich, and a loving, doting single father.

They're in the middle of a road trip together from Los Angeles, and when Colin hears that's where I'm heading, he invites me to come along with them on their way home. As we navigate the trip with a sometimes bratty, sometimes darling tween prone to health issues due to severe allergies and grief issues because of the death of her other parent, I start to realize I'm falling for this man and that I want to be a permanent part of this little family.

But am I ready to make such big changes? Giving Colin my body is easy: he's quite skilled at blowing my mind... and other things.... in the bedroom. But giving him my heart out in the open is a lot more difficult.

Can I completely come out for him and deal with everything that entails, including a grandfather bent on suing for custody and a society still biased against gay co-parents?

Or will I decide that the safety of living a lie in small town Baytown outweighs the freedom of being with the love of my life, wherever our journey may take us?


Three Roses - Alice Shaw

A rose by any other name can still fall for two alphas…

Alphas Ozzie and Aidrick believe all they need to make their relationship complete is a baby. But after several surrogates cancel their plans with the alpha couple, they’re beginning to lose hope. When they receive a mysterious brochure for the magical town of Vale Valley, it turns out to be exactly the new home they need.


Spice of Life Box Set - Garett Groves

Spice up your life with the complete 3-book Spice of Life series of May/December romances!

In the small, quaint town of Saugatuck, Michigan, six different men find the last thing any of them were looking for with the last person they thought they'd find it with. They share next to nothing in common—except for the town in which they live.

The Spice of Life Series Bundle includes all first three novels in the lighthearted, funny May/December romance series readers describe as "great from beginning to middle to end." Get all three for the price of one!



The Twelfth Date - Stella Starling

Friends with benefits? Best Christmas present ever.

Nicky Masters doesn’t do either boyfriends or Christmas—at least, he doesn’t do them well—but this year, he’s starting to think that things might just turn out a little different. Sure, Nicky’s still a bit of a hot mess, but when he gets to be a part of the gay dating app bLoved’s production team during their Twelve Dates of Christmas promotion, he can’t help feeling like some of the Christmas magic they’re spreading is rubbing off on him, too.

And on the boyfriend front? Well, he figures there’s no point wishing for what he can’t have… especially when he’s got something even better. A year ago, Nicky’s mouth ran away from him when he met bLoved’s sexy new hire, Felix Ramirez, and before Nicky knew it, he’d accidentally volunteered to be Felix’s friend with benefits. Miraculously, Felix not only said yes, but hasn’t gotten tired of Nicky yet… and being FWBs with the hottest guy Nicky’s ever met? One who treats him better than any boyfriend ever has? Yes, please. Nicky will take being FWBs with Felix over having a boyfriend any day.

Now all he has to do to make this Christmas (almost) perfect is get through it without actually falling for Felix. (Or at least without ruining everything by letting on that he already has…)