Sweet and Spicy Deals for September 19, 2019

Choice of Cages - Parker Avrile & Alec Stark

Thorne is a talented cat burglar who delights in relieving the wealthy of their fine art and gemstones.

Lane is the kinky prosecutor who'll do almost anything to avoid sending Thorne to prison.

Even if it means he has to take Thorne's punishment into his own hands...

They're on opposite sides of the law, but somehow they can't stay apart.



Year Three - Amy Tasukada

A voice actor out of the closet. A boyfriend in the tabloids. Can their love survive the trappings of fame?

Aoi is more comfortable in the recording studio than in the limelight. But when his boyfriend persuades him to come out on national TV, he skyrockets from D-list adult voice actor to gay icon. Caught in a whirlwind of fame, Aoi worries the wear and tear will be too much for his vocal cords—and his heartstrings—to handle.

Sato is a diehard fan of geek culture and his dreamy boyfriend. So when Aoi’s newfound star power gives him a chance to voice a favorite anime character, Sato’s over the moon. But after doctors diagnose Aoi with a career-threatening throat condition, Sato doesn’t know which is worse—the relentless rumor mill or his crushing guilt for pushing the man he loves to the brink of ruin.

In the midst of a media frenzy and medical emergencies, can Aoi and Sato’s love survive, or will it be silenced forever?



Missing His Omega - Harper B. Cole & Colbie Dunbar

There’s no use crying over spilled coffee—unless it ruins your livelihood.

When alpha Sean, a lawyer with a promising career, spills his coffee all over some random writer’s computer, he’s far too busy and important to spend much time making sure the poor omega’s entire life isn’t ruined by his thoughtlessness. Even if he can’t get the sexy omega out of his head.

Luckily for omega Evan, a struggling freelance writer juggling multiple assignments, the computer itself is fine. It’s the rest of his life that’s a dumpster fire. Well, okay—more flood than fire. And when his ass-of-a-landlord uses the broken pipes disaster as an excuse to evict him, Evan’s left with nowhere to go.

Enter snooty Sean with an offer of a place to stay. It’s not Evan’s first choice—but it’s the only viable one. And as it turns out, coffee isn’t the only thing they connect over. When an unexpected pregnancy turns the new order upside down, Evan’s past races in to tear their newfound relationship apart.

And through it all, the scent of coffee zigzags into their lives until they find themselves back where they belong.


Landfall - Olivette Devaux

Jobs, graduate school, stress. Husbands Sean and Asbjorn suffer from the strong and silent type syndrome until work stress forces them on a vacation.

And they won a motor boat! In the Carribean! Their excitement to claim it, and the helpful advice of their friends Don and Adrian, gets them marooned on a tropical island.

Beach, coconuts, pirates... a vacation paradise at no extra cost!

A humorous gay romantic suspense with a heart-warming twist, Landfall forms a satisfying conclusion to the otherwise angstier Fall Trilogy.


Angel - Rachel Kane

I've always been a little bit psychic...but I never could've predicted falling for my best friend.

Tom was already my favorite person in the world; he's sweet and generous, always bringing me treats from his bakery, and looking out for me when I have problems with my crazy family. Suddenly I'm noticing he's not just sweet, he's cute. Suddenly when he talks to other guys, I'm jealous. Could I have feelings for him?

But when the nightmares start, I realize I've made a terrible mistake, hoping to be more than friends. The vision is so clear: Tom, in the darkness, pulling off a mysterious ring and throwing it at me, blaming me for breaking his heart. The one thing the vision won't tell me is why.

I know I should put some distance between us before we get in too deep, because I'd do anything not to hurt him. But no matter what I do, I can't stop falling for him. What do you do when the only way to save someone you love is to break their heart?


Dads With Benefits - Jason Collins

There’s a new single dad in the group, and he wants more than just support. James offers to be my fake boyfriend when I tell him that my boss won’t stop coming on to me. But our kids are playing matchmakers, and this fake relationship is starting to feel real.


CLIP - Kiki Burrelli

Billy and the Beast...a spirited gay man meets the beast just as gorgeous and insane as he is.

Billy has devoted every moment in the last two months searching for his best friends, Tannish and Phoenix. HE comes up empty-handed until he bumps into Vrak, who says he knows where Billy's friends are. Except, they aren't hurt, they are together and don't need rescuing. Sad he was left behind, Billy seeks comfort, spending a night he won't forget in Vrak's arms. But when morning comes, Billy discovers the world is not how he thought.

Vrak is an alien, his friends were in space and now, despite it being impossible, Billy is pregnant.

Vrak suffered through watching his crewmates find their perfect pairs, vowing he would never suffer the same fate. But, when the undeniably sexy, firecracker of a young man, Billy, waltzes into his life, he can't think straight. Normally, Vrak is the wild one of the group, but he's nothing compared to Billy.

But as the crew learns of an alien conspiracy, Vrak realizes Billy's pregnancy is in trouble. And it will take everything Vrak has, to save him.