Sweet and Spicy Deals for May 2, 2019

Crema - Steve Milton

Clark is a straight guy who only loves coffee. Zeke shows him something new. Clark came back to Amelia Island for his aunt. He keeps to himself mostly, other than running his coffeeshop, Crema. Zeke walks in on opening day. He could use a cup of coffee after a gym workout.

Clark is straight, but he has to admit: Zeke is gorgeous. Clark wouldn't mind having a friend. For friend stuff. They can drive their Ferraris around. Jump off of casino boats. Stuff like that.

Zeke grew up in Amelia Island. He's back now. There's nobody to date around Amelia Island, and that's a good thing. He doesn't need any more pain, especially with "straight" guys who use him.

And Clark? His childhood buddy, now the goofy, gray-eyed nerd who makes his coffee? Clark is great. Zeke loves to spend time with him. But Clark is straight. Or so he says. And Zeke doesn't want love. Or so he thinks.


Unlawful Entry - Rachel Kane

Wyatt: Jesse McLain lives on the wrong side of the law. I've had to arrest him more times than I can count.

But something's different about this time. He's different. I think, for once in his life, he might be innocent. But there's nothing innocent about the way he stares at me during the strip search. And after one forbidden night with him in his cell, I realize... I'm guilty as sin.

Jesse: All I feel is rage, the injustice of life coming out in pure fury. I need someone to hold me back, hold me down. Overpower me. Tell me it's okay.

Sheriff Wyatt Locke can't be the man who does that. We're from opposite sides of the track. Opposite sides of the law. But when the cuffs go on, I'm his. I can tell him almost anything. Almost. The one thing I can't tell him could tear us apart.


Chasing Fate - J.P. James

I’ve always wanted to be a writer covering LGBTQ+ affairs. As a member of the queer community, our issues don’t get enough press and I see it as my job to shine a light on the many amazing things we’ve achieved. To help me out, my dad sets me up with an internship at his best friend’s company, which is a place that puts out a weekly newsmagazine. It’s perfect because I can use this opportunity to write about gay-centric issues to my heart’s content.

But the problem is that the boss doesn’t necessarily see it that way. Dane, my dad’s friend, is handsome, forbidding, and dare I say it? A little scary. He’s used to giving orders, taking risks, and making money hand over fist. Despite being gay himself, he doesn’t want me to use his paper as a platform for our community because he says quote-unquote: “It won’t sell.”

Since when has everything become about money? Have we, as a society, lost our moral compass? Even more important, can we overcome our differences when the attraction is so strong?


The Hybrid Alpha's Baby - Hawke Oakley

Mate or die.

Gabriel is out of time. As the last unmated omega wolf in his pack, he faces an ultimatum: mate or be banished. Gabriel knows he won’t survive the vicious outside world. But despite the dangers, he leaves the pack. When violent humans threaten him with death or worse, Gabriel accepts his fate - until a gorgeous alpha dragon appears and saves him.

Fight for love.

Dante hadn't intended to find a mate. As an alpha shifter with the hybrid powers of dragon and wolf, he’d rather be at home with his books. But when Dante sees an omega wolf fall into the hands of cruel raiders outside the pack's walls, he feels the spark. Gabriel is his fated mate. Dante refuses to find his mate and lose him in the same night. Dante will fight tooth and talon to protect Gabriel, and doesn't care what stands in his way.


What Blooms Beneath - A.D. Ellis

Kellan considers himself lucky to have an adequate existence on earth where, in the year 2044, common citizens toil under the oppressive thumb of a corrupt and unscrupulous government. Kellan dreams of becoming part of the Department of Paranormal, Supernatural, and Fantasy Sciences, but his application is continually denied because he has no extra-sapien blood. Kellan’s simple reality shifts when Rhône unexpectedly enters his life.

Rhône, living in a camouflaged, underground village, never planned to get involved with an individual from the outer world. When Rhône and Kellan cross paths, there’s no denying the attraction and pull between them. But there’s something else, something more, just beneath the surface.

A hidden world and painful secrets are a potentially complicated blend. However, with Rhône by his side, enlightening details and unexplored powers provide Kellan with an opportunity for deep self-discovery. Will Kellan’s open and accepting heart allow for an extraordinary love to bloom? Or will the vast differences between Kellan and Rhône take root and strangle any hope for a flourishing future?