Sweet and Spicy Deals for November 26, 2020

Learn the Rules - Leighton Greene

Benjamin Ballard always assumed he was straight—in every way possible. They practically invented the term ‘vanilla’ to describe him. But if Ben's so straight, why can't he get the inscrutable Xander out of his head? And how come Xander's play-spanking gets Ben so hot?

Xander Romano maintains control at all times – no distractions allowed. No fooling around with straight guys, and *definitely* no vanilla guys. Been there, done that, got his heart broken. All Xander wants now is to focus on his career, and keep his darker desires under wraps. So what is it about Ben Ballard that makes him want to break all his own rules?


The Holidays Collection - Beth Laycock

Two MM romance shorts boxed up for your reading pleasure. Thrown by Love features an age gap romance, a cynical office worker, a meddling BF, and pottery classes for a homemade secret Santa gift. Miracle on Three Kings' Day features a holiday romance, brother's best friend, hurt/comfort, and Spanish holiday traditions.

Miracle on Three Kings' Day - While visiting his brother in sunny Spain, Levi accepts an invitation for New Year’s Eve with local Alex. But Levi isn’t sure he’s ready for more than friendship. With an ocean between them and Alex hiding part of his life, they’ll need their own Three Kings’ Day miracle to stay together.

Thrown by Love - Divorce has left Charlie even more cynical than usual, and he isn’t thrilled about coworker Helen’s secret Santa gift exchange. When she follows the announcement with a leaflet about a pottery class, Charlie gives in. When Charlie sees the instructor, Josh, he’s admittedly attracted, but not ready for another broken heart—especially from a man so much younger.


Cabin Fever - Brigham Vaughn

It may be cold outside, but inside, the temperature is rising.

When grad student Kevin Taggert goes home with his best friend for Thanksgiving, the last thing he expects is to drool over the guy’s dad.

Forty-eight-year-old Drew Freeman would love a relationship, but he never expected to find it with his son’s best friend.

When a last-minute change of plans leaves Drew and Kevin alone in a cabin the week before Christmas, the heat between them is too much to deny.

Although they promise it’ll only last the week, every day that passes brings them closer together. When Christmas Day arrives—along with Drew’s son—can they salvage the relationship and the holiday?


TRUE - Timothy Warren

Most people would love Alec’s life… great job… hot boyfriend… and a beautiful brownstone in DC’s gay mecca, Dupont Circle. But within a single night, things change… a change that begins across the country, in a cabin atop Beulah Mountain.

Alec was not looking for a man… wanted nothing of the sort. But a strong-willed cowboy named Tyler enters his life as spontaneous as the snow of Montana’s winter.

Unpredictable as a mountain storm, Alec and Tyler soon find themselves entwined in a fierce love affair… raw, real, and unlike any other Alec has ever had. But Tyler belongs to Montana.

Will their passion be enough to keep them together? Will Alec learn to forgive his past missteps and accept that he deserves the happiness that can only come from a man so genuine… so giving… and so TRUE?


Boy in the Lake - Rachel Kane

Fame and fortune were his for the taking. The boy in the water was not.

Daniel gave up everything to become a motivational life coach. Now he’s hosting a life-changing retreat, and there’s a television producer in the audience who can bring him an audience of millions, if Daniel can impress him.

There’s just one problem: The producer’s son. When Daniel first sees Aidan emerging from the lake, sun-dappled and beautiful, he takes Daniel’s breath away. Daniel knows he shouldn’t look. Knows he can’t touch.

Aidan has something missing from his life. He’s scared to admit that he’s gay. His stepfather dragged him to this retreat to fix him…and to spy on Daniel’s methods.

But Daniel and Aidan’s private sessions together turn into something more than therapy. If anyone finds out, Daniel's career is over. But how can they keep things a secret with Aidan's manipulative stepfather lurking?


Fresh Start - Rhys Everly

He was my first love. Will he be my last?

Going home after twenty years was supposed to be a short stop. Before following my dreams. Instead, I’m forced to face my past... and the ex that betrayed me.

Dawson Eldred.

• Hollywood superstar.
• America’s most eligible bachelor.
• And the jerk that walked out on me.

Seeing him again opens old wounds. But the spark is still alive. We failed being in a relationship once.

Should I even give him a second chance?


War-Torn Omegas - Ashe Moon

War-Torn Omegas is a fast-paced, high heat harem mpreg romance series following the stories of three Omegas affected by the ravages of a war between shifter kingdoms, and the powerful Alphas who claim them as their own.

Dark and sometimes brutal themes grace each thrilling page, but every Omega gets his happily-ever-after and every villain his comeuppance, with plenty of exciting twists and turns along the way.

This three story bundle contains the complete series.