Sweet and Spicy Deals for October 29, 2020

Collaring Chaz - Joel Abernathy

Rafael is the best friend-with-benefits a guy could ask for, but I had to go and screw it all up by falling in love.

Everyone gets sick of me eventually. My birth parents, the endless conveyor belt of foster homes, even the band that became my family.

Why should Raf be any different?

When he wants to take our friendship to the next level by welcoming me into his world of collars and pet names that make me feel wanted and cherished, I know it can’t be permanent.

No matter what he says, there’s no way someone like him could actually want me forever. But I’m going to enjoy pretending for as long as it lasts.


Juno - Ana Night

Juno doesn’t do relationships and he’s content with that, right until Rome walks through the front door of the tattoo shop Juno works at. Rome is a dangerous man to want, but Juno didn’t join the Salvation Kings because he was afraid to go after what he wants. He’s always looking for a new adventure and being with Rome seems to be the kind that’ll never end. But what starts as a physical relationship soon evolves into much more than Juno ever thought he’d want.

Rome D’Alessio is a made man, forever bound to the Cosa Nostra and his boss, Marco Serrano. Being a gay man in his world is not only dangerous but also very lonely. The latter changes when he meets Juno, a tattoo artist and patched member of the Salvation Kings Motorcycle Club, whom he can’t seem to take his eyes off. Juno makes him want things he’s long thought he couldn’t have.

When Serrano comes under attack, Rome is forced to seek help from Juno and the Kings, putting their relationship to the test. Can they weather the storm long enough to realize that all they want is each other?



Guarded By The Werewolf - Jules Monroe

When a fledgling vampire with no memories comes crashing into his bar, Raven is compelled to protect him despite the fact that werewolves and vampires are natural enemies.

As they get to know each other and as the vampire starts to get his memory back, keeping him safe proves to be a lot harder than either of them expected.


Omega Reimagined Vol 2 - Tanya Chris

Three out-of-the-ordinary omegaverse novellas collected in one volume.

Omega Returned: Owen’s dreams are crushed when Prince Devin severs their betrothal. Alpha Fortis and Beta Keesh are charged with escorting him home, but the lust they feel for each other and for Owen leads them astray.

Omega Replaced: Donovan isn’t an omega. He’s an alpha—a ferocious one. So why does he have this irresistible urge to submit in the most painful ways possible? Alpha Tarek will have to teach him it’s okay for him to be who he is.

Omega Redeemed: Daisy is a delectable piece of omega eye candy who’s happy being a sex worker. The last thing he needs is an interfering sheriff. Quoitrel is only trying to enforce the law. Why does Daisy have to be the most tempting morsel he’s ever tasted? And why does watching Daisy service other men make his own desires skyrocket?


When I First Saw Red - Kasia Bacon

Lázhien’s human. A common Imperial soldier. And my soulmate.
How could fate get it so wrong?
The demon in me craves this bond with every shred of his being. He pushes me to accept it.
This time I won’t yield to his demands.

Red’s a lust demon, a whore and a stuck-up snob.
The most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. Pain in the arse. And he hates my guts.
I’d be an idiot to pursue him. Yet something about him compels me to make him mine.


Syrrah - Olivette Devaux

When Benjamine Ardent Brett gets stuck in a hotel elevator with a sweaty muscle-man, he fears his high school nightmares will come to life again. But no, it's another independent contractor remodeling the hotel. Worse, his fru-fru approach likes to preserve all the old things – and he disses Ardy’s work.

When a gorgeous man steps into Seth's elevator, he takes note. A bit young for him but gorgeous, with a self-possessed air that lets him pull off that wild pastel paisley under his suit. Newly out, in the middle of a divorce - his therapist made him promise bravery. Which was going well, until the lovely apparition turned into the designer working on the hotel's lower floors. A minimalist, responsible for all that eco-crap. Besides, starting something with an adversarial colleague was a terrible idea.


Wade - Shaw Montgomery

Pulling away from all the reminders of his husband was the only way Wade survived his alpha’s passing, but time and the love of his friends helped heal the once immeasurable wounds. However, coming out of his grief has left him new pains. Left with an empty house and an ache to submit, Wade can’t help wanting to belong to someone completely again. But is he ready to move on?

After the death of his friend, Griffin stepped away from the only man he’d ever loved—the only one he could never have. Time apart from the sweet omega who’d always made him smile hasn’t dimmed his feelings, but it isn’t until he sees the beautiful man submitting to another that he realizes, once again, he might have missed his chance at love.

When the pull to submit meets the push to dominate, sparks fly, but it’s love and tenderness that will finally give them the confidence to move forward together.


Leather Head - Matt Converse

Gable is just playing dress up for San Francisco's leather S&M fair, but Leather Head isn't playing. He takes his dominant discipline to the extreme--and beyond. He pleasing to the eye, but deadly to the touch.