Sweet and Spicy Deals for November 21, 2019

A Hotter Fire - Parker Avrile

Assured Elites pairs hot gay celebrities with their ideal match. But have they found the case that spoils their perfect record?

Pop singer Mikel loves brilliant older men. He's having trouble meeting his celebrity crush, but he knows the matchmaking service can put the two of them together. So why do they insist he try a date with the hot doctor instead? This Curt guy with the silken hands is miles out of his league.

Top-flight neurosurgeon Curt can save lives, but he can't seem to find that fabled work/life balance. His coworkers take matters into their own hands and sign him up with Assured Elites. A fun date or two with a young pop star could show Curt there's more to life than long hours in the emergency room.

Everybody knows Curt and Mikel are made for each other. Everybody except them.



Faking Alec - Anders Grey

Rowan: I need a fake date for a wedding, fast. Bonus points if he’s sexy, a good actor, and can put up with my crazy family. Why do I need a date? Because if I go by myself, my ex will be assigned to me as a mandatory plus-one. The guy who used me, hurt me, and dumped me like trash.

When a handsome stranger hears my dilemma, he comes to my rescue. It’s both a blessing and a curse when he offers to play the part of my fake boyfriend. A blessing because he goes along with my ridiculous plan—and a curse because I want him badly.

Alec: I don’t do commitment. After my ex burned me, I swore off relationships. But when a desperate and hot guy begs me to be his fake boyfriend for a week-long getaway, I surprise myself by saying yes. I can do seven days. I can even do fake boyfriend.

But Rowan is different. Nothing like my ex or the other men I’ve turned down. His touch is electric. His kiss is smoking hot. It doesn’t take long for me to wonder what’s fake and what’s very real.


Behemoth - Kiki Burrelli

The big, bad wolf meets his match in this pint-sized assassin…

When the angel of the Omega Assassins Club, River, is given a second chance on his latest mission, he swears this time, he’ll put that bullet where it belongs, right between the eyes of the hitman who nearly killed his packmate.

Known only as Behemoth, the hulking alpha hitman is a ruthless warrior who sold his soul long ago and has spent every moment since then earning his nightmarish reputation. So, when he catches the tiny omega trying to put an end to him, he should have no problem repaying the favor.

River’s inability to kill the alpha a second time forces him to believe there must be more to the man of legends beyond the way he makes River feel warm all over.

But, Behemoth made his deal with the devil and now, the devil wants his due. All he has to do his hand over his angel.


Teaching Him - Dillon Hunter

Nick: I’m his professor. I’m old enough to know better. I want him anyway.

Colton Hart is going to be the end of me. The end of my career, anyway. He’s too trusting. Too innocent. And way too willing.

Giving in to my desires isn’t an option. It isn’t allowed. But if he keeps tempting me with those wide eyes and that eager look… I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to resist.

Colton: My hottest fantasy is coming true tonight. It’ll be our secret.

Professor Bradshaw is looking at me again. I think I’m in trouble. I think I might like it. And when he tells me to stay after class? We both know what’s going to happen next.


Game Night - Zane Menzy

Small town Kiwi lad Callum Bradshaw is terrified of stepping outside of his comfort zone and taking risks. He is struggling to move on with life after his fiancée Misty abruptly ended their engagement, breaking his heart and bank balance in one go. Meanwhile, he is left with the stress of running his fledgling café business and is haunted every night by a nightmare poisoning his dreams.

An energising remedy in his life though, is his friendship with cocky womanizer Garrick Masters. Every Thursday Garrick holds game night at his swanky apartment where the two men gamble and booze it up. One evening things take a sexy detour when Callum loses a bet and has to clean Garrick's apartment... naked.

An entirely unexpected passion explodes between the two friends and leaves Callum questioning his sexuality and aching heart. Callum soon realises that if he wants to explore these forbidden feelings then he must tackle his biggest fear... taking a risk.


Fall Again - Ann Lister

Dagger Drummond and Ryan Pierce have been married for years. They've experienced firsthand what living under the lights at center stage can do to even the strongest relationships, but somehow they've managed to remain on solid ground – until now.

Ryan realizes he wants more from their marriage, but Dagger is too fearful to give it to him. A disconnection is forged, and suddenly the two who are known as being the heart and soul of the dual touring bands, Black Ice and Ivory Tower, are out of sync. Having the backbone of the band family at odds sends Dagger home to make amends.

Just as their jagged edges begin to smooth, tragedy strikes and nearly rips them apart for good. It leaves one of them fighting for his life and both reaching for a future that may no longer be obtainable.