Sweet and Spicy Deals for July 1, 2021

Claiming the Cleanfreak - Daniel May

Opposites don’t attract, but Isaac is still going to get what’s his.

Isaac is a dirtbag with a pretty face, Atticus a shredded germaphobe. Stuck together in a tiny coffee drive-through, they grate on each other to the point of genuine hatred. Atticus despises Isaac’s vulgarity, and Isaac can’t stand Atticus’s fun-police attitude.

Everything unravels with a secret.

Cupid nails Isaac with a revelation: Atticus has not one, not two, but three hidden piercings. Isaac is obsessed. He calls it ‘love.’ Atticus isn’t so sure, but Isaac isn’t waiting around to lock down the sub of his dreams.


Maiden Voyage: Jaxson's Nemesis - TL Travis

Jaxson Duvall, bass player for the band Maiden Voyage wasn’t born into wealth or fame. He achieved it with hard work and a need to prove himself. To whom, well, that is the million-dollar question right there. When his foolish antics threaten to bankrupt him, it’s time for him to stop acting like a spoiled brat and grow the hell up before his band brothers find a new bassist.

Shephard “Shep” Newsome was the opposite. Thrust into the limelight at birth and cast out damn near the same way. When his indiscretions tarnished his family name, his father said no more. Humiliated, shamed, and shunned, he moved away to begin anew but trouble still seemed to find him. Tired of running, he puts down roots only to find himself right smack in the middle of it once again.

What happens when a Rockstar with more money than brains clashes with his neighbor who has a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas? You have a recipe for disaster… or rage-infused love.


Avenging a Raider - Ana Night

Eleven years ago, Lieutenant William Stanton’s entire world went up in flames. He lost his brother. His family. He left his old life behind to hunt down the people responsible. Avenging his brother was all he’d thought about, all he’d done, for a decade. A sexy little assassin shouldn’t be able to distract him from that goal, but he never counted on the feelings Colt would spark in him.

Colt ‘Shadow’ Castillo has a job to do. A very important one that could stop a terrorist, but he had to go rogue from the CIA to do it. His handler sending someone to retrieve him isn’t surprising. He never expected it to be the missing lieutenant of the Black Raiders, though. Teaming up with the man certainly wasn’t on his to-do list, but the attraction he feels for Will isn’t exactly driving him away.

With people to save, a job to do, and a terrorist to stop, can Colt allow himself to trust Will and the feelings he has for him? Can Will convince Colt he’s worthy of his love?



Secrets in Smoke - Ashe Moon

Thomas is the captain of the Watch, a rank reserved for only the strongest human alphas. But he holds a deep secret: He’s an omega. When he’s forced to partner up with his rival and number one nuisance, the dragon firefighter Rainor, Thomas struggles to keep his natural scent hidden from the alpha’s sharp senses.

Rainor has never had much respect for the humans—especially Thomas, whose men can never seem to keep the town safe without the help of him and his dragon flight brothers. If he’s to teach Thomas the art of firefighting they’re going to have to break down some walls—even if that means exposing sides of themselves they’ve never revealed to anyone else. But Rainor quickly learns there’s far more to this human “alpha” than meets the eye—and nose! Can he keep it a secret?


C*ck Blocked - K.C. Kassidy

It’s not easy being someone you’re not.

A grumpy Irish sheep farmer and a handsome Hollywood actor in hiding turn up the heat and laughs in this MM version of the movies Leap Year and Notting Hill.


The Chase - Lily Harlem

Steve's killing time working in a comedy club. Why not? It makes him laugh and both the clientele and the comedians are not just fit but also great company.

Then one stand-up joker decides to create a wild goose chase for Steve and his ex Robert. Cavorting around Cardiff on a frosty night, however, does more than just show them the way to a threesome, it also reveals the reasons why they should give each other one more shot.


A Daddy for Alexi - Joe Satoria

Can Alexi find the daddy of his dreams?

Lonely and lost, Alexi Drake is looking for a caring hand. Starting a new job with the same anxieties, he doesn’t think he’ll ever feel wanted, let alone someone who will understand him. But will the kindness of a stranger change that?

Overworked and under-laid, Warren Raines is searching for someone special to share himself with. Touch is his love language. He’s armed with a giant stuffed teddy, and a need to please. Will he finally find someone to have fun with?

Dressed up and playing the part, they find something special... but can they complete each other?