Sweet and Spicy Deals for May 21, 2020

TRUE - Timothy Warren

Most people would love Alec’s life… great job… hot boyfriend… and a beautiful brownstone in DC’s gay mecca, Dupont Circle. But within a single night, things change… a change that begins across the country, in a cabin atop Beulah Mountain.

Alec was not looking for a man… wanted nothing of the sort. But a strong-willed cowboy named Tyler enters his life as spontaneous as the snow of Montana’s winter.

Unpredictable as a mountain storm, Alec and Tyler soon find themselves entwined in a fierce love affair… raw, real, and unlike any other Alec has ever had. But Tyler belongs to Montana.

Will their passion be enough to keep them together? Will Alec learn to forgive his past missteps and accept that he deserves the happiness that can only come from a man so genuine… so giving… and so TRUE?


Silver Star - Cody Ryder

James: His role in the world’s most famous movie rocketed him into the spotlight twenty years ago, but today it’s the only thing people remember him for. In New York City for a fan convention, all James can see are reminders of his failed career and marriage. Then, fortune puts him in the path of another lost soul.

James is straight, so how can he feel this way about a younger man? But the heat he feels for Alan can’t be denied…

Alan: A former office-worker suffering from a quarter-life crisis, Alan dropped everything to search for his passion—but now that he’s actually in NYC, he has no idea where to even begin looking. Enter James. Charming, sophisticated, adventurous—everything Alan isn’t. It doesn’t matter how right it feels, how could it ever work?

With only four days to spend together in a city far from home, how can Alan convince James—and himself—that this is what they both need?


The Company We Keep - Kay Simone

Dirty money. A wanted man. The deal of a lifetime.

Crime lord A.R. Carrow made billions with his gang, The Company. When Dustin Wrenshall asks to join, Carrow should be cautious. But something about the brash young demolitions expert and his raw desire to please makes Carrow ignore every alarm bell. From the moment Dust enters his life, Carrow wants him. And Carrow always gets what he wants.

Federal agent Charlie Judge knew that infiltrating The Company would be dangerous. What Charlie didn’t know was just how much he would enjoy becoming Dust Wrenshall. He steeled himself for fear. What he finds is something entirely different.

Carrow and Dust crash together in a wreck of chaos, lies, and lust that neither man can control. But when the truth is revealed about Dust's identity, which version of him will emerge: the fearless and passionate second-in-command, or a naive federal agent who sees the world in black and white? And more importantly, will Carrow allow either to survive?


Maiden Voyage: Ryder's Guardian - TL Travis and Ann Lister

For Maiden Voyage guitarist, Ryder Hampton, life is great. He and his bandmates are embarking upon an epic European double headlining tour with their friends from Social Sinners.

Since joining Maiden Voyage in his twenties, Ryder’s life has been a whirlwind of the cliched, “Sex, drugs and monumental doses of Rock ‘n Roll. And he’s loved every minute of it from the sold out shows to the revolving door of bed partners.

Max Hightower has always been a team player. Whether it was in the Marines or now with private security company, Ventura Security. These days, his job was to have the backs of a band of musicians. One band member in particular he'd allowed to get too close and now emotions were involved.

Ryder Hampton had left his mark on Max's closed-off heart and now Max's job was in jeopardy. Falling for your principal wasn't safe – nor smart. Neither was missing the mark on protecting him. The security detail he'd begged his boss for had turned out to be the one that could ruin him. Max couldn't allow either option to happen.


The Black Raiders Boxed Set - Ana Night

This boxed set contains the first three books in the Black Raiders series.

A Detached Raider: Detectives Cade Lawson and Cole Banks must work together to stop an elusive serial killer. While sparks fly between them, dark secrets threaten their case and their relationship. Can they stay focused while managing their undeniable attraction to each other?

Deceiving a Raider: As Cole’s former marine squad, the Black Raiders, come back into his life, so does a long list of questions. When someone targets Cade, he’s confronted with his dark past. Is Cade and Cole’s relationship strong enough to survive the lies?

A Guarded Raider: Cole never thought he’d find love and now there’s nothing he won’t do to protect Cade. They must return what Cade once stole, but to do so, they’ll have to face Cade’s family. When they return home, it’s to a scattered homicide department. The mole at BPD has returned with a vengeance. Can they push their own troubles aside long enough to catch the mole?



I'm the Last Face You'll Ever See - Matt Converse

A terrifying look inside the twisted mind of a serial killer in this modern day nod to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Sean is single and living the life in San Francisco until things turn dark with the grisly discovery of a dead body. He and his best friend Anna set out to expose the killer despite warnings from Anna’s boyfriend Danny.

The killer speaks directly to the reader and lives by the chilling words he tells his victims, “I’m the last face you’ll ever see, so you will love me forever.”


Back to Reality - Kevin Sean

DANIEL: It's my job to help women meet Prince Charming. But where the hell is my own happily ever after? As the executive producer of the reality series My Prince Charming, I’ve always had a hard time keeping separating the personal and the professional... until royal rebel Charles Lexington is brought on board

Keeping this bad boy in line will require me to keep my eye on the prince at all times—whether I like it or not.

CHARLES: I never gave love a second thought... until I met Daniel. When my traditional English family informs me of my arranged engagement, I need a way out. My plan is simple. I'll appear on a trashy American reality show and appall my uptight fiancee to win back my freedom.

But my plans meet a roadblock: the show’s sexy producer, Daniel Dixon. There is true love to be found on the set of My Prince Charming... when the cameras aren't rolling.


Unbroken - Jason Collins

A life in the military never prepared me to fall for a man. My divorce from a woman marked the end of my dating life, but I never thought I'd meet someone like Dillon.