Sweet and Spicy Deals for October 3, 2019

The Replacement Omega - Tabatha Austin

When the universe breaks your heart, can you ever love again?

When humanity’s unconscious power erased Wyatt’s Omega from the universe, he was shattered.

Years later, the unmated small-town sheriff, is forced to live his remaining days as an enforcer to keep the shifter world a secret.

Paranormal author Kyle Hamilton and latent Omega lives for research, but when he unknowingly stumbles too close to a long-held secret world, he’s marked for removal. While he awaits his execution, his scent attracts the attention of the disgruntled and broken-hearted sheriff.

Kyle’s biology exposes him to a supernatural world of shifters, vampires and magic – all things that make his heart sing, but his biggest discovery just might be the reluctant-to-love sheriff, and that’s a challenge he’s willing to accept.


The Brothers Synn Complete Bundle - Victoria Light

The Brothers Synn is a fast-paced, high octane gay romance series featuring three ex-military brothers and the men who love them. This bundle contains all three books in the series, along with new special bonus content.


Take a Chance - River Ryan

An omega tired of running.

After a year on the run, Elias walks into Chance’s Gym with one goal; to learn how to fight. He knows alphas can’t be trusted, he found that out the hard way. But the owner of the gym seems to be everything Elias never thought alphas could be—protective, patient, and kind. Even though it goes against everything he knows, Elias wants to trust this alpha.

An alpha who locked up his heart.

Seven years ago, Nathan retired a champion in the ring but with his personal life in pieces. He swore he’d never open his heart to an omega again. Then Elias crashes into his life, and the stubborn omega gets under Nathan’s skin immediately. He needs an alpha’s protection, and Nathan’s every instinct is to keep the young omega safe no matter what. The men who are coming after him are big and mean, and Elias might have found the only alpha in the city who’s bigger and meaner.


Electric Blue! - Leighton Greene

What would you do if you found out your best friend was LA's hottest superhero? What would you do if you'd been in love with that best friend for years?

Zayne Williams fell for Chris Mitchell the moment they met, but Chris has always held him at arm's length. Today, Zayne found out why.

Chris has a secret alter-ego: he’s Electric Blue, Los Angles’ greatest superhero! But he swore never to reveal his identity, because he knows how dangerous it can be when a villain finds out who you really are. And falling in love? Is a danger Chris doesn’t want to face…

But Zayne is determined to become Electric Blue’s sidekick, and work among a group of not-so-super heroes. Will Zayne convince Chris that he needs a sidekick, and even better, a boyfriend?

Can Chris protect Zayne from villains who’d kill him just to get to Electric Blue? And will both of them be able to survive the SHADOWY SUPERVILLAIN rising in Los Angeles? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!


Always Three - J.P. James

My twin Hudson and I have been friends with Ricky since we were tots. We defended him against kindergarten bullies and did our best to shield him from the ups and downs of life. But now, Ricky’s been left at the altar by his long-time sweetheart. We never thought it was going to work with a woman, but it wasn’t our place to question his sexuality.

Now Ricky tells us he has feelings. For us. Real feelings that run deep and strong, not to mention a magnetic physical attraction that pulses in the air. However, he’s conflicted because after a lifetime of living as a hetero man, the adjustment is difficult. He questions himself, thinking that his attraction to men might just be a reflexive reaction to his recent trauma of being jilted at the altar. How can we help him find himself and see the light? Living as a gay man is never easy, but Ricky’s emotional conflict is taking a toll and breaking our hearts. How do we help Ricky accept himself, when he’s afraid to batter down the closet doors for good?


Taste - Hawke Oakley

An omega’s mistake.

Skylar is impatient for his own happily-ever-after. When his closest friends find alpha mates and have beautiful children, Skylar desperately wants that life too. But no matter how many alphas he meets, none of them click. No romance means no alpha, and no alpha means no baby. That’s why Skylar takes fate into his own hands and does something no one expects.

An alpha determined to make things right.

Despite his charm and good looks, romance avoids Rafael like the plague. After all his failed attempts at love, Rafael accepts his fate of being single forever. But one fated night, he saves a frightened omega and becomes the only person to learn his deepest secret.

A taste of love leaves them wanting more.

After Skylar makes the biggest mistake of his life, he’s alone and afraid, until an alpha he once hated steps in to protect him. But will fate change its course for these two terminally single men?


Fixer Upper - Jason Collins

I need a contractor for my fixer-upper house, and I've got my eye on Ted from my single dad support group. As it turns out, this renovation isn't the only thing he's got in hand. But I can't let just anyone in my life—my daughter comes first. If Ted can respect that, he might have a shot.


Awkward Hearts - Ian Finn

Apparently fate has brought Liam back into my life, and I can’t resist wanting him in my bed. If only he would let go of his insecurities long enough for me to get him there.

Has he already gotten into my head and my heart? And what will that mean for the drama that’s unfolding at work?