Sweet and Spicy Deals for July 2, 2020

Searching For His Omega - Harper B. Cole and Colbie Dunbar

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re searching for until you find it.

Working at Café Om has been anything but boring for omega Stan. Between breaking a foot and helping to save a co-worker from certain death, he’s ready to be bored...very, very bored. When the head managerial position opens up at the smallest and most rural location, he jumps at the opportunity.

Alpha and television celebrity Chet, host of Coffee, Cafés, and Corner Stores, loves his life traveling the country finding new out-of-the-way places with something unique and fabulous. He loves meeting new people, finding new dishes, and tasting the best coffee different regions of the country have to offer.

When Chet arrives in the small town to film at one of the famous Café Oms, he is expecting good coffee, some cute hook for his episode, and a few quiet days. What he finds, however, is Stan the smexy barista and manager who he feels a connection with. Sparks fly and the couple unknowingly make more than just love during their steamy night together.


Wayward Love - Rhys Everly

He’s a ray of sunshine, but he’s my son’s best friend.

My life has had three modes since my wife passed away. Work. Work. And work.

And I’m not even any good at that. Unless I find the money I owe everyone, only a miracle can keep my bar afloat. Until he comes into my life.

Kyle Brady.

I’ve never looked at another man the same way I look at him. It’s a dangerous feeling. Somehow I’m roped into letting him help my business and he wants to fix everything.

Including my broken heart.


Illusion - Nikole Knight

Riley’s Guardians are breaking apart, and he fears he can’t put them back together again.

A hybrid born of an Angel-Fallen union, Riley Shepard is an anomaly coveted by both sides of an ancient war. But he doesn’t want to fight their war; he has his own battles to face. As his family fractures, bonds are tested, and forbidden feelings threaten to tear his heart into bloody thirds.

When the next attack comes—not from the outside but from within—is he strong enough to separate truth from lies, allies from enemies, reality from fantasy? How can Riley know what’s true when he doesn’t even know what’s real?

Life isn’t simple, love is complicated, and reality is terrifyingly blurry.


Deven and the Dragon - Eliot Grayson

The beast doesn’t ever really get a fairytale ending…does he?

Deven’s mission is clear. All he has to do is convince the dragon to give up one of his magical scales. Lies, deception, seduction—nothing is off-limits. It should be easy. But it isn’t. Especially not when said dragon is so alluring in human form.

Fiora is cursed. Love can kill him—literally. So keeping his mind (and hands) off the devilishly handsome Deven shouldn’t be a challenge. But it is. Deven’s entirely too warm, too attractive, too…everything to resist. And spending time with the lovable human makes Fiora question what’s more frightening—the curse, or the possibility of a life without Deven by his side.

If they want a shot at happily ever after, Deven and Fiora will need to break the potentially deadly curse and overcome all the secrets that stand between them. Easy, right?

They wish...


Awakening - Xya Olsen

I got through my first term at the Wilderness Academy for Shifters, but will my luck run out in the Trials?

Two weeks of training wasn’t enough to harness my mysterious powers. Now Saber, Renard, Tiberius, and I must face the Trials. Two months of hell in the belly of the Forest of Endings.

Thrust into the unforgiving wilderness and pitted against our classmates, we must come out on top. If we fail... We’ll meet a fate far worse than expulsion.

My mates vowed to protect me whatever the cost. But my waking power is unstable and deadly. While the Trials bring us closer together, the beast within threatens to tear us apart.

The Trails will reveal what kind of monster I truly am—and for better or for worse—the truth will change my new life forever.



Power Play - Zane Menzy

Garrick Masters has a sinful gift when it comes to bringing other men to their knees. Just like the night he seduced his straight best friend, Callum Bradshaw. The handsome Kiwi lad easily succumbed to Garrick's charms, opening his mind and heart at the same time. But Garrick's heart opened up too and if he wants them to be more than just friends then he will be forced to face what he fears most--giving up control.

Callum tackled his biggest fear the night he explored his sexuality with Garrick... taking a risk. It more than paid off for him though and he's starting to catch a glimpse of what a future with Garrick would be like, and it's one filled with excitement and the fulfilment of his rawest desires. But how do you capture the heart of a man who refuses to be tamed?

Meanwhile their next game night is fast approaching and it's set to be another three-player event. And this time one of them will do the unthinkable when they make the ultimate power play.


Syrrah - Olivette Devaux

When Benjamine Ardent Brett gets stuck in a hotel elevator with a sweaty muscle-man, he fears his high school nightmares will come to life again. But no, it's another independent contractor remodeling the hotel. Worse, his fru-fru approach likes to preserve all the old things – and he disses Ardy’s work.

When a gorgeous man steps into Seth's elevator, he takes note. A bit young for him but gorgeous, with a self-possessed air that lets him pull off that wild pastel paisley under his suit. Newly out, in the middle of a divorce - his therapist made him promise bravery. Which was going well, until the lovely apparition turned into the designer working on the hotel's lower floors. A minimalist, responsible for all that eco-crap. Besides, starting something with an adversarial colleague was a terrible idea.

Set in the world of the all-inclusive Happy Hour Inn, where the owner and bar-tender Sam Lake seems to bring people together while disappearing for mysterious periods of time. Some point to his mixology tournament trophies. Others think he has a dark side.