Sweet and Spicy Deals for July 22, 2021

A Darker Palette - Daniel May

"You’re not my bad habit," said Trinket, finally taking a shallow drag. "My bad habit is cheating. You’re just the person I’m doing it with."

'A Darker Palette' picks off where 'A Stanza on Skin' left off, with protagonist Trinket so deep in his affair he wouldn't know a good choice if it bit him.

Holed up with tattoo artist side piece, Mini, Trinket expects a month of fun and games while his longtime boyfriend is away on work. Fun and games *do* ensue (lingerie, semi-public risky sex in a parking garage, cigarette burns, the works) but reality awaits. Clarity is coming.

Trinket discovers guilt, and then he discovers something else.

Turns out perfect boyfriend Mr. Siebold 'Zee' Li may not be as perfect as he appears.



Kissed by a Killer - Leighton Greene

It’s my job to protect the Morelli men when the law is after them. But now their most dangerous Capo has killed to protect me. My law firm has two unbreakable rules.

1. Never get personally involved with a client.

Nick Fontana was only ever supposed to be a booty call, but he’s had me cross-examining my heart since we started hooking up.

2. Never let the Morellis do you a favor.

I can’t stop thinking about his talented hands on my body...but those hands just took the wrong life to save mine.

I helped Nick cover up what he did, because if anyone finds out, it would start a Mob War that could destroy us all. But someone knows our deadly secret. I’ve kept my mouth shut. So can I really trust the killer I’ve been kissing?


Breaking Free - Isabel Lucero

At a party I drunkenly stumble into a bathroom just as a tall, muscular man steps out of the shower...naked.

Instead of fleeing, I end up having the hottest bathroom hookup ever. Because I’m still in the closet, I'm glad that it was with a guy who doesn’t live in the same town. But come Monday morning, the naked man from the bathroom strolls into the locker room and locks eyes with me.

Dominic is new threatening my spot on the team, which makes me hate him. It’s too bad I loved everything he did to me the night we met, but I can’t let him get to me. I have to focus on keeping my position and making sure nobody finds out about us.

He’s arrogant where I’m modest. I’m docile where he’s domineering. Being with him makes me want to break free from the chains that have kept me in the closet, because he’s also the firm hand to my wavering confidence and I’m the moth drawn to his flame.


If Only for Today - Gabbi Grey

Jared Langford is a happy man. The desk clerk at the Deerbourne Inn knows everyone in his cozy town in Vermont. He is accepted and loved by the community, but he's missing someone special in his life.

Devastating news has brought journalist Xander Fortier to Willow Springs for some much-needed rest. He's photographed every major conflict in the world for the last ten years, but being stateside has forced him to reassess the solitary life he's been living.

Something in Xander's gruff demeanor calls to Jared's caring nature. Soon the men are spending time together, but Jared's kisses might not be enough to keep Xander from leaving. Can the men find a happily ever after if they only have today?



Happy Faking Plus One - Della Cain

Pretend? You’ve got to be kitten me.

Grey is back in town after five years and is ready to take his career to the next level. When he goes out with some coworkers to celebrate his first day, he sees Jamison and all the feels from their time together come flooding back. Next thing he knows they are going to a destination wedding together as dates which would be a lot easier if he didn’t long to still call him Daddy.

Jamison misses his boy. Even five years later he longs for their time together, but he wasn’t the daddy Grey needed. When Grey ends up at the same bar as him, things quickly escalate into a date in Vegas. Jamison sets his eyes on showing Grey he has more to offer and soon discovers that Grey also has another side—his kitten side.

Can a pretend date rekindle what once was or better yet, can it become what they had both longed for all those years ago?