Sweet and Spicy Deals for July 23, 2020

Moored Heart - I.M. Flippy

Retired homicide detective, Jason Winters, moved to Catalina Island to write his book and start a new life. But he never planned on falling in love...especially not with someone like Charlie. Charlie is sweet and hot. But Jason's attraction to him means facing a part of himself he's always denied.

Welcome to Catalina Island.


Savage Grace - Spencer Spears

My ex in my bed is a bad idea. But consequences are for when the sun comes up…

Connor: If there’s such a thing as a soul, Julian Jackson owns mine. But that doesn’t mean I want to see him.

I left Summersea Island 10 years ago, nursing wounds from a past I’d rather forget. Julian was my first love and my first heart-break. He saved me when I thought I was beyond saving—then turned his back when I tried to return the favor.

When work takes me back to Summersea unexpectedly, I promise myself I’ll steer clear. But I don’t even make it a week before I’m on my knees in front of him. And I don’t last a month before he’s back in my bed.

In high school, we had to hide what we were to each other. And Julian’s still hiding—still convinced he has to face all his demons alone. No one’s ever told Julian he’s worth fighting for. But I’ll be damned if I lose him again.


Fated: Wolf and the Buck - Hawke Oakley

A wolf hunting for his mate—literally.

Wolf shifter Dax has a big responsibility providing for his family. Though Dax wants a mate and children of his own, he hasn’t met another wolf to fall head over heels with and he’s starting to give up hope. But when a hunt goes wrong, Dax finds himself staring into the eyes of his fated mate—and it’s the deer he’s been chasing.

An omega with a big rack… of antlers.

Morgan the omega deer shifter has always been a misfit. As an older omega, his antlers are bigger than any alpha’s. Tired of being outshone by him, the alphas lead Morgan into a trap to get rid of him once and for all—right into the path of a hunting wolf. When he turns to fight his attacker, something odd happens. The wolf not only stops his chase, but warmly welcomes Morgan into his pack.

What the buck? Prey and predator can’t live together, and they especially can’t be fated mates… Can they?


Stay-at-Home Wolf - Xya Olsen

His fated mate’s raising another shifter's child, but that won't keep him from claiming what's his...

Loyal believes he’ll never have a family of his own. Why? He’s a lone, infertile wolf shifter. When a unique client answers his ad for Loyal Housekeeping—Loyal’s one-man cleaning service—that belief's put to the test.

Simon Sterling is looking to hire Loyal for a simple job: tend to his daughter Marlene, and the housework for two weeks. If Simon’s business venture is successful, Loyal will have more cash than he knows what to do with…

But more than money, Loyal wants Simon. He knows they're destined to be together. With a guarded heart, a two-year-old, and a growing business, the last thing on Simon's mind is love... Loyal's determined to change his mind.

For the next two weeks, they’ll be stuck together. Loyal will do anything to prove he’s the right man to take care of Simon and Marlene forever... Even if it means getting his hands dirty with the housework.



Angry-Boy - Beau Brown

Alpha Cory McTarn will pay for being a flake and a thief. I'll see to it.

Omega Kylo Hansen is angry and determined to stand up for his sister’s honor. He follows the alpha his sister Mia says got her pregnant, to The Tumbleweed Ranch, intending to make him step up and be an honorable alpha. Kylo won’t just stand by and let Cory McTarn get away with abandoning his duties as an alpha.

Alpha Cory McTarn has no idea why Kylo seems to hate him. The alpha is used to everybody adoring him, so when Kylo arrives and instantly hates him, he’s mystified. He tries his best to get along with Kylo, but Kylo isn’t interested in being his friend.

When Mia admits she lied to Kylo about Cory, the embarrassed omega immediately goes to Cory, to ask for his forgiveness. The two men develop a friendship that quickly turns into something more. But misunderstandings seem to be a way of life between Cory and Kylo, and their path toward love won’t be easy.