27 Dec

Sweet & Spicy Deals for December 27

Not So Smart - Misha Horne

“It wasn’t obsession, exactly. Except, it probably was.”

Damon Price is a brutally hot, ripply muscled, scarily confident, dimpled god. Too bad he doesn't know I exist. But, even if he did know, even if it was true that he screwed anything and everything that moved, an awkward virgin like me would still be at the bottom of his to-do list. Even if he knew the kind of filthy stuff I actually wanted.

“I never meant to f*ck a virgin.”


I should have been out the door the second that word came out of his mouth. A virgin was not what I was looking for. Except, damn, there’s kinky, and then there’s crazy, and then, apparently, there’s Josh Holloway-- who’s up for anything. And who I definitely should not still be thinking about.

An angsty virgin who might be a little twisted. A moody manwhore who might be a little lonely. All they wanted was to use each other for one filthy, kinky night. Feelings were absolutely not part of the plan.


Golden Boy - Shea Phoenix

“Who brings a gun to a wedding?”

Finn: My life is changing now that my brother and protector Seth is getting married to Jay, his shifter mate. I have a new roommate and a new brother-in-law, but still my old fantasies for Jay’s brother, Nate. Now that we’re family, I won’t be able to avoid Nate and his muscles and what they do to me.

When I have to dance with Nate at the wedding, his gun pressing against my hip makes me lose all courage and get drunk. I don’t remember anything after that, apparently Nate took my drunk ass up to my room where I probably embarrassed myself. I’m ready for his teasing the next time I see him, I will deserve it, and at least he’ll be throwing that killer grin at me.

Nate: I knew sober and serious Finn was my mate, but I figured I would have to wait until he figured that out to have any chance with him. But drunk and sloppy Finn admitted he wanted me, kissed me, and begged me to show him my ‘gun’. But I had to wait until he was sober to claim him.

When panther shifters want to take him, I have to rush him to my home and figure out why someone wants him so badly. He’s my treasure, my Goldy, and I’ll protect him from panthers and my own pack, because even if he is the True Mate, he belongs to me and noone else.


Ball Drop - Kiki Burrelli

Twenty-year-old Maddox has more testosterone than he knows what to do with. He’s an alpha tiger shifter with a chip on his shoulder to match. The circle of people he cares for is more of a dot, occupied by a single man, his college track and field coach, Wesley.

Closer to forty than he’d like to admit, Wesley is the gorilla omega who never quite found the one to settle down with. Not for lack of trying on his parent’s part. They can’t stop setting him up or trying to trap him. Like when they stole his heat suppressors right before a date, hoping it would drive him into the man of their dreams.

But Wesley retreats to the one spot he knows he can be alone over the weekend while he rides out his heat. He sets up camp in his office on campus, ready to endure another torturous heat without relief. Except, his plan to ride it out alone is ruined when Maddox breaks into the school on his own agenda. That is quickly derailed when he stumbles upon his coach in need. Coach makes Maddox feel like maybe he isn’t just an asshole. He’s an alpha. Wesley’s alpha.

While Maddox strives to be the type of man Wesley would want to obey, his conniving, violent father has hatched a plan that threatens to ruin everything. Finding their kiss at midnight seems impossible but Maddox didn’t work this hard discovering his home in Wesley to give up now.


His Christmas Package - Eva Leon

Take one busy Alpha, throw in an angelic Omega, and you’ve got a recipe for holiday cheer.

Dominic doesn’t have time for relationships. He’s got a growing business that demands all his attention.

But, when a gorgeous Omega walks into the bar where he’s stopped to have a drink, Dominic figures a one-night stand with a beautiful man couldn’t hurt.
Too bad the cold weather kept them from feeling Jeremy’s heat.

What will Dominic do when Jeremy comes into his office weeks after their night together and announces that’s he’s pregnant with the Alpha’s child?


Under Wraps - Louisa Keller

Carson: Eight years after a horrific incident tore my family apart, I finally have my feet under me again. Between the recovery and the resulting chronic pain, dating is pretty much the last thing on my mind...stability is more important. Then Ainsley bulldozes his way into my life. Elegant, generous, and nearly two decades older than me, he takes my breath away. But he’s my best friend’s stepbrother, and they absolutely hate each other. Our connection is the union of two hearts that were built for one another…but we come from two different worlds. Did I mention that he’s a billionaire? It looks like stability is flying out the window, and I’m about to be thrown into chaos once again.

Ainsley: I only accepted my dad’s invitation to meet his new wife and stepson to be the bigger person. He was absent when I was growing up, only supporting me financially. But then I meet Carson, my stepbrother's best friend, and suddenly the trip goes from being stressful to fiery hot. I’ve never fallen for a man before, but Carson is breathtakingly beautiful, kind, and compassionate. He awakens long-dormant feelings in me, and I find myself sneaking into his room late at night. It’s hard to wrangle family, and even harder when you’re trying to keep your first gay love a secret while everyone’s under one roof. Is it all going to implode, or can we keep things under wraps?