Sweet and Spicy Deals for November 12, 2020

The Purchased Alpha - Hawke Oakley

As the oldest brother of three, Prince Sebastian is first in line to inherit the Kingdom of Lacehaven, a wealthy nation where omegas dominate the hierarchy. Sebastian has money, power, and beauty. But he’s missing one crucial thing—a child. Without an heir, Sebastian forfeits his birthright.

Fortunately, the monarchy has a traditional solution in place. All Sebastian needs to do is choose from a plethora of pedigreed alphas. But Sebastian dismisses them all. He wants a challenge. And what the Prince wants, he always gets.

Rourke gave up everything but his last name when he registered for purchase at the Alpha Market. In exchange for his subservience, his younger brother is set for life. But Rourke refuses to spend his life as some omega’s toy. He’ll fight tooth and tail to protect his pride, and he’ll be damned if an omega tries to take that away from him.

Even if the Prince himself pays Rourke’s price.


The Little Matchboy - Jackie North

One is a Chicago hoodlum. The other is a young man with an abusive father. 

One is not looking for love. The other is lost in a swirl of snow and despair and needs to be found.

Sean is in Harlin to visit a friend and is uncomfortable with the small town vibe. His plan is to head back to Chicago asap, but after he stops a father from beating his son, the young man catches his heart. Should Sean go or should he stay?

Ever since his mom left them, Roddy is overwhelmed by his Dad’s drinking and abuse as he struggles to keep the family shop afloat. When Dad is arrested, Roddy is left on his own.

Will Sean go home? Will Roddy find his way in the snow?


Flipping For His Omega - Harper B. Cole and Colbie Dunbar

Sometimes it’s not just the house, but also a life that needs renovating.

Alpha Glenn Simpson has lived his life on the go, always traveling for work. Now that he has settled down and is working in Rosewood, he starts to see what his life has been missing by never stopping long enough to grow roots. He wants more than just a job, he wants a happy ever after. He settles for buying an as is-has potential house in the hopes of renovating it into so much more.

Omega Taylor Stapleton grew up in Rosewood and left only long enough to go to college. Now that he’s back, he’s ready to make both a name and a living for himself selling properties in the growing community. Until that happens, he picks up shifts at Café Om where he meets an alpha he wants to be more than just a prospective client.

When Taylor and Glenn meet, the attraction is instant, but can two men at different stages of their life make it more than a one-night fling?


The Keystone Alphas - Ashe Moon

Meet the seniors of Keystone Academy’s Death March Study Squad: Viggo, Dane and Red. Best friends since childhood and as close as brothers, they’re three alphas who share everything in life.

Omega freshman Brendan Prince has no friends and no clue how to manage the brutal rigors of his new university. When Brendan stumbles upon the DMSS, the trio take him under their wing to show him what it takes to survive. It’s quickly obvious that he was meant to be their friend, but he definitely didn’t expect to be the subject of not just one, but all three of the trio’s desires!

What in the world could an awkward omega like him provide to three perfect alphas like them?


The Snow Prince - Raleigh Ruebins

The world knew him as Prince Sebastian. I knew him as my best friend… and hopeless crush.

My life was a fairy tale. I grew up in a village with no money, but Prince Sebastian was still my best friend. Then the queen caught us kissing in the Christmas tree lot. I was shipped off to the mountains for good.

Years later, I’m back in Berrydale, and I don’t want to be. Sebastian has become an icy, reclusive prince, set to marry a princess. But every feeling I’ve buried deep comes rushing back. There’s something broken in his eyes, and I need to fix it.

And then I end up in his bed. His stupid, giant, four-poster, royal bed.


Rhone's Rebel - TL Travis

Rhone Horne, drummer for the band Embrace the Fear, bleeds rock ‘n roll. Being the son of legendary drummer Sage Horne, the first time Rhone picked up his father’s old drumsticks, he knew he was destined to follow in his footsteps. But filling such big shoes would not come easily.

Ely Pearcy, made a promise to himself on his eighteenth birthday that he would never again hide who he was. His love of lace, silk, and six-inch heels got him banned from his childhood home the day he graduated high school. Alone and penniless, Ely sought solace in a local LGBTQA+ shelter amongst his peers.


Star Spanked - Leighton Greene

A famous English chef who's tired of being hunted by the tabloid press.
An American model who's tired of being used for his looks.
An anonymous first encounter in an adults-only club.
And the age gap between them is the least of their problems.
Can Sebastian Fox and Ezra Whitfield find happiness together despite their differences?