20 Dec

Sweet & Spicy Deals for December 20

A Boyfriend By Christmas - Raleigh Ruebins

I hired him to help me get a boyfriend by Christmas, but time was running out. Then he said he’d fake it for me.

Mason: When I searched the Internet looking for confidence tips, I didn’t expect to find a guy who taught confidence for a living. Kade Thompson Confidence Coaching sounded like the worst thing in the world: a brash, tattooed bad boy teaching me how to live my life? Thank you, but no.

But when I met up with Kade, the night ended up very steamy, very unexpectedly. He told me that he didn’t do commitment, and would never want a boyfriend of his own… but he offered to come home for Christmas with me and pretend to be mine.

He isn't really mine, no matter how hot things get. When we kiss, it’s pretend. When we sleep together, it’s just acting. So why do I suddenly wish it were real?

Kade: I’ve never helped a man like Mason before. He’s shy, like all my clients, but who in the world keeps an Excel spreadsheet of all their dating failures? But I need Mason--my bank account is running on empty, and I can’t pay my rent.

When he needed a fake boyfriend, I offered to do it. Given the opportunity to kiss a sexy man, I never say no. But when I have to pretend I love Mason, my world is turned upside-down. Why am I enjoying this part? And why am I still kissing him when no one else is around?


Dedicated - Neve Wilder

“Our greatest hit is a love song I wrote for my bandmate. And he has no idea.”

Two rockers, a handful of secrets, and a publicity nightmare tossed in a remote cabin. Shaken and stirred with snark, angst, nuclear-grade sexual tension, and plenty of steam. Can Evan and Les find harmony or will they—and their music—join the league of the forgotten?


Best Bro Experience Bundle - Dickson EM

All best bros have a little secret they can only share with one another… some are just naughtier than others. Way naughtier. From locker-room role play to best friends fulfilling each other's fantasies, BEST BRO’S EXPERIENCE exposes those hot, depraved moments just for you in 4 sexy short stories.


Our Secret Christmas - H J Perry

A feel-good, heartwarming, sexy story unlike any other story that you've read with Christmas in the title.

Christmas is a really big deal in Britain. The parties and preparations begin in November, at the latest.

In the construction industry, Christmas means two weeks off work for Connor and Lee.

Yes, two weeks. They've only been dating since September. In secret.

They just want to spend the holiday time together, like any other gay guys in love. Alone and mostly naked.

And we all know the true meaning of Christmas is explaining and justifying to friends and family how you are spending the holiday and who with.



Christmas Wish For Me - Ian Finn

The only gift I want to unwrap this year is him. But it seems like Ryan wants to give me some big Christmas cheer. And it's getting harder and harder to resist. Is this just a short-term reignited fling? Or will my Christmas wish come true all year long?


The Trio - Van Cole

Hockey ace Anton is going places. But Anton is hiding a secret which threatens to explode, when rookie player Bailey is added to it. Together with Christoff, he has kept his sexuality under wraps for years.

Despite the chaos Bailey brings to their lives, the pair are powerless to stop him, as his sheer force consumes them.

With trouble hot on his heels, it is down to Anton and Christoff to rein in their young lover, when catastrophe looms.

Will they stand by Bailey when the chips are down or go back to their safe life of comfort?


His Christmas Lullaby - Leyla Hunt

Can a cheery reindeer omega help heal a snow leopard Grinch?

Max is a snow leopard alpha on the run from a painful childhood. He left his hometown at 19, settled in Vale Valley, and never looked back. He's happy living a solitary life. Or so he thinks. Then, he meets Ren. The thought of relying on anyone emotionally sends Max into a tailspin, but he can't resist Ren's scent, nor his delightfully delicious crepes, so they decide on a casual relationship full of heat and passion. But when tragedy strikes, can Max take a chance on something real? And will Ren show him the true meaning of Christmas?

Ren, a reindeer omega, is all about holiday cheer. Rejected by his reindeer herd as a child, he settled in Vale Valley and is now running his very own creperie, Sweet Bites. He's been content to dabble in casual affairs, but when he gets a taste of Max, he begins to crave something more. Misfortune brings them closer, but when Ren discovers he's carrying a Christmas bundle of joy, can he learn to trust again and let Max into his heart?


Twice as Joyful - Lorelei M. Hart

Sometimes the ones who got away never really did…

Omega Brian, stuck in a dead-end job, doesn’t have time to act as executor for his dearly departed uncle’s estate—especially since it means going back to Vale Valley, home of many of his best memories. He’s even more unwilling to let his uncle down. But when Brian arrives only to discover the lawyer he needs to meet with has closed up shop for the holidays, he decides to stay in his uncle’s cabin for a few days.

Alpha Houston had no intention of ever returning to Vale Valley after he joined the Coast Guard nearly a decade earlier. But the news that he’s been named Sal’s executor draws him back. He decides to stay at the cabin and is shocked when he returns with groceries to find Brian, his old crush, looking and smelling as delicious as ever.

Alpha Dante never left Vale Valley—not that it mattered, since both his hearts took off years ago. When Sal passes and names him executor of the estate, it’s like a door finally closing on that chapter of his life. After all, why would either Houston or Brian ever return? When he sees them again, though, he feels his past has returned and is being dangled in front of him as a possible future.

The three men fall back into their old friendship with ease—and the lust they felt all those years ago is only magnified.


A Holiday Magic Mixup - Quinn Michaels

When a lonely omega witch casts a holiday spell to fetch the alpha of his dreams, can love heal two damaged hearts?

A lonely omega witch casts a forbidden spell.

After his adoptive grandmother dies, initiate witch, Mark has only a dead end job and no romantic prospects. Mark recognizes he’s a magical dunce, but if he could find love, maybe saying goodbye to his dreams of being a real witch won’t be so bad. So he takes a desperate step, casts a forbidden love spell, and everything falls apart.

A jaded paranormal investigator has one chance to save his career.

Jaded alpha and paranormal investigator J.C. Hart doesn’t believe in magic or crystals or anything but himself. He’s on a mission to debunk the supernatural, but with his ratings falling, he has to produce a blockbuster holiday special that shows his softer side. Will a trip to the magical town of Vale Valley, and a handsome omega witch, restore J.C.’s faith in the fantastic ...and love, before the town’s source of magic is destroyed?