Sweet and Spicy Deals for September 24, 2020

Summer Project - Steve Milton

"He's a Brad or a Chad, not a Mortimer."
When Raffy finds out his roommate is named Mortimer, he expects Mortimer to wear a sweater vest and high-rise pants. But Mortimer goes by Mook, and he's a jock, kind, open, and friendly, who includes shy Raffy in his social life. Raffy's eyes wander when Mook wears loose basketball shorts. But Mook is definitely straight, and way out of Raffy's league.

"I'll spend all summer looking at what I can't have?"
Raffy has mixed feelings when Mook joins the same summer trip to Vanuatu that Raffy thought was all his. Raffy doesn't need to spend his summer tempted by the most beautiful guy he's ever seen, one he definitely can't have.

"I have to share a bed with Mook?"
Vanuatu is a tropical island paradise, but the room has only one bed. Mook doesn't mind cuddling Raffy after a long day exploring the island. It won't be a problem. Raffy can control himself. Or not.


The Bear That Got Away - Xya Olsen

Marcel parted ways with the love of his life five years ago. After moving to a new city, changing his number, and getting a new job at Simon’s Stews, the two lost touch. Years later, the past continues to haunt Marcel, who cannot move on. No one compares to Reed—the bear that got away.

When Marcel receives an invitation to Loyal and Simon’s weekend wedding getaway, he thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to move on from his ex for good.

But his plans change when Reed shows up at the wedding with two adorable twins in tow and no ring on his finger.

Stuck together for three days of wedding activities, Marcel and Reed cannot run from their passionate history or the fire that still sizzles between them.

There’s just one problem. Two beary cute secrets stand in the way of their reconciliation—and the truth is about to change Marcel’s life forever.



Fix Me - Van Cole

I’m Happy To Be Back Home… Even Happier When I See An Old Friend

Pahrump, Nevada. I've missed you. England's wild green landscape is nothing like the flat orange desert.

I was raised here, I've come back to renovate the house for my mom. You'll never guess who runs the local construction company – Eric, my childhood best friend. I've been in love with Eric since high school, as if coming home wasn't complicated enough.

The name's Eric. Recently divorced, father of a six-year-old, and a project manager for a construction company. I love my kid, and the money's good – but it's lonely, and stressful, to say the least.

I just heard Will's back in town. It'll be nice to see him again.


Savage Daddy - Jason Collins

He's beautiful, he's sweet, and he's way too young for me. So much is wrong with this, but I've already crossed the line.


I'm the Last Face You'll Ever See - Matt Converse

Sean is a young gay man living the life in San Francisco until things turn dark with the grisly discovery of a dead body. He and best friend Anna try to expose the killer without becoming his next victim.

A chilling look inside the mind of a serial killer in this modern day nod to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. He truly believes his victims love him as evidenced by his own words. “I’m the last face you’ll ever see, so you will love me forever.”