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Sweet & Spicy Deals for December 13

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Alpha Guard: Jesse - Kellan Larkin and Kaz Crowley

Alpha wolf Jesse has a prestigious job at the Stell Shore Guard, working alongside his best friend. But the sleepy seaside town doesn't offer much excitement—until a geologic anomaly appears.

Fox shifter Finn always thought he was a beta who liked women—so why is he having feelings about his best friend? And what does it mean for him if he's actually an omega?

Both men realize that they might not be so straight after all, but their budding romance is threatened by the geologic anomaly. Finn's research reveals it just might be magical in nature—but good luck telling that to their CO.

Jesse and Finn struggle with their feelings while fighting to help the Shore Guard identify the threat to not only the town they hold dear, but also the whole territory.

It doesn't help that neither man's family is accepting of their shifting identities.


A Christmas Surprise - Kenna Grace

An omega with a mistaken identity and an alpha set up on a blind date experience a Christmas miracle.

A string of bad relationships hasn’t made me the most positive person. If love taught me anything, it’s that it only lasts in movies and between the pages of sappy novels. A NYC subway station is the last place I expect to meet anyone, but when some charming alpha mistakes me for his blind date, I foolishly play along. It was only supposed to be a one-time thing, but Clay isn’t like other alphas. When I start falling for him, I know I need to come clean. Except the truth is exposed before I get the chance. I figure that’s the end of our story—until I find out I’m pregnant with his baby.

Elliott was nothing like how he was described, except in one regard—he was perfect. A failed marriage made me skeptical when I was told the omega was my perfect match. Sparks fly and I can’t deny the chemistry between us, but then the truth comes out. Elliott was lying. He wasn’t my blind date. Things come to a screeching halt when I need to figure out if I was falling for Elliott or the omega he was pretending to be. When I find out he’s pregnant with our baby, I want to give us a second chance and prove Christmas miracles really can come true.


Gingerbred Lessons - Kiki Burrelli

A forbidden love that neither can ignore

Kicked out by his mother, Harris—college freshman and impala shifter—goes to live with his aunt in Morningwood, a town unlike any other.

Morningwood is home to a menagerie of shifters from the wolves and lions of Predator Point, to the fun-loving cows and horses in Barnyard Court, and everything else Harris could possibly imagine.

In the normie world, Harris had to hide who he was, but in Morningwood, they celebrate their animal differences. He’s excited to start his new life, and first on the list is continuing his education at the only university in town.

Morningwood is also home to Andrew Boothe, alpha puma shifter, teacher and dean of Morningwood University. From first sight, sparks fly between Harris and Andrew. They know they must deny their attraction but their inner beasts will not be ignored. No matter how forbidden, love finds a way.


Five Gold Rings - Xander Collins

Chris and Jason thought they’d lost their way home, but wound up finding the exact place … and person … they’d been looking for.

A young couple--Chris, a beta, and Jason, an omega--come upon a small, snowy town that seems too magical to be true. Is it just the snow and the Christmas season that makes them feel like anything is possible? Or does that feeling really come from the knowledge that nothing is holding them back from a relationship they never could have imagined in their wildest dreams?

Rafe Montgomery has been single for over five years. He lives with his daughter, Grace, and some staff in his enormous mansion in the woods. As much as he tries to give everything to Grace, he still can't give her the comfort and security that comes with having both an alpha daddy and an omega daddy. But he's sworn off love after losing his cherished mate in an accident. When he sees Chris and Jason he's struck by something he doesn't understand, but soon realizes that the three of them fit together in a beautiful relationship he'd never even considered.


A Fiercer Heat - Parker Avrile

A new matchmaking service lands in the Big Apple, and no hot gay celebrity will go unpaired...

Rising singer Drew and former child star Traven have one thing in common― a desperate need for publicity to lift their careers to the next level.

“Actor dates singer” is the oldest publicity stunt in the book. If they pretend to be boyfriends, the tabloid press is guaranteed to report breathlessly on their every move. All they have to do is be all kissy face for the camera in public and all hands-off professionals in private.

Easy, right? Except for one thing. Assured Elites fake boyfriends have a way of becoming the real deal.



Submissive Training Academy - Liam Marten

Six steaming hot tales of debauchery and kink from inside the mysterious walls of the Submissive Training Academy. When he signs a contract to get into the Academy, Kieran has no idea what he's getting into.

Contains the stories:
• First Day of Submissive School
• Teased, Denied, and Taked by Two Men
• Introduction to Pain and Humiliation
• Hunted and Whipped by the Dominant
• Humilated, Degraded, and Denied
• Examination in Tease and Torture

This collection will catch your e-reader on fire, so don't hesitate! Buy now to see what happens.



Pretend For Me - Ian Finn

My boss’s son has been hitting on me at work. I try to turn him down by saying I have a boyfriend. Unfortunately, my cousin overhears me. She insists I bring him to the family reunion. Now I have to get a pretend boyfriend, so I ask my neighbor, Flynn. Can we pull off the ploy to save my job? And can I keep my hands off him, to save our hearts?


Mr. Mistletoe - Avery Ford

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like getting dumped.

Mitchell Young had the perfect holiday getaway planned. A whole week of romance and relaxation in the Berkshires should have been just the thing he and his boyfriend needed to get their rocky relationship back on track. When Mitchell ends up single on the first day of a seven day vacation, all he wants to do is pack up and go back home. Just as soon as the snow storm ends…

Levi Carter has always loved Christmas. When his parents were alive, it was their favorite time of year, too. He might be alone for Christmas now, but there was no better tribute he could think of than to make sure his parents’ cabin was still filled with guests during the holidays. What Levi doesn’t count on is falling for one of the guests.

The last thing either of them are looking for is a relationship, but a break-up, a blizzard, and a week alone together make Mitchell and Levi realize that fate might have other plans. The magic of Christmas is alive and well in the little town of Stockbridge, but will it be enough for Mitchell and Levi to admit their feelings for each other once the holidays are over?


Alpha Vampire's Heir - Hawke Oakley

An alpha who needs an heir to survive.

Pierce’s family is in danger. The coven matriarch is dying. As the sole elder vampire, only she possesses powers that protect their way of life. The only other creature with the same abilities is a dhampir - a creature that is half-vampire and half-human.

To keep his brothers safe, alpha vampire Pierce must mate with a human omega and produce a half-vampire child. But Pierce doesn’t want to use humans as tools like the matriarch suggests. He wants an omega to truly love - and if he hasn’t fallen in love by now, will he ever? And can he even afford to wait?

An omega who needs to save his brother.

Benji is out of options. With only a part-time job, he can’t afford to pay for his younger brother’s surgery. Desperate to raise the money, Benji storms out of the hospital despite his brother's protests in a rush to find another job - and run into a group of cruel alphas who intend to kick him while he’s down.

But a handsome and mysterious alpha named Pierce saves Benji and offers him a miraculous choice. Pierce can easily fund the surgery. It sounds too good to be true until Benji finds out the truth. He must carry Pierce's child. A half-vampire child.