Sweet and Spicy Deals for January 28, 2021

South Main and Gentry - A.D. Ellis and Declan Rhodes

Mitch Aiken serves up authentic small-town comfort food in Willow Springs’ South Main diner. He dominates the local food scene until young upstart Tanner Gentry arrives from Chicago to prove small town foodies are aching for a contemporary approach to coffee and sandwiches.

The battle for the hearts and stomachs of Willow Springs residents has begun with one major complication - the sexual chemistry between Mitch and Tanner that everyone recognizes except them.


Making It Fit - Ian O. Lewis

“It’s wrong to claim Victor, but it feels so right.”

When my best friend on the force Federico was killed in the line of duty, I swore to him as he died in my arms, I would take care of his baby brother, Victor.

When Victor moved back to our hometown after college, he needed a place to stay. When he showed up on my doorstep, his transformation from an awkward teenager to a striking young man floored me. Victor was everything I had ever wanted—smart, smoking hot, and innocent—but there was no way he could handle a rough around the edges cop like me.

I kept my paws to myself, until one day Victor told me he had never been with another man before. He wanted advice on how to get a boyfriend, and how to keep him. That broke me.

I’d show Victor how to please a man, all right. Me.



Picture Love - A.F. Zoelle

My friend’s hot older brother agrees to play tour guide for me in Paris, so I know I’m in for the trip of a lifetime. The best part is that Arsène is a shameless flirt who gives my vivid imagination all kinds of naughty ideas. My lack of a filter always gets me into trouble, but at least this time it’s the fun kind. Going home alone with a broken heart as a souvenir would suck. I’d rather return to America with a gorgeous French boyfriend instead.


Sweet & Sour - Colbie Dunbar & Trisha Linde

Happily Ever Afters are overrated. Cake is far more satisfying.

Omega Bellamy knows better than anyone how food can heal the heart. Since the death of his omega father, working in their family’s diner has been the only thing to bring him any kind of solace. Unfortunately, with the hospital bills piling up, it looks like his future may already be decided.

As a restaurant chain mogul, alpha Larkin is surrounded by everything he could ever possibly want… except his heart’s desire. Money and fame mean nothing without someone to share it with, but greed and arrogance are hard habits to break.

Larkin is in the process of buying out the local competition when he overhears Bellamy and his alpha father talking about their emotional burden. He proposes a solution that will help them get back on their feet in exchange for Bellamy working in Larkin’s new restaurant.


Kissing a Fool - Felix Brooks and Andrea Dalling

Real estate agent Mason is thrilled when the owner of a high-end mountain cabin hires him for what promises to be a big commission. Rhy is ruggedly handsome and good with his hands—in more ways than one. Despite the heat between them, Mason's boss wouldn't approve of him dating a client. When a snowstorm forces him to bunk with Rhy for the weekend, he's not sure he can resist temptation.

The last thing Rhy wants is to sell the cabin he inherited from his grandfather, but he needs to move to a place closer to town. When he spots Mason's photo in an LGBT business directory, he knows he's found his man—or at least his real estate agent. The guy is just as gorgeous in person. When Mason gets stranded at his place, Rhy hopes they’ll end the weekend as more than friends.

Despite a stolen kiss, Mason wants to keep their relationship businesslike. Rhy isn't sure he can deal with more rejection—not after what happened with his parents. Can he convince Mason to give them a shot? Or is Rhy a fool to hope for love?


Red Zone - Van Cole

Cole Was A Football Player That I Wanted To Be More Than Just Friends With

The name’s Sage Wilson. You might have heard of my father, David Wilson, the political king of this city.

I had everything anyone could want, including a beautiful girlfriend. But I’m gay, and what a scandal it would have been for me to out myself.

So I left home to escape the pressure, but there were some things I couldn’t escape, and I thought I was going to go mad.

Cole changed all of that. At first we were friends, but quickly turned to lovers in my first gay romance.

There was so much for me to learn about myself, about him, about, well, everything. How could we possibly keep our love a secret when it burned so fiercely?