Sweet and Spicy Deals for May 20, 2021

Stay - Autumn Breeze

Let me give you a little free advice. If anyone ever asks, “Do you want to live forever,” tell them no.

Elio Beckett has been undead for six hundred years. For the last two hundred, New York City has been home; the nightclub where he tends bar on weekends is his sanctuary. When his boss discovers his secret, Elio assumes he’s about to lose the only home he’s had since he died in 1420.

But Micah surprises Elio with a single request. “Stay.”

Micah Kingston has one rule he expects everyone who enters his nightclub to follow: keep your hands off the bartenders. It’s a rule he’s never had a problem following himself—until one wisp of a bartender turns his life upside down. It doesn’t matter that Elio isn’t human. Micah isn’t willing to lose the man who has consumed his fantasies for three long years.

How long does love last when only one of you has forever though?


Power Play - A.J. Marcus

Naga Industries wasn't Calvin's first choice of a place to intern. It wasn't even his tenth. But when every other internship spot is taken, he finds himself at the mercy of Draeke Lindwyrm and he's way over his head.

Draeke doesn't want an intern, but his go-to man is threatening to revolt if he doesn't get them both some help. Calvin is everything Draeke doesn't like in men. He's too young, too average, never on time, doesn't dress well, and worst of all Calvin is human, which makes things complicated between them when he becomes a pawn in a power play with the world’s dragon elite. The Lindwyrm family controls a vast fortune built over centuries of life and manipulation of humans and other shifters.

How can a simple human like Calvin hope to exist in a world he never dreamed existed until he’s dropped into it with no hope of a soft landing?


Omega Assassins Club - Kiki Burrelli

Wolves in puppy packaging...

The agents of the Omega Assassins Club are the only force keeping the cruel and powerful from doing what they want—no matter who gets hurt. As dangerous as they are attractive, these assassins can protect themselves from everything but love.

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Swiped By My Dad's Best Friend  - DJ Jamison

Cooper Rutledge: frat boy, general screwup, and...Daddy's boy?

On the surface, I don't take things too seriously. Not my poor grades, or my hookups, or my inability to find my purpose. But that was before.

Before the daddy of my wet dreams swiped right on my pic. Before he turned out to be my father's best friend. Before I convinced him to indulge in one night of pleasure with no strings.

I didn't count on how magical it would be. I didn't know that when he spanked me and offered words of praise, my soul would drink it up. I didn't realize how right Daddy kink would feel. One night could never be enough. And when life sends me into an emotional tailspin, Trace steps up to support me---proving he cares too.

Everything has gotten very real, very fast. But are we ready for the fallout? I can't let anyone, not even my father, come between me and Trace. I've finally found my Daddy, and I'll fight to keep him.


The Boundary - Ian O. Lewis

When I first moved to Richmond, I envisioned a happy future filled with love and excitement. Instead, my alcoholic boyfriend dumped me, and I was fired from my crappy retail job. I was tempted to throw in the towel, but Lady Luck had one more curveball to throw at me.

A new job, as personal assistant to a hypnotic opera singer who made every fiber of my being throb with desire. Insane tension burned between us. I thought it was my imagination, but I’d swear he wanted me too. Whenever I touched Rémy, his skin would flush, and his breathing would become ragged.

There was a boundary I longed to cross, but I didn’t dare. He was my boss, and I wasn’t about to lose my job. I kept my paws to myself, until one fateful night backstage when Rémy blew through that boundary, and I longed for him more than ever.



Matched To His Dolphin - Lorelei M. Hart & Colbie Dunbar

Everyone loves dolphins… doesn’t mean they want one for their mate.

Alpha dolphin shifter Caspian loves his life on the ocean. Caspian loves being close enough to swim whenever the sea calls to him. He’s just missing a companion. He longs to swim with his mate—if only he had one. They don’t even need to have fins. Maybe his friend’s suggestion of using that silly dating app wasn’t such a bad idea.

Omega wolf shifter Leroy was done with the entire dating scene—or so he thought. He’d given it a fair go, but even when the random good date came along, his wolf was a pushy jerk, declaring the alpha as not ours each and every time. Who needs the constant roller coaster that’s finding your perfect match? When a friend convinces him to try one more time, he reluctantly agrees. There are worse things out there than a bad date… He should know, he’d been on enough of them.

When Love and Hate matches the two, the connection is instant, but is that enough for two shifters from very different worlds?