Sweet and Spicy Deals for November 7, 2019

Lie To Me - Samantha Calcott

It started with detention. After all, where else are a Goth, a jock, a nerd, and a loner going to meet, let alone strike up a friendship?

Frankie didn't mean to get detention. He had no idea his mumbled comments about the teacher's attitude could be heard by everyone.

Taylor only wanted a quick snog with a boy in a broom closet. He didn't expect the boy to turn tail and run, leaving him to take the punishment.

Allen pushed Joe into a locker. Joe gave him a kick in the pants. And so they both wound up in trouble.

Four disparate boys. Eight hours of forced camaraderie. And a friendship to last a lifetime. Until, of course, their hearts get involved...


Fighting Chance - River Ryan

An omega with something to prove

After years of training to fight like an alpha, Xander is on the cusp of realizing his dream; becoming the only omega to win glory in the ring. With his sights on a championship, he can’t afford any distractions. Matters are complicated by going into heat. Barrett, his mentor, best friend, and longtime secret crush helps him through it; a FWB deal that works for both of them. One that’s definitely not supposed to end up with a positive pregnancy test…

An alpha who’s loved him from afar

Barrett would do anything for an omega in need. His best friend Xander is no exception. Deep down, he’s wanted to take care of him ever since he found him. He’d been a lost kid back then, alone and abandoned, and Barrett refused to take advantage. With the dream Xander has worked so hard for within reach, and his estranged family crashing back into his life, Barrett has to fight his protective alpha instincts. His head knows Xander isn’t his omega. His heart just gets confused.


Visions of Rage - A.M. Burns & A.T. Weaver

Cougar shifter Connor McGriffin is used to the lonely life his psychic powers force on him as he's dragged across the country by his visions trying to save other shifters and the occasional human from the darkness he sees. When his visions take him into the mountains of New Mexico he gets more than he ever dreamed of with the help of a sexy deputy sheriff.

Danny Lupan spend most of his days chasing speeders on the back roads of New Mexico, for the wolf shifter deputy, excitement comes in the form of a drug bust. When a strange handsome cougar shifter finds a dead body on a hiking trail, it leads him on an adventure he never expected.

Cats and dogs don't normally get along, but as these two work together, they find the sparks between their hearts are more than they can avoid, even as danger closes in on them.


Fated to His Alpha - Van Cole

Overthrowing Jenner's Reign Gave Me Power, And Claiming The Territories Of Willow Gave Me Wealth But The One Thing I Truly Want Is Right In Front Of Me, Our New Shifter Landon.

And you can bet on me taking him too. When he is ready, of course. This I know, Landon craves submission. As a former soldier, he is good at taking orders.

Now that he has joined our pack, I am in charge of his every move. I tell him when to eat, sleep, and move. I am his sole protector and commander.

But it is not enough to satisfy my hunger. I will not stop until I have him. His first time, his complete submission, and his heart, will all belong to me.

It's good to be the King.