Sweet and Spicy Deals for June 10, 2021

Keeping Kellan - Amy Aislin

Brant Harkrader is done living by other peoples’ rules. He may not know exactly what he wants out of life, but he’s perfectly happy letting that question figure itself out while starting a new job as a tour guide.

Too bad the one thing he does want—his sister’s BFF—only sees him as a little brother. Or so he thinks…

Kellan Shelby-Briggs has never shied away from going after what he wants. And what he wants is the important contract that will put his brand new company on the map—and Brant. Too bad Kellan’s career keeps yanking him away just as things heat up between them.

Now that Brant is back in town—up close and personal in Kell's living space—can they finally get the timing right to go after the love that has eluded them both for too long?



Unbreak Me - Maria Vickers

Two broken hearts, one wandering soul.

They were supposed to be together forever. But through a cruel twist of fate, Tex Davis lost the one man he would ever love, Memphis King. A year has passed and he still hasn’t been able to move on. Everyone tells him it’s time, but what do they know? Losing Memphis broke Tex.

Tex has been given an opportunity to move from New York to Seattle. His friends and family are encouraging him to take it, but he has already decided to decline the offer because that would mean leaving Memphis behind. Then something happened.

Whether it be fate or something else, Memphis came back to him. Tex’s first love is supposed to help him move on, but not even Memphis can bring himself to force Tex to let him go. Is it so wrong to want to spend forever with the person you loved most? Both hearts are begging to be unbroken.


The Unicorn Union - Hawke Oakley

Magic wishes only come true in fairytales... Or do they?

Raising a toddler is hard enough, but it's even harder if you're a single omega like Ryan. He's not sure how much longer he can stand being alone, especially when he's surrounded by happy couples everywhere he goes. Maybe he should take a page from his son's favorite story, Magic the Unicorn, and make a wish for a happily-ever-after of his own.

Enter Ulysses the real life unicorn. A shifter. AKA, a being that shouldn't even exist, as far as Ryan knows. Not only is Ulysses 100% real, but he's kind, compassionate, and smoking hot. The best part is that he adores Ryan's son, Andrew, as if he were his own.

Could fairytales be true after all?


Mr Next Door - Joe Satoria

Burst pipes bring an older sub into a young daddy’s arms. What could go wrong?

Aiden Jones is thirty-eight and thirsty. Living above a drag bar in Spain, he’s trying to rebuild his broken life. But with an insatiable hunger for touch, will he fall into old habits with MuscleBoy20?

Preston Adams is a cocky bartender. Working his summer in the sun and living life to the fullest. With fluid thoughts on love, is he ripe for the picking?

Desperate for a daddy, will Aiden find a firm hand? And hungry for a taste, can Preston satisfy all his desires?