Sweet and Spicy Deals for November 5, 2020

Midnight Ash - Ana Ashley

If I didn't know better, I'd think my life is a fairytale.

Orphan? Check. Evil stepmom? Check. The only problem with my theory is the lack of a dashing prince coming to my rescue.

That is until Xander comes along. He’s charming, gorgeous, and caring. With him my life doesn’t feel like a neverending list of chores.

After my stepmother does the unthinkable, my only hope is winning a publishing competition. But when I find who Xander really is, even that becomes a lost cause.


Magic of Dragon - Xya Olsen

Oracle Academy has invited Marik Nix to their elite school, and he cannot refuse. He’ll spend four years at the mercy of strict professors, dangerous trials, and nefarious bullies. Worse yet, Marik's been given a prophecy he must fulfill before graduation… and die trying.

That’s right… At OA, prophecies are never wrong, and Marik’s claims he’s soon-to-be Oracle’s most powerful dead wizard. But surviving and changing his fate will take a miracle. When he is asked to summon a Familiar, three powerful, handsome shifters answer Marik’s call.

Howl, the charming werewolf. Ozric, the passionate, courageous dragon. And Evarius, the sweet, protective bear. But to unlock his power, Marik must form bonds with each of them—starting with the dragon. If Ozric’s searing flames don’t snuff him out, the prophecy, trials, and bullies just might.



Getting Inked - Van Cole

When Your Ex Invites You To Her Wedding, What Else Is There To Do But Say Yes?

My tattooed ass was never the best son-in-law material. Too much of a bad boy in me, I guess.

Seeing her family goes as smooth as it can, under the circumstances. There, I stumble across my ex’s younger brother. As always, one drink leads to another and he makes a move on me.

My first reaction is to punch him straight in the face. My second reaction is to consider apologizing. My third reaction has me questioning who I am.

This guy, who just happened to walk into my life, drives me crazy without even trying. Should I just let go and allow the unthinkable to happen?