Sweet and Spicy Deals for May 6, 2021

Saving Saint - Joel Abernathy

SAINT: I screwed up--big time. I broke the heart of my best friend. The one person I promised myself I'd never hurt. Now he's back after two years, and I hardly recognize him. Danny--sorry, Daniel--is nothing like the scarred, broken kid who left in the middle of the night without saying goodbye. Because of me.

Those brown eyes that were once so full of warmth and adoration have turned cold as ice, but the fire he stirs in me is hotter than the place I deserve to be after what I did. When I lock eyes with him just before he goes onstage with my ex's band, I realize why he came back. He wants to ruin me.

And you know what? I just might let him.


Stupid Love - S.J. Carter

Face to face with an old grudge.

Riley Chase escaped the drama of Five Foxes High School to pursue his dreams of Broadway. After returning to help a friend, the only drama Riley wants is from his students. But to keep drama club funds, Riley is forced to work with the guy he’s hated since senior year.

That old grudge is also smoking hot…

Since his senior year, Colton has tried to make amends for his past mistakes. He never thought he’d be back at the school with so many bad memories. Still, he needs the job. But Colton’s first day as the new JV coach hits him with bad news. Two of his athletic teams are on the chopping block due to budget cuts.

But the guy he had a crush on back during high school—whose last words to him were I hate you. Not the way to kick off a new job. Can hate really turn to love?


Broken Wings - E.M. Lindsey

The night Kicks woke in the hospital with fresh scars and a missing eye was the night he promised he would never, ever let himself be vulnerable again. And as the Road Captain of the Broken Chains MC, he managed to keep that vow for five long years. But the universe has different plans for the biker when his President sends him on a mission to escort the rabbi, Jude Burns, who is now under the protection of their club. Kicks doesn’t want a babysitting job, but he’s not sure what to think when he’s faced with a mouthy, stubborn man who seems far more sinner than saint.

Jude knows walking away would be easy if it weren’t for Emilio—the dark-eyed Road Captain who makes Jude question every vow he’s ever made. Jude was pretty sure he wasn’t destined for love, but when Emilio falls to his knees and asks him to stay, he finds it’s almost impossible to tell him no.

Even if it means walking into the line of fire to save a man with ragged, broken wings.


Clashing Hearts - Nicky James

There is nothing I hate more than when some big-city outsider stirs trouble in my peaceful little town. When Mr. Arrogance himself waltzes in and thinks he can slap a price tag on my land, he doesn’t know what he has coming. I’m not just a hick cowboy who’s going to bend to his good looks and charmless personality. No, sir.

I don’t care how smart he looks in his fancy suits, all he cares about is money.

I just wish I’d known who he was before I kissed him.


Job Hunt - Jackie Keswick

Of all the fucking interviews in all the fucking companies... he has to turn up in mine!

Hacker vigilante Jack Horwood has wanted a second chance with Gareth Flynn, but when the man appears unexpectedly at his job interview—and turns out to be his new boss!—Jack’s carefully constructed life of facts and secrets goes off the rails.

Jack doesn’t hunt pimps because he enjoys it. And Gareth isn’t content to stand on the sidelines and watch.

Their first attempt to work together becomes a daring rescue and Jack finds himself with a family before he knows if his and Gareth's explosive chemistry has a chance outside the bedroom.

Jack fights best alone, but this time he can’t walk away. Not from his new job. Not from the boys they’ve rescued. And not from Gareth Flynn. Even if he’s not sure he deserves a second chance.


Mr Nice Guy - Joe Satoria

Boy meets Man. Man shows Boy what he’s been missing. A daddy.

Broke student, Dorian Lanter, is pet sitting for his aunt in Spain. That’s where he spies a man undressing from the balcony. Does he dare take a closer look?

Nearing forty, Roscoe Stone trains hard and keeps himself harder. He doesn’t mind being watched, even by the guy in Mrs Gould’s apartment. Can he entice him over?

A virgin desperate to find love. A Daddy dom searching for passion. Can they find what they’re looking for in each other? Or will it all be too much?


Tuck and Run - AW Scott

I had it all planned out.
Step 1: Find a man to love me.
Step 2: Get married.
Step 3: Live happily ever after.

As you might have guessed, that didn’t happen.

What I got instead was a man who pretended to be fine with the things I liked. He pretended to love me in hopes to use me to climb the social ladder.

His betrayal leaves me a shell of the man I used to be. When I meet someone who promises to make me feel again, to help me break out of the darkness I’ve fallen into, I tell myself I can play along. What else could possibly go wrong?


Stealing Ronan - Isabel Lucero

Stealing Ronan wasn’t the plan. I’d never imagined I’d steal a boyfriend from my sister, but when I saw him strutting to my couch with his perfect body, gorgeous face, and that mouth—God, that mouth, it was like he was plucked from my wettest dreams and brought into my life just for me.

Lusting after a straight guy who’s dating my sister is a problem in itself, but the bigger problem comes when he’s invited on a family trip with us for Christmas. Just as I thought I was doing a pretty good job ignoring his soft lips and curious gazes, we’re hit with a furious blizzard, leaving me and Ronan locked up together. Alone.

We’re only snowed in for two days, but things heat up quickly, because it turns out I’m not the only one with a fascination.


Burning Bridges - Colbie Dunbar & Trisha Linde

This gruff alpha has burned all his bridges… until he meets an omega who has him wanting to rebuild.

Alpha Cole wants nothing more than to be left alone in peace and quiet. Too bad there’s a huge new condo development going up in his backyard. Now they want his land. His grandfather built this house with his own two hands, and there is no chance they’re going to tramp all over his land.

Omega William is the youngest and the smallest of his foster brothers. Together, he and his two siblings have started their own business, and they have just landed themselves a huge contract to build a new complex. It’s a dream come true! If only it weren’t for that house smack dab in the middle of the lot. If William can get him to see some sense, maybe make him an offer he can’t refuse…