Sweet and Spicy Deals for July 30, 2020

Remember Him - Steve Milton

Baxter Rawlins: a real heartbreaker.

He broke my heart ten years ago. Back in high school, Baxter pretended he didn't know me. I was a skinny, plaid-shirt-wearing nobody. I was openly gay, but nobody even cared — except Baxter, when he wanted a hookup. That was all a nerd like me could expect from the star quarterback and prom king. He treated me as his shameful secret. I’ve stayed away from Baxter for a decade now, even when he came back to visit Honey Bay. But I can't stop wishing for another fleeting moment in Baxter's embrace.

Andy Silver: my one weakness.

Every time Andy smiled at me from under his floppy hair, I couldn’t help myself. How could a nerd in wire-rimmed glasses be so hot? It was a high school fling. I spent ten years running away from it. My parents never would have understood who I really was. Disappointing my father was out of the question. I couldn't live the life I wanted, even if I loved Andy more than he ever knew.


Maiden Voyage: Derek's Destiny - TL Travis

For Maiden Voyage lead vocalist, Derek Masters, life has had its fair share of ups and downs. Most recently, almost losing his best friend and lead guitarist, Ryder Hampton while they were on the road. They’ve just come off a whirlwind European tour and have a few weeks of R&R before hitting Rocktoberfest in Nevada this fall.

While Derek’s looking forward to time with his family, the loneliness of living in his big, empty house suffocates him. Seems rest isn’t always what one needs. For Derek, he’s a natural caregiver, always wanting to help others. Even when its not in his best interest.

Logan Bell has wanted to be a teacher since playing school in his backyard with his childhood friends. He loves to nurture young minds, and teach them the necessary skills in ways they can grasp and retain it. Never for a moment did he think that gift would be turned on him.

Can two souls who feel the need to be there for everyone, find a way to be there for themselves? Or will their hopes and dreams all be washed away like rushing floodwaters in a monsoon storm?


Fancy Love - A.F. Zoelle

An inexperienced twenty-year-old guy like me doesn’t stand a chance with an older playboy like Rune. That doesn't stop me from wanting to be more than friends. I wish we could act out my fantasies of him teaching me about pleasure in the sexiest ways possible. Could I really be lucky enough to have my first time with him?


Accidentally Yours - Rachel Kane

The worst thing you can do to a friend is kiss him. The second-worst thing is to run him over.

My crush on Judah Cooper is platonic. I promise. We’ve been friends since the first day he walked into my bookstore, and I am not letting myself fall for anyone again. So things are safe. Very safe. At least until Judah accidentally sends me to the ER. That complicates things a little.

Now I'm in a cast, and Judah feels so guilty, he offers to me rest and recuperate at Superbia Springs, the old mansion he’s renovating. It should be a luxurious way to recuperate...but I don't want anyone taking care of me. It reminds me too much of my control-freak ex. I need to be my own man. Self-reliant. But how self-reliant can I be, when Judah starts bringing me breakfast in bed? When he picks me up and carries me down the stairs, and I can remember the feeling of his arms around me all day? If I dare to show him how I feel, will it break the friendship? Is that a risk I'm willing to take?


The Lighthouse Keeper - Jason Collins

Love is riskier than solving a crime. Nicholas, the lighthouse keeper in this sleepy coastal town, is the only person who can help me solve the mystery of my beloved aunt's passing.