Sweet and Spicy Deals for May 9, 2019

My Bounty - Jason Collins

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t mind being chased by a gorgeous man—if he weren’t a bounty hunter. He has the wrong guy, but he’s looking at me like I’m exactly what he needs.


The Matchup - Sam Elswit

William: Sometimes life requires that you take a dive. After years of training, I’ve made it to the Olympics. I’ve wanted this more than anything else.

But when my coach offers me a way to the top I’m forced to make the hardest decision of my life. Would I follow my dream and become an Olympian, or would I save my teammate from a horrible fate?

Brad: I’m just a nobody from a small town who likes to swim.

And then a couple of recruiters noticed me, and I was sent to the Olympics where I came face to face with the sexiest man I had ever seen. From the start, he had me in a trance.

Too bad he’s an asshole. Someone who’s willing to do whatever it takes to win, even if it means stepping on everyone else. And yet I can’t seem to stay away from him…


Changing Lines - RJ Scott & V.L. Locey

Can Tennant show Jared that age is just a number, and that love is all that matters?

The Rowe Brothers are famous hockey hotshots, but as the youngest of the trio, Tennant has always had to play against his brothers’ reputations. To get out of their shadows, and against their advice, he accepts a trade to the Harrisburg Railers, where he runs into Jared Madsen. Mads is an old family friend and his brother’s one-time teammate. Mads is Tennant’s new coach. And Mads is the sexiest thing he’s ever laid eyes on.

Jared Madsen’s hockey career was cut short by a fault in his heart, but coaching keeps him close to the game. When Ten is traded to the team, his carefully organized world is thrown into chaos. Nine years his junior and his best friend’s brother, he knows Ten is strictly off-limits, but as soon as he sees Ten’s moves, on and off the ice, he knows that his heart could get him into trouble again.


On the Ice - Amy Aislin

For college sophomore Mitch Greyson, determination and persistence are the name of the game if he wants to make it as a professional hockey player. A busy schedule of practices, games, classes, homework, two part-time jobs—and now, working with a tutor to help him pass the class he’s failing so that he can keep his scholarship—shouldn’t leave him with enough time to flirt with the NHL player in town. But that doesn’t stop him.

Placed on the injured reserve list until his broken arm heals, NHL defenseman Alex Dean is using the time off to be with his ailing grandfather and get a head start on the book he’s been commissioned to write. He doesn’t expect to get roped into a tutoring gig, especially not for cocky, smart-ass Mitch.

But Alex soon discovers that there’s more to Mitch than meets the eye...and he really likes what he sees. Only Alex doesn’t dare risk his NHL career by coming out, and a relationship between them would jeopardize Mitch’s chances with the organization too.

It looks impossible. Then again, the best things usually do...



Fervor - Kiki Burrelli

Wynn was born an omega but raised as an assassin. In his twenty years, Wynn has seen omegas stripped of their rights, only to have those rights placed in the hands of the nearest alpha. But Wynn is different, recruited at a young age, he’s always known his purpose, to eliminate the worst of the worst.

When he’s given his next mission, a billionaire alpha developing tech that could take even more autonomy away from omegas, he’s ready, willing and able to do what needs to be done.

Magnus spent his life clawing his way to the top. Now, he’s a billionaire alpha whose name is the only one that matters when it comes to tech security and defense. He’s close to finally creating the omega protection device that may have saved his brother’s life all those years ago.

His success hasn’t come without sacrifice. His life is his work, so when a gorgeous omega with a pretty smile bumps into him, he doesn’t have time be interested. But, Magnus can’t ignore his inner wolf.

When outside forces begin to press in—Wynn’s jealous boss for one—the two must decide what their love is worth, because it may cost them everything.