Sweet and Spicy Deals for July 15, 2021

Battle for the Top - Ariella Zoelle

I’ll do anything to win Knightley’s heart. That includes becoming the best tennis player in the entire world and defeating him every time we meet. Next, I’ll issue a challenge I know he’ll never be able to resist, even though he’s straight: take his passionate rage out on me in the hottest way possible. That’s how I discover he kisses to win. And I’m not about to let him stop there.

Can I help him see past our rivalry to understand that we’re perfect for each other in every way? Tennis starts with “Love-all,” so let the game begin.


The Alien Prince's Omega - Lorelei M. Hart & Colbie Dunbar

Sometimes, when you can’t find your mate, it’s because you haven’t looked far enough.

Alpha Prince Kagin longs to find his rupling, his mate. He searches his planet, Thulnara, to no avail, but he can feel him out there. As a last resort, he breaks the laws of his kind and finds Idda, a soothsayer. She sees his mate, but there is a problem: His mate is on Earth, a primitive planet once visited by his grandparents.

Veterinarian omega Hanson loves his job, and his community at the ocean’s shore. It’s everything he’s ever dreamed of until his dreams change. Night after night, Hanson falls asleep to visions of himself holding a beautiful baby—his baby. Only the baby is blue, and when he wakes up each morning, he mourns the loss.

Until one night, a woman appears and tells him not to worry, he is coming.


His Stubborn Bear - Skye R. Richmond

After losing his Papa and breaking up with his boyfriend, Kian finds himself alone in the world. Accepting a job and moving across the country to Montana spur of the moment is crazy, right?

And then there’s Gabe, his best friend’s older brother. Kian has no idea why the man makes his pulse race the way it does. But there is one thing he does know, Gabe hates every idea Kian comes up with for the ranch’s rebranding.

Gabe is set in his ways. The last thing he needs is a human coming in and changing things. Yet the moment he lays eyes on Kian, he knows he found his mate. There’s just one problem. Kian doesn’t know that shifters even exist.

Will his mate be able to handle the truth of what Gabe is and accept that they’re fated?