Sweet and Spicy Deals for June 13, 2019

Come Home - Raleigh Ruebins

Gavin: Hunter is my best friend. Sure, he’s a hot, charming, scatterbrained little ball of perfect. But to him, I’m just an old friend. I moved to the city long ago to try to forget that I’m a little bit completely in love with him. But when work pulls me back to our hometown, Hunter is my entire world again.

He doesn’t think anything of it when he kisses me one late summer night. Forbidden for years, and now he’s right in my lap. To him, it’s just reckless fun. But I’m done for. Because he’s the only thing that feels like home.

Hunter: Ever since Gavin became a successful hot shot in the city, he felt more like a stranger than my best friend. Where was the shy, sweet guy I used to stick up for in school? Now he’s swooped back into our hometown, threatening to change the island forever. But we like our small town just the way it is. I should be fighting against everything Gavin's company wants to do.

...But I’m no good at “should.” Instead, I end up with my lips on his. Gavin hits a spot that no one else has. A little secret, wicked-hot fun with a friend never hurt anything. Right?


Gold Digger - Tatum West

You'd think being a billionaire would make me happy, but money can't buy me the one thing my life is missing: the one that got away.

Liam Gold is back in Abingdon, as beautiful as ever. He’s also covered in tattoos and living out of his truck. Definitely not an appropriate match for a man of my stature.

But when have I ever been appropriate?


Always and Forever - Hope Daniels

As boys, Troy and Marshall vowed to be best friends for always and forever.

They pledged the same vow again, after a football game on a Friday night, when they made love for the first time.

Now, as ex-soldiers, can they find their way and help each other out of the darkness and into the light?

Can broken promises be forgiven and friendships strengthened over a common bond?

Can two broken men find their way back to when Always and Forever meant love until their final breath?


Under His Everything - Kiki Burrelli

Alpha. Billionaire. Dom.

Sibelius has it all, except the freedom to claim his human mate. Claiming Griffith would put him in danger. But Sibelius isn't strong enough to send Griffith away.

For years, Griffith has been the personal assistant to the man he loves. He’s hidden that love for almost as long. Sibelius is a shifter and should be able to sense his feelings. If he hasn’t accepted Griffith yet, he never will. Griffith must move on.

But when an anti-shifter organization begins attacking shifters across the country, Sibelius and Griffith must join forces to stop the hate group once and for all.

The shifters have a plan. But that plan puts Bel and Griff in close quarters, in an underground bunker. Forced together, they can’t avoid their connection for long.

As things heat up between alpha and mate their enemy gears up for battle. The Protectors won’t stop until every shifter is dead. Sibelius and Griffith aren’t just fighting for their love, they’re fighting for their future.


The Bodyguard's Relationship - Jena Wade

A desperate Omega in need of an Alpha….

Percy Thompson wants to settle down and have babies of his own. But it was hard to find an Alpha when he was busy with teaching his kindergarten class, attending social events and avoiding an overbearing mother. He was determined to find an Alpha to make his, if only he could focus without all the distractions.

An Alpha who’d do anything for his friend…

Lucas Shaw enjoyed socializing with Omegas and sometimes taking them home for a little more private entertainment. He figured he’d settle down someday, just not now. When his best friend asks a favor, he jumps at the chance. Percy was there for him when no one else was. They’d been friends forever, he’d do anything for Percy. He didn’t realize until it was too late, that he didn’t just want to be Percy’s fake Alpha, he wanted to be the real deal.


Omega's Call - Noah Jacobs

Taylor yearns to be a father more than he could ever express in words. For years, it has been his one and only desire. But every other omega his age has already found their mate and started a family. It doesn’t help that Taylor isn’t attracted to the conventional alpha male personality traits. He is easily turned off by a man who is too demanding, overbearing, and protective.

So Cole should be the last man that Taylor is attracted to. He’s an alpha leader from another tribe and he’s everything Taylor has always hated about alphas. But despite Taylor’s attitude, Cole finds himself drawn to the omega who resists him.

Taylor can’t admit to himself that there’s something between him and Cole. Cole isn’t the type of guy he should be with. He’s not even from Taylor’s tribe! How could he ever let his guard down and open his heart to him?

But if he can open up, will he find his one true mate in this domineering alpha? Could it be all his dreams of a family will come true if he allows Cole into his life?


Omega & the Superstar - Ryan Gray

Bennett: It’s supposed to be an act, so why am I catching real feelings for my fake fiancé?

Hollywood star Bennett Carr is a playboy known for getting the omega both on and off the silver screen, but a string of bad press has his whole career in danger. After a chance meeting results in damning photos he has no choice but to put his fate in the hands of an omega he hardly even knows. Their fake engagement may save his career, but after spending months in close quarters can he really let James walk out of his life?

James: Our relationship is just a contract. I knew it had to end from the start, but I wish I could stop time.

James has his hands full working morning to night to pay for his brother’s medical care. When Bennett offers a huge payout to be his fake fiancé it seems like the answer to all his problems. Fame brings more problems than it solves however, and no matter how hard he falls for Bennett their love may not survive the spotlight.