Sweet and Spicy Deals for July 11, 2019

Baby For My Omega - Dex Bass

Can Doctor Albright sacrifice everything he wants for the omega he needs?

Doctor Adam Albright's career is built on a lie. Nobody knows he's an alpha. They wouldn't trust an alpha around omega patients. But without a mate, Adam is miserable.

Gorgeous TV star Oscar Oliphant needs help becoming a father. Artificial insemination hasn't succeeded.

Adam knows a more natural method.

But a doctor who crosses that line will lose everything he's worked for.

Oscar might be worth it.


Broken Crown - Ashe Moon

The kingdom has fallen. Military leaders Phoenix and Griffin Greer have taken the Omega Prince Lars Lyandri as their prisoner. But the Alpha brothers desire more than simple pleasure from their unwilling captive. They have a secret mission, and in order to succeed they must claim something only a royal Omega like Lars can provide them.

An heir.

Deep in heat, he is unable to resist the mating bond Phoenix and Griffin force upon him. Can he find a way to escape from the grip of the two ruthless Alphas? Or will he succumb to his own body’s primal desires?


Shake the Stars - V.L. Locey

Spending time in the Poconos with his family was the last thing Dane Forrester wanted to do over the summer. He had dreams of spending his last break touring Europe and gathering story ideas for his upcoming creative writing classes before heading to college. Maybe even finding that elusive first love in a small café in Paris, or along the Rhine, or even in a sultry villa in Italy. But no, he was stuck at the Silver Fir Lodge with his family where his dreams of romance and passion would wither and die a slow painful death, or so he imagined.

When all seemed lost, the budding wordsmith is saved—in more than one sense—by Khalid Novak, a lifeguard at the lodge’s pool. Khalid is two years older, a bit more sophisticated, and the most incredibly alluring thing Dane has ever seen. The two young men find themselves joyously wound in a searing romance that teaches Dane that love can be wildly intense yet fleeting so one should revel in it when the discovery is made.

Can this summer romance survive the chill of autumn as well as the winds of time?