Sweet and Spicy Deals for October 17, 2019

Captive Wolf - L.C. Davis

An alpha who thirsts for blood discovers his greatest temptation yet: an omega who belongs to the enemy.

As a Bloodstrain wolf, Roman Redthorne is one of the most feared shifters in the surrounding territories, and for good reason. His family line has been closely guarded for generations, all with the intent of strengthening the rare trait that allows them to draw power from the blood of their enemies.

There’s only one rule a powerful alpha like Roman must obey: find an omega who’ll strengthen the line.

Jake certainly isn’t that, but when Roman is betrayed and left for dead by his own brother, the feisty omega who takes him home makes him question everything he thought he knew. Captive behind enemy lines, Roman will have to fight for his freedom. But what if freedom doesn’t mean what he always thought?


Poisoned Fate - Ashe Moon

In the years since the Xyletian Empire took everything away from him, Omega Drey Dredesere has only ever wanted revenge against those responsible. When two rebel soldiers rescue him from his hotel prison, Drey realizes he may finally have a chance.

Alphas Paz and Hendricks are on a mission to hunt down an enemy from their past, and like Drey, their emotional scars have kept them from ever knowing the warmth of a mate’s love.

Paz and Hendricks allow Drey to join them on their journey. But when he goes deep into heat for the two soldiers, the Omega must confront the traumas that prevent him from opening up his heart to them. Can even the most broken still find love? Or will the three remain captive to a poisoned fate?


Forever Better Together - A.D. Ellis

After suffering a traumatic childhood, Griffin is given a fresh start with foster parents who help him discover what it’s like to be loved, wanted, and protected.

Quincy has lived a comfortable life with his grandparents and the constantly changing faces of their foster children. Kids come and go and Quincy knows staying friendly yet unattached is best. But when scrawny, scared Griffin moves in, Quincy’s world is turned upside-down.

Griffin and Quincy have a shaky start, but soon they bond as best friends and eventually brothers. The hormone-filled teen years reveal an unanticipated attraction between the two.

Now in college, Griffin and Quincy set out to determine if the sexual tension brewing between them since high school is worth jeopardizing their nearly decade-long friendship. Will they lose everything they’ve found in each other, or will they seize the opportunity to turn their friendship into something even better?


The Millionaire's Nanny - Jason Collins

As an artist, I never thought I'd be a nanny for a millionaire, but I'd be crazy to turn down Hunter's offer to look after his son. Hunter is a busy CEO who thinks he doesn't have time for a love life, but the spark between us is unavoidable. He might not be a painter, but he's teaching me the strokes.