Sweet and Spicy Deals for May 23, 2019

Three Hearts - Steve Milton

Rivals, enemies, and the night they'd rather forget.

Just a night. Just a hotel room. But the more Dr. Haley Bronson and Dr. Boris Yorshenko need to forget, the more they want to remember. Haley and Boris are unfriendly rivals in heart surgery. Everybody knows that. Nobody knows their desires, hotter than a Miami night.

A precocious medical student could throw Haley and Boris into war -- or lead them to love.

Rick Sarmenian is getting top grades in medical school, like he's supposed to. He's taking both cardiology electives, like he's supposed to. He's staying single and focusing on his studes, like he's supposed to.

The only hearts Rick knows are in his textbooks, until an emergency brings Rick closer to Dr. Bronson and Dr. Yorshenko's hearts -- much closer.

Three hearts might be saved, if they can do what they're not supposed to.


Saint - Ana Night

Nash Holland is a paramedic who lives for helping people. He’s never once been on the wrong side of the law. When he gets a call to a motorcycle club, he’s apprehensive, but then he meets a biker that makes his knees go weak. He never expected to find love in an outlaw biker, but he can’t deny the way Zayne makes him feel. Dating a biker with Nash’s profession isn’t a great idea but he’s been playing it safe all his life and maybe Zayne is just the right kind of danger for him.

Zayne ‘Saint’ Lewis isn’t your average biker; he’s the road captain of the Salvation Kings MC and he’s not afraid to do what’s necessary to protect his club. He’s a one-percenter but he’s dedicated his life to helping people in need. He’s hesitant to bring Nash into his club life, unsure if Nash will be able to handle it. One thing he’s sure of, though, is the way Nash makes him feel.

Will the secrets and dangers of Zayne’s life jeopardize their relationship? With a war brewing between his and a rival club, can Zayne keep Nash safe?



Mating A Cowboy - Kenna Grace

Sometimes you just have to saddle up and grip life by the horns.

A bakery barely treading water, and a pending business loan has omega Dawson sweating more than standing next to the kitchen’s finicky oven. Serving up the sweetest temptations should be his primary concern, but when news of his alpha father’s death falls on his ears, Dawson learns that he has been named as the sole heir of his ranch in the small town of Port Hope.

Selling the ranch could be the miracle he needs to save the bakery, but after a chance encounter with a rugged small town alpha, Dawson struggles to balance his goal, with the cowboy’s lasso tugging at his heart.

Alpha Wyatt is no stranger to living the cowboy life. Having grown up in the serene countryside of Port Hope, Wyatt spends his days training and providing care to his rescue horses. Rolling hills, fresh air, leather saddles, and his Stetson was all Wyatt wanted in life. It was all he needed—then he met Dawson.


Noble and Strong - Tatum West

Noble: I learned long ago that I could look—but never touch. My father made it clear: I was no longer his son if I ever sinned with a man. But Connor Strong took hold of my heart the moment I saw him. And he made that sin sound oh so sweet.

My dad is the most powerful Evangelical preacher in the country. Millions of people watch him on TV every Sunday morning. I’m the church’s golden boy—handsome, well-behaved, and straight. But a man like Connor Strong couldn’t be wrong in God’s eyes. And the way he kisses me is a spiritual revelation.

Connor makes sparks fly whenever he touches me. He teaches me, slowly and tenderly, and shows me exactly what he needs. He tells me I’m the perfect boyfriend, except for one thing. I’m not out. I can’t be.

But there are some things worth fighting for. And Connor Strong tops the list.


Vampire's Forbidden Omega - Hawke Oakley

Romance was always off the table for Maxwell—especially not with any vampires.

After being abducted by a vampire matriarch to be the Tenebrae coven’s private doctor, Maxwell settles into a new normal where vampires exist, and aren’t the evil monsters he always imagined. He even forges a special connection with the youngest vampire of the family, an alpha named Theo.

Despite returning to his doctor’s duties and living a normal life again, Maxwell can’t stop thinking about his friend in not-so-innocent ways. He’s never been interested in love before. What’s so different about Theo?

After Theo saves Maxwell from a dangerous encounter by unleashing his vampire strength, the rest of the Tenebrae family decides Theo isn’t stable enough to be around humans—including Maxwell. The idea of a relationship between the two friends is effectively banned.

But when the two are forced into close proximity, ignoring their feelings becomes impossible. Can Maxwell and Theo find true love in each other when the whole world wants to keep them apart?


The Travel Boys: Complete Series - Louisa Keller

Don’t miss the complete Travel Boys series! This collection contains all four books, and includes a link to download three steamy bonus chapters.

The Limelight: A quiet, predictable bartender; an enigmatic pop-punk front man on the verge of superstardom; a transcontinental music tour…sometimes love shows up when you least expect it.

Playing Along: What happens when a vlogger who makes his living promoting promiscuity falls hard for the straight-laced guy who just posed as his boyfriend to help him get out of a sticky situation? Their whirlwind Parisian vacation will change everything.

Under Wraps: A lonely billionaire meeting his estranged father’s new family; a family friend with a tragic past; a week in an isolated old farmhouse…it’s the worst possible time for a bisexual awakening. There’s nothing quite like learning to love again.

Rail Tour: Two best friends, fourteen cities, and one whirlwind adventure that will upend everything they think they know about love. Sometimes the one you’ve been waiting for has been right beside you all along.


Guarded - Jason Collins

He’s mine to guard and mine to keep. Dean’s enemies are cranking up the pressure, but he’s in my care now. Whoever has it out for him won’t even get close—not as long as I’m covering his back. I can protect him, but not if we’re both falling.


Going For Two - Van Cole

The playboy life is the life for me and nothing is going to change that. Nothing. That is until I got this wild idea that changed my entire life.

Now, most people wouldn’t go gunning for their best friend—or, their best friend’s ex. I went for both. That’s right. Both. Because, why settle for one when you can have two?

Truth be told, this probably isn’t my best nor brightest idea. And I’m prepared for everything to crash and burn. Or, at least, I thought I was.

But things are getting heated and I’m getting attached. I don’t want to lose these guys but things don’t always work out the way you want them to. And I have a bad habit of coming up short.

Let’s just hope my love life is nothing like my career because one more failed Superbowl and I’m just another failure for the history books.


Behind the Velvet Curtain - Matt Converse

Matt Jaxx is a sexy stripper who develops a fast following, but one of them turns scary stalker. Along the way he way he meets Justin and it's lust at first sight, both doing things they'd only fantasized about. Right when he seems to have it all, his stalker reappears, revealing his twisted agenda. Sex sells, what it attracts can be deadly.