Sweet and Spicy Deals for May 7, 2020

Working Stiffs - Tanya Chris, Lyra Evans, H.L Day & more

Not all vampires are idly rich. Some of them have day jobs. Er, night jobs.

In a world struggling to come to grips with the existence of vampires, where reactions range from excitement to fear to determined disbelief, these vampires are just trying to make ends meet. Some of them do mundane work—like waiting tables or driving a cab. Others have more prestigious careers in medicine and crime prevention. But what all their jobs have in common is people. Unpredictable, interesting, frustrating, hostile, helpless, tasty people.

Whether they’re pouring drinks, answering phones, hacking into a computer system, or serving up the perfect food/wine pairing, these working stiffs are too busy to fall in love. Or are they?

This International Workers Day, celebrate by sinking your teeth into thirteen awesome stories about vampires at work. Because even the undead have to earn a living. Proceeds benefit the WHO's Covid-19 Response Fund.


Red River - Cardeno C.

Commitment, loyalty, and strength aren’t enough to make Wesley Stone’s birth pack accept an Alpha with a physical imperfection, even if it’s a meaningless mark. Putting the safety of his pack above his own wellbeing, Wesley trades himself for another Alpha and agrees to mate with a stranger in a mysterious, insular pack.

Alphas from Jobe Root’s family have led the Red River pack from the first day shifters walked the earth. Now the time has come for Jobe to fulfill his destiny, but to do that, he needs his mate by his side. Spiritual, easygoing Jobe reveres Mother Nature and trusts in fate, yet he can’t help being nervous about how his mate will react to his new life in Red River, his new life with Jobe.

Two Alphas with contrasting personalities, different upbringings, and divergent beliefs come together for the good of their packs. But to stay together, Wesley and Jobe must see beyond the surface and embrace every facet of themselves and their union.


Rebound - Alana Timms

Omega Trent McIntyre has a problem. His alpha best-friend-with-benefits and business partner, Zach, has gone on a stupid adventure, leaving a void in their bar, Pegasus. He’s left an even bigger void in Trent’s heart. Trent must now find a stand-in alpha to help run Pegasus until Zach returns.

Brought up as a humans, Alpha Noah Archer is trying to connect with his wolf instincts. He figures the best way to do this is by joining a co-op or pack. He jumps at the chance of becoming Trent’s stand-in alpha, hoping that it he will be accepted into Trent’s co-op. But Noah has always liked Trent. His feelings deepen and soon, standing in is not enough. Is there a hope of something real developing between him and Trent, or is he doomed to being a placeholder for the absent best-friend?


Accidental Alpha - Ashe Moon

Ryan Denham’s life can’t get any worse. His music career dreams are dead, his boyfriend dumped him for another man, and now he might literally be going insane. How else could the stray dog he rescued suddenly have turned into hot-as-hell naked man, right in his living room?

Except, he’s not crazy. He saved the life of Leksa Aludra, wolf-prince shapeshifter, and now they’re bound as mates.

Leksa’s month long mission to the human world is his final test before becoming a full-fledged shifter, and his last adventure as a free omega. He expected to learn how to live like a human, but he certainly didn’t expect to be debt-mated to one. He only needs to tolerate his company—and the humiliation of acting as Ryan’s pet dog—until the end of the mission.

Can Ryan teach Leksa the joys of life in the human world? After all, it’s hard to deny the attraction crackling beneath their forced arrangement. Or will this unwitting couple tear each other to bits first?


Initiation - Xya Olsen

My name is Lucian Luck—but don’t let it fool you. Fortune rarely smiles upon me. I’ve survived my hard-knock existence by the skin of my teeth. When a mistake puts me at death’s door, I’m spirited away to Nitehelm’s Wilderness Academy for shifters.

The Wilds are a carnal place and the academy is no exception. Divided into four houses, the students make the rules—and here, only the strong survive. I can’t tell if starting over in this strange world is a blessing or a curse. When three powerful, handsome men from rival houses get their hands on me, I feel my luck start to change. There’s only one problem: dating between houses is forbidden.

Saber, Renard, and Tiberius are hotter than I can handle. Each of them wants a piece of me, and I’m more than happy to share. But their devotion puts a target on my back. What’s worse, I learn my mortal life was a lie. There’s a monster inside of me, and if I don’t learn how to control it, I can kiss my new life goodbye.



Six Night Stand - Kevin Sean

A terrible storm turns a one night stand into a passionate week together…

Tech billionaire Logan Lexington doesn’t want to deal with any emotions or attachments—these distractions only get in the way of building his empire. That’s why he sticks to one night stands. Things are better off that way… it was supposed to be that way with Ben.

Ben, the painter who can’t find inspiration, who wants a one-time hookup to get his creative juices flowing again. The beautiful heartbroken boy determined not to fall in love again. He was only supposed to stay for one night... but that was before the storm.

Now Ben and Logan are trapped in the mansion. Will forced confinement bring the two closer together, or will they be swept up in the storm?


One Week Stand - Dillon Hunter

Gabe Campbell doesn’t do one night stands, but after his boyfriend walks out on him, his best friend insists that it will be the perfect cure for his heartache. Gabe isn’t so sure, but when he meets a hot businessman who’s only in town for a week, it seems like the perfect opportunity to cut loose for once… as long as he can remember not to fall for a guy he’ll never see again.

Getting his heart broken once was more than enough for Nick Jeffries, and he’s spent the eight years since avoiding love in favor of easy, no-strings fun with men who don’t put his heart at risk. When his job offers him the chance to move from L.A. to Seattle, though, he finds more than he bargained for when a one night stand has him longing for things he’d long since stopped believing in.

Is one week long enough for two men to let go of their past and take a chance on forever… ?


Hard To Know - Jason Collins

There's a thin line between love and hate. My sister needs me at her wedding, but I didn't know I'd be catching a ride with Ben, my high-school nemesis. Old rivalries don't burn out--they simmer. But I can't help but notice how hot he's become.