Sweet and Spicy Deals for June 27, 2019

Mating A Country Star - Kenna Grace

Interning doesn’t exactly pay the bills, so when omega Sam gets the chance to compete for a full-time reporter position, he jumps at the opportunity. All he needs is a story to blow away the competition, and he knows just where he can find his big break. Enter Luke Ryan—the country artist of the year. The alpha is notorious for turning down interviews, but where there’s a will there’s a way. All Sam wants is a story to jump start his career, but after a night of passion, he ends up getting so much more—a baby growing inside him.

An unplanned pregnancy is the last thing alpha Luke Ryan needs. The press already painted him as country music’s poster child alpha-hole. Getting an omega he met on tour pregnant certainly won’t help with the image. The media would have a field day if they found out. But the country star knows what it's like to grow up without an alpha figure, and vows not to make the same mistake as his father. Luke will do whatever it takes to prove to Sam he isn’t the alpha-hole the media makes him out to be. Even if that means risking his career.


Tripping Over the Edge of Night - Layla Dorine

Going home had never felt so wrong.

When Derrick received the phone call informing him of his mother’s death, it felt like the bottom had dropped out of his entire world. Gone was every hope and ideal he’d left home with, replaced with the bitter realization that he’d run out of time, run out of plans, and was desperately close to running out of give-a-damn.

It doesn’t help to come face to face with his older brother, Ray, who’d spent much of his childhood either ignoring him, ditching him, or complaining about his very existence. It’s enough to send him right back on the road again, or at least, it would have been, were it not for a house, a cat named Slash, and Mason, his best friend-with-benefits, now the head librarian in town and hot as sin.

It was hard enough leaving Mace in the first place, but a second time? He didn’t think he had it in him to be so heartless.


Breakfall - Olivette Devaux

Two MIT students, two martial arts clubs, two different backgrounds. The ex-Navy Asbjorn Lund, still grieving his karate teacher’s death, resolves to teach his students how to fall.

When he infiltrates the aikido club as a rank beginner, the Aikidoka Sean Gallaway throws him – and Asbjorn falls for Sean, body and heart and spirit.

Sean has a lot to learn from the older and more experienced Asbjorn, from dirty street fighting to the beginning of something sweet and lasting.

Except trouble finds Sean, the kind where he loses the battle and hopes to win the war. Brave and proud, Sean determines to finish the career of a sexual predator who victimized him.

Sean won’t be coddled. Asbjorn needs to protect. The two will find their happiness – unless they kill each other first.


Red, White & Blew - Kiki Burrelli

Professor. Single dad. His father’s former best friend… There is no end to how off-limits Thatcher should be to Dylan. But Dylan is away from home for the first time. An artist at heart, he’s struggling at the normie law school where he’s desperately trying to stand in his father’s footsteps. Though Dylan is lonely, he can’t tell his dad about the new friend he’s found in Thatcher. His dad would only order Dylan to stay away, and Dylan can’t give Thatcher up. Not just yet.

Thatcher has his hands full as a newly single father. The single part isn’t new, but the father part is. Elijah was ten when services dropped him on Thatcher’s door and in the months since he’s scrambled to change his life from that of a bachelor to a responsible father. But he struggles to connect with his young son. The smartest thing he could do would be to put a stop to the feelings he has for Dylan. If his dad finds out, he'll go ballistic.

And for good reason, because as their bond deepens, neither is ready to ever let go.


Nine Small Sips - V.L. Locey

Life for Isamu Taylor is now a Cinderella story that includes a Manhattan loft, a new position in the hottest LGBT film production company in New York City, and an upcoming wedding in Bryant Park to his very own handsome prince.

He’s come a long way from that struggling film student with ratty sneakers and shaggy hair. Isamu is now living an urbanite’s fairy tale with that happily ever after just around a bustling city street corner.

But as all wedding planners know, even the best laid plans seem to go awry, and Isamu and Brian’s wedding is no exception. But love—both old and new—is in the air, so nothing can go too badly, right?



Omega's Desire - Noah Jacobs

Edward is pretty lonely these days, searching for an alpha mate he can never seem to find. And he knows who to blame for that: Blaine. His old childhood best friend who betrayed him many years ago. Blaine is the reason that Edward had his reputation ruined. No alpha would be interested in Edward now.

And Blaine feels terrible about that fact. He wants nothing more than to apologize to Edward but Edward has no interested in anything Blaine has to say. But Blaine will stop at nothing to win over Edward's forgiveness. Though in the process Blaine will learn it's not just Edward's forgiveness he wants to win but also his heart. Can Edward open up enough to realize Blaine is the alpha he's been hunting for all along?


Perfect Fit - Jason Collins

I’m trying to buy land for my resort, but I’m up against a gay porn studio, a wine-toting lesbian, and a sweet old lady who has a taste for adult actors. Everyone’s vying for the same piece of property, but I’m distracted by Brooks, the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. His reputation says “straight”, but his hands say something else.


Obsexsion - Matt Converse

Matt returns to the stage as a stripper, as do his many fans. Maybe one too many.

Matt fears his nightmares are premonitions that his stalker will return. Justin comforts him but they soon face separation. Can their love survive Matt's wild weekend at a nudist resort? Sex sells, what it attracts can be deadly.