Sweet and Spicy Deals for March 26, 2020

Black Sheep - Kay Simone

“How the hell did I manage to sleep with my best friend’s long-lost brother?”

A wayward son returns to his small mountain town with a mission to save his family business, never guessing that the love of his life has been waiting there for him all along.


The Leipold Brothers Complete Series - Ashe Moon

Enjoy a duo of steamy contemporary omegaverse mpreg romance novels starring two brothers looking for their forever mates.

My Next Door Omega
Parker Leipold is an alpha who gives zero f*cks. He knows what anyone else thinks about him doesn’t matter—except when it comes to his home life. He’s been cut off by his parents for supporting his estranged brother and four-year-old nephew, who both live with him. Parker couldn’t care less about anything else—especially not his stuck-up (but way too attractive) omega classmate, Kell Eden.

Trust, Love
Since leaving his abusive first ex, Omega William Leipold has had to raise their son Nate all on his own, and he’s managed to do well for himself. But after a string of failed relationships with alphas way too similar to his ex, William is convinced he’s been cursed. He badly wants to believe that Dakota Cloud is different, but can he learn to trust love?


Learn the Rules Box Set - Leighton Greene

Learn the Rules contains the first five parts of the Rough Love series, collected in one book for the first time.

Benjamin Ballard always assumed he was straight—in every way possible. They practically invented the term ‘vanilla’ to describe him. But if Ben's so straight, why can't he get the inscrutable Xander Romano out of his head? And how come Xander's play-spanking gets Ben so flustered?

Join Ben and Xander in their continuing odyssey of self-discovery, experimentation, and steamy fun as they work out the kinks together. This is just the beginning of their wild, sometimes dark ride, but never fear: these two will get their HEA. It'll just take them some time to figure out what that happy ending looks like for them...


A Puppy for His Little - Della Cain

Every boy needs a pup. Why would Daniel be the exception?

A date night at Collared turns out to be so much more than just that for Luke and Daniel. When they meet Ryder. Daniel feels an instant connection, asking his Daddy for a puppy, unknowing that Luke is on the same page. But when a third gets in the mix, and Daddy needs to take on a dual role as Master for his pup, things get complicated in the most beautiful of ways.


Switching Octaves - Ann Lister

Branson: I'm a guy who knows what he wants—whether it's a career goal or a man intriguing enough for me to give chase—once I have the prize in sight, I’m relentless in my pursuit.

I'm also a man who doesn't do messy or complicated, and I keep my emotions out of the game—until now. FDNY Lieutenant Sean Conley, one of New York's bravest, has ruined me for all others because I allowed myself to feel.

Conley: Personal trauma pushed me into the closet and I was fine with this life—until rock star Branson Mink happened to cross my path at a fire scene. Worse yet, I think he knows what I'm hiding.

I have always left parts of myself private, and now Branson has something to hide too. When our worst fears collide, I'm forced to put mine aside to save the man I love. Turns out, that was easy. The real challenge? Figuring out how to make this relationship work.


The Sebastian Chronicles - TL Travis

The Sebastian Chronicles is a series of five erotic Paranormal novelettes that take you through each century since Sebastian Benoit’s Vampiric inception in 1692.

Throughout these chronicles, we live vicariously through our beloved Sebastian’s memories. Via his trials and tribulations, lost loves, and heartache.

Neither his exploits nor his love has any boundaries, but will he ever find that one soul that is fated to bind with his for eternity?


Man Crush - Isobel Starling

When Marcus's assistant Kyle neglects to send him the report he'd been waiting for and goes to lunch, Marcus has no option but to poke around on his errant employee's computer. He finds that his assistant spends more time browsing than working, and his favorite site is Undr, a website where men post covertly taken photos of hot men traveling on the London Underground.

Marcus is drawn to a photo of a man who was given the moniker "Java Joe". The man has a fanbase of gay men and straight women who take secret photos of him as he travels and upload them to the website, then discuss his attributes.

Heading for an earlier train one morning, Marcus happens upon none other than "Java Joe" in the flesh.

Unable to prevent closeness on the packed morning train, Marcus and his man-crush get caught in a crush of bodies... and sparks fly.


Gorgeous - Jason Collins

Two things make me stand out: wearing a dress and having long hair. When a jerk catcalls me, I didn't expect a handsome stranger to step in. But Eric is straight, and I swore off being someone's experiment a long time ago. I've been too careful with my heart to let Eric break it all over again.