Sweet and Spicy Deals for June 18, 2020

Ghoulish - Joel Abernathy

Colt Jager has always found his best friend mouthwatering, just...not the way he does now.

Out of all the ways Colt thought he’d be spending his twenty-fifth birthday, sinking his teeth into a random stranger definitely wasn’t on the list. Neither was falling headfirst into a hidden world of superhuman beasts who claim he’s one of them.

Awakening as a ghoul is like going through puberty all over again. Mood swings? Check. Raging hormones? Check. Awkward physical transformations? Check. Blurred lines between bloodlust and lust of the good old-fashioned variety?

That last part might be uniquely ghoulish, but if he doesn’t figure it out, his next dinner date with Jason might be the last. Then there’s the family of elite ghoul-eating ghouls who want to put a permanent end to his second life. As if he needed another reason to hate birthdays.


Love Means More - A.F. Zoelle

Ambrose is straight, but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with my best friend. When he suggests we pretend to be boyfriends on a double date, I can’t resist temptation. Even if we’re only pretending for one night, I want to know what it’s like to be loved by him. Is it possible for me to turn my fake boyfriend for a night into my real one forever?


Pooch Planet - M.M. Wilde

What’s a pooch to do when he falls in love with a gargoyle?

On Pooch Planet, Chiweenie shifter Benji has been tasked with helping to guard Small Breed Village from a murderous beast. Benji is feisty and tough, but he’s also on the verge of his first heat. Talk about bad timing!

Gargoyle Antoine heads the military police division of the G-Force Federation. He’s been tracking a vicious alien from Hades Galaxy that’s been terrorizing worlds under the protection of the Federation. If he can't save the inhabitants of Pooch Planet, he will have failed as both a guardian and gargoyle.

When Antoine lands on the remote world, he meets an adorable little shifter who captivates him. Something about Benji calls to Antoine’s stone heart. But the evil that has invaded Pooch Planet might keep love from blooming if he can’t rescue his sweet Chiweenie…


Anatole Is Flaming - Mistress Luxuria

Anatole Lerenard has decided this year will be the year where he — a twenty-five year old gay man who has been proudly earning his life as an escort for more than a decade — finds love. However, Bxx, the cryptic entity who continues to use our heroes as pawns in a twisted and lethal game, seems to have a different plan in mind.

After receiving his first text from the mysterious number, Anatole, who had a front row seat to the mess Paris’s life became after Bxx entered it, freaks the hell out.

So, when one of his clients offers to fly him to Paris (the city, not the friend), Anatole jumps at the opportunity. Sure, he’ll have to work, but it doesn’t mean he won’t get to enjoy the city too. But yet again, Anatole’s plans get thrown out the window when a terrible incident happens.

Well, how terrible of an incident can it be if it also means Anatole gets to meet a man — Kwan, a highly regarded Korean chef — that could transform his life forever?


Homecoming - Avery Ford

Josh McAllister’s life has just been turned upside down. Dumped by his boyfriend and passed over for the promotion he had earned, he was pretty sure he’d hit rock bottom. Except no… that would come when he had to attend his cousin’s wedding without a date.

Kevin Duncan has been on a losing streak. A long one. He lost his dad to a long, painful illness. He lost his college scholarship when he had to drop out and become the bread winner. He’s been living in his own private hell for the past two years, but when a blast from his past walks into his bar one night, Kevin finally starts to remember what it felt like to win.

Josh needs Kevin’s help in a way he never could have imagined. It takes a trip back home—and back down memory lane—to make them realize that the friendship they almost lost is the most important thing in their lives. But what happens when one of them wants more?


Making Music - Bryce Winters

Landon Woods only has a few more classes to take at Tri-Pac University, including a music theory course he had failed before. But will the arrival of Tri-Pac University's newest music professor threaten his chances for graduation?

Derek Serrano had not been expecting to teach a music theory course during his first year as a professor. Not that he isn't up for the challenge, of course. But when he meets spunky Landon Woods in his classroom, Derek begins to wonder if he made the right choice to teach the class.

Landon and Derek try everything they can to keep out of each other’s way, knowing that the slightest spark can set fire to their goals. Despite their best efforts, they can’t help but gravitate toward one another. As their feelings deepen, they struggle to find a solution that will satisfy them both. And it may just tear them apart.


Suddenly Royal - Jason Collins

I've started my new life as a royal liar. I'm a prince waiting tables, but I'm not just doing this to escape palace life; ever since I met Graham, I want to be by his side. The problem? I'm a prince. A straight prince.


The Blueridge Junction Boys - A.D. Ellis

Come to Blueridge Junction and meet the BJ Boys. Blueridge is a small town with BIG love between real men. This box set contains all three full-length novels. Age-gap, opposites-attract, enemies-to-lovers, leather kink are a few of the tropes this box set contains.