Sweet and Spicy Deals for September 9, 2021

Yours to Keep - Claudia Burgoa

Accepting a move to Baker’s Creek, getting off Mom's radar, right? Wrong. I might not want a boyfriend but I do have a type: broody, angsty, and quiet. And there’s one of those living in this small town. Vance Aldridge.



Addicted to Lust - Amy Tasukada

Can a night of passion lead to a happily ever after?

Yakuza captain Hayato’s life is a mess. His boyfriend broke up with him, changed the locks, and kept all his stuff. He can’t crash at his brother’s because his girlfriend is moving in. And just when Hayato thinks things can’t get worse, he accidentally gets blackout drunk and wakes up in the arms of a clingy underling.

Masuo believes he and his boss made a deep connection, but when he’s blown off the next morning, he feels lied to. Assigned to run a failing pachinko parlor, Masuo is determined to turn it around to prove himself to everyone…especially his sexy superior.

When Hayato realizes he’s falling for the young parlor manager, he is more than ready for fun. But as Hayato’s tragic past comes back to haunt him, Masuo wonders if he’s ready to carry Hayato’s baggage.

Can the unlikely pair learn to accept each other and find their way to happiness even while new challenges arise, or is their love destined to fall like balls through a pachinko machine?



Rogue Royal - Elouise East

Welcome to Club Royal, where your deepest desires are no longer a secret...

Douglas is the spare heir, and he chafes at the restrictions placed on his extra-curricular activities. He wants nothing more than to lose himself in someone else, but too many people are out for what they can get from him, including a membership at the exclusive and highly confidential Club Royal.

Maverick was given the role of social media manager to Douglas as punishment for showing up his boss two years ago. Try as he might, he has not been able to get a transfer, though it could be because he is too damn good at his job. Despite being given the exclusive membership to Club Royal, he doesn’t use it...it’s just not his kind of thing.

When Douglas figures out Maverick’s weakness, he wants to be the one to teach Maverick everything, and it sends them on a journey neither had anticipated.

Can Maverick trust his body to a man who can have anyone he desires?


Daddy From Flames - Ashe Moon

Pregnant and without an alpha, human omega Grayson must rely on his tenacity to provide for his unborn daughter. But when a fire claims his home and everything he’s struggled to work for, rescue comes in an unexpected form: the alpha dragon Altair and his flight of firefighters who reluctantly take Grayson into their custody.

Altair’s resentment of humanity is matched by a conflicting sense of duty to protect the town they share and all who call it home, human or dragon. He and his flight brothers have never had to deal with an omega before—let alone a human—and now they have one living under their roof! Everything Altair thought he knew about humans, omegas, and mates is called into question—and with Grayson’s baby on the way, he’s about to find out what it’s like to be a daddy.


99 Days - Matt Converse

Life as we know it will never be the same. Flying saucers are spotted all over the world, but disappear after one crashes into the San Francisco Bay. Near the crash, Mitch rents his spare room and quickly develops a crush. What he doesn’t know is that Claytone will soon turn his world— and heart, upside down. Claytone’s final revelation will reach even further; it will change life on planet Earth— forever.


My Boss - Van Cole

My Celebrity Crush Growing Up Was Stuart Glendon. And Now I’m His Assistant.

He’s the sexiest, gorgeous man I have ever seen. But he’s straight.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I get the feeling that he likes me. Or he hates me – I don’t know which anymore.

We’re so different. He’s much older. Money is no object to him. And he’s a big-time celebrity.

It’s not like I could act on my desires anyway. He’s my boss. I can’t risk my Hollywood aspirations on the illusion he “might” be attracted to me.

For now, we’re both stuck in this tiny town until we finish filming. But the more time we spend here the more I’m feeling something is about to happen.


Tapped By My Roommate - DJ Jamison

Shy geek, newly bi-curious, and... propositioning his gay roommate?

I have a passion for a lot of things: wildlife biology, Godzilla, bowties... People? Not so much.

Which might be why I'm stuck with a toxic ex-girlfriend who's holding my lizard hostage. That's not a metaphor. She has my pet. And I need some backup.

My roommate is the perfect wingman. Rhett is assertive. The kind of guy people respect.
And when he meets my ex, he's also the kind of guy to get protective.

I take comfort in his strength, even as I envy it. But when he kisses me, things get awkward.

Confused, I turn to a hookup app for answers--and accidentally proposition my own roommate. I'm horrified by the mistake, but he's not. In fact, Rhett has a proposition of his own...

But will it end in heartbreak--or can I find the courage I've been seeking my whole life?