Sweet and Spicy Deals for October 24, 2019

The Alpha's Devilishly Hot Halloween - Colbie Dunbar

What happens when you’re stranded on a deserted island and discover you’re not alone?

Gabe’s day trip goes awry when he and his fellow tourists are left on a tropical beach while their boat is repaired. But unfortunately for Gabe, the island is harboring a thief who makes off with his possessions. The alpha forgets about the robbery when he makes a discovery. At first he’s terrified, but intrigue leaves him hankering for something he doesn’t understand.

Dean has taken a year off work but when the alpha barges onto his property and into his life, the omega shakes a fist at fate, though he can’t resist taking a peek at his destiny. The Halloween tradition of Trick-or-treating is flipped on its head when Gabe seeks out Dean, but instead of making a grand entrance, the alpha has to be rescued. The omega isn’t impressed—or so he pretends.

Throw in a mischievous monkey and a chatty parrot, along with a stunning tropical paradise, and the pair enjoy a Halloween they are destined never to forget.


Recreational Love - Ian O. Lewis

Spencer and Michael were separated two decades ago by events out of their control. Now reunited, they must come to terms with the hands life has dealt them.



Cruising - Sean Ashcroft

Rowan didn't want to go on this Caribbean cruise—and he definitely didn't want to walk in on his hot, charming roommate—Lee—naked. But when Lee runs into the ex-boyfriend, the one who broke his heart, he tells a lie that leaves him stranded—he's here with the perfect boyfriend.

Quiet, shy, reserved, and sweet, Rowan fits the bill and has his own reasons for wanting to help Lee out. Hot Caribbean nights, a cruise ship full of party boys out for a good time, sharing a bed, and pretending to date should be fine, right?


Broken Crown - Ashe Moon

The kingdom has fallen. Military leaders Phoenix and Griffin Greer have taken the Omega Prince Lars Lyandri as their prisoner. But the Alpha brothers desire more than simple pleasure from their unwilling captive. They have a secret mission, and in order to succeed they must claim something only a royal Omega like Lars can provide them.

An heir.

Deep in heat, he is unable to resist the mating bond Phoenix and Griffin force upon him. Can he find a way to escape from the grip of the two ruthless Alphas? Or will he succumb to his own body’s primal desires?


Smoking Gunn - Tatum West

Jamie Grant might be the brashest son of a b!tch I’ve ever met. He rolled up to my uncle’s farm the week after I got out of the clink to accuse me of a crime I didn’t commit. Before I could even prove my innocence, he asked me for my number. I keep telling him he’s pissing me off, that he’s a fool for hanging around.

But I’m lying through my teeth, and that smirk tells me he knows it. I can’t get free of that man, not until I’ve had a taste. But I’m getting framed again, and there’s no way a cop and a convict can make it together, even if I am innocent.


Their Boy - Cara Dee

Left all alone in the world—and in a very big house—after the loss of his parents, Kit Damien has struggled to find his place in society and in the kink community he longs to be a more active part of.

Daddy Doms Colt and Lucas have been a happy, committed couple for eight years. But two Tops need a bottom, and their quest for a Little to make their lives complete has led them to Kit’s empty doorstep.

But just as with his physical wounds, Kit’s emotional scars won’t heal overnight. Colt and Lucas must challenge him at every turn to force him to open up and let them in, to let them use their own individual methods to make him whole again. Together, the three will embark on a journey to learn about true love, growing up, the importance of sprinkles, and the rules of The Game that can make them all winners.


Strip Shot - Matt Converse

We've all seen strippers up on stage. Do you ever wonder how they get there? The answer might surprise you.

Michael is a scrawny kid from Ohio who moves to San Francisco with his boyfriend Kenny. He loves everything about the city, except the guy he's with. When things turn ugly, how will he escape and survive completely alone in the big city?

Along the way, he meets an eccentric cast of characters in his own personal Oz. An unlikely and not so yellow brick road with unexpected twists and turns lead him to the stage, but what will he find when he gets there? Will he have what it takes to make it as a stripper? Sometimes, you only get one shot.