Sweet and Spicy Deals for November 28, 2019

Murder Aforethought - Parker St. John

A ticking clock. A deadly enemy. Can they keep their heads in the game when their hearts are already on the line?

Valentine Rivetti made a horrible mistake when he became a Marine Sniper at the age of twenty. Returning home with PTSD and a guilty conscience, he’s blackmailed into working for the mafia to save his family.

Maksim Kovalenko has everything he ever dreamed of growing up in a Ukrainian slum. As a notorious corporate attorney, he has the world at his feet. But wealth and power can’t protect him from the emptiness he feels every time he shuts his eyes.

When Val is arrested for a murder he didn’t commit, his redemption is a silver fox in a three-piece suit. But Val’s lucky day becomes Maksim’s nightmare when the mafia begins to cut loose ends… starting with them.

The passion between them is overwhelming, but can two solitary men learn to trust each other before it’s too late?


Darcy Does Dallas - Andrea Dalling

After a betrayal like Wickham's there's no hope for a second chance...

Will Darcy is in Dallas to close a merger, not rekindle an old flame. And there's no room left in his heart for George Wickham, his childhood friend and the man who squandered every opportunity ever given to him. It doesn't matter that he still feels all that old desire when they're in a room together. The past belongs in the past.

George Wickham has no idea of the secret merger planned between his company and Pemberley Industries--not until a last minute reassignment brings Wickham onto the transition team. Without warning, he's in face-to-face negotiations with the only man he's ever loved. Forgiveness is impossible after what he did a decade ago, but that doesn't stop him from wanting.

Their passionate encounters in the boardroom lead them to the bedroom, but is it just a fling? Or can Wickham prove he's a better man than he once was and gain Darcy's trust for good?



Naughty Omega - Judith Shale

Teddy is on Santa's nice list. Not only has he has been good all year, the bubbly omega even works for a donation center that gives Christmas gifts to families in need.

When three handsome business owners offer to give to Teddy's charity, he's overjoyed. But the alphas aren't going to let their Christmas cheer go for free.

Daryl, Jacob, and Carson know the truth about Teddy - that he's a naughty omega. When he realizes they all want him, he wonders how he'll ever manage to pick just one.

Will Teddy deck the halls with one loving boyfriend? Or could there be room for four men under the mistletoe?


Forgive Me Father - TL Travis

Shunned and cast aside by his faith and family, Jamie is left to do whatever it takes to survive.

He comes across a group of kids in the same predicament, braving the streets of Seattle due to circumstances beyond their control. Lost souls who’ve slipped through the cracks of the broken systems society forced them into. Yet they still offer what little they have to him, including their home.

As time moves on, darkness surrounds him and when one of their own fall’s victim to the streets, Jamie wonders if there’s anything left worth living for. When his savior appears out of nowhere, he finds it hard to believe its real because he knows he’s not worth loving.


Twelve Days to Love - Avery Ford

“All I want is for Christmas to be over.”

Cain Masters is rich. He’s powerful. Whatever he wants, he gets. Right now, all he really wants is to skip the entire month of December. Cain is about to find out that what he wants and what he needs for Christmas this year are two very different things.

“All I want for Christmas is to make him smile.”

Jeremiah Wright has had a rough life. His mom is dead. His dad is gone. The only person Jeremiah has left is a stepfather who would rather drown his own sorrows than deal with any of Jeremiah’s problems. If it wasn’t for Jeremiah’s job—and his super-hot, super-intimidating billionaire boss—he wouldn’t have anything at all to look forward to this Christmas.

“Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that can’t be bought.”

When an unexpected encounter makes Jeremiah’s world collide with Cain’s, will the spirit of Christmas be enough to overcome two lifetimes of fear and insecurities?