Sweet and Spicy Deals for September 3, 2020

Pretty Fake - Lucy Ravens

Tyler: My life was all together until the day I lost the love of my life to another man...

I'm supposed to be Tyler Davidson, rich and famous bad boy who has it all. I'm not supposed to get dumped for another man on the day I was going to propose or show up to my sister's wedding where my ex is there as a bridesmaid with a big rock on her finger, as a sad, single man.

Then, my new, and very handsome and very gay, brother in law steps in to help me save face. And now, I have a fake boyfriend. Now, it's splashed all over the papers that bad boy Tyler has come out of the closet. And so now, I have to play along.

But the more I get to know of this man, the more I might want it to not be play at all...


We Three - Steve Milton

Fussy Colin and down-to-earth Matias are still best friends a year after college. Sure, they've glanced at each other in the hot tub, but never like that. Even if everyone else sees their spark. A confrontation with a gay-bashing thug sends them to fitness training. Their trainer might teach them more than they expected.

Duke thinks he doesn't deserve love... until Colin and Matias find him sleeping in a garage. He had his days as an MMA fighter. He's coming up on thirty, and he can't risk injuries anymore. He has to support the son he's never met.

Duke is a fitness trainer now at Miami's fanciest gym. He does some other stuff that he'd rather not talk about. He might as well use his muscled body. What he earns is still not enough money for an apartment when he's supporting his son. And no one would want to live with a guy like Duke.

Colin and Matias wouldn't mind a roommate in their beach condo. Duke gives them the relationship they didn't know they needed.


Where Evil Begins - Matt Converse

Tyler is a sexy young newbie to the New York City leather scene. When he eyes a muscled, masked stranger, his hunky best friend Andrés warns him to be careful. The masked stranger hides more than his face, and that is revealed when you go back far enough.

Leather Head is a young man in conflict with his true identity. He goes to war with himself over being gay without the substructure of his family, especially his barbaric and bigoted father. This molds this young man into the "monster" he is. He is a villain to hate but also shows us that even pitch black sometimes needs brightness. True evil is made, not born.


Crowned - Xya Olsen

We survived the Trials by the skin of our teeth, but a new challenge threatens our final term at the Wildernesss Academy for Shifters: fatherhood.



Holding On To His Manny - Rheland Richmond

A single, grieving father. A manny with a big heart. Two kids who need them both.

When Dean loses his wife, he wonders how he’s supposed to raise his children alone. Meeting Owen is like a wake-up call... Owen was the lifeline keeping them from drowning… he still is.

Owen loves taking care of Dean and the kids, but he's broken the manny’s cardinal rule: No falling for the father. Especially a straight one.

After six years of one-sided emotions, he knows he can't stay. Faced with losing Owen, Dean must confront his true feelings for the man who's helped heal his family, and his heart. He only hopes he hasn't waited too long to find the happiness they all deserve.

It's time for a change — and another wake-up call for Dean, before he loses his second chance at love.


Fever - Alana Timms

Commitment-phobe Zach Logan is drifting lazily through life. But when his grandfather demands he prove his alpha status or lose his billion-dollar inheritance, the suppressed shifter is forced to enter a grueling contest. And the two-time champion he must face is a drool-worthy hunk that could cost Zach everything.

Sebastian Gage isn’t your typical omega. Determined to rise above his station, he is dead set on winning a third consecutive Top Dog competition to guarantee himself equality in the shifter society. But the pretty blue eyes and cute dimples of his spoiled rival might be a bigger challenge than completing the savage course.

As the games begin on a remote island, Zach can barely control his burning desire. And Sebastian believes bonding is a myth, so they couldn’t possibly be bond-mates…unless he’s terribly wrong.

Will the unlikely pair break all the rules and forfeit their hearts?


Kiss, Kiss! Stories of Love and Cake - LE Franks

Tortured pasts. Hopeful hearts. Seven unforgettable adventures of men loving men and their stunning journeys towards a happily ever after.

Affection never comes easy, but it’s always worth the ride. Whether it’s a sensual blindfolded taste-test, a whirlwind Christmas courtship, or a squirrel shifter rescuing a naturalist, romance can stir the unlikeliest of souls. And now these handsome hunks from all walks of life are about to land the man of their dreams…

From heartbreaking revelations to out-of-this-world affairs, join a diverse cast of leading men as they fight closed minds and conflicted desires. From zany flash fiction to thoughtful novellas, this creative collection of short works celebrates love in all its wondrous forms.

Kiss, Kiss! Stories of Love and Cake is an exquisite anthology of gay romance snapshots. If you like memorable characters, jaw-dropping surprises, and beautiful connections, then you’ll adore LE Franks’ passionate tales.