Sweet and Spicy Deals for January 14, 2021

Hot Roommate Blues - Parker Avrile

When it's a crime for your bully to be that hot...

Stryker: I've partied a little too hard a little too often. Now I'm locked behind these cold iron gates with a so-called good influence for a roommate. Guess the dean didn't notice the scholarship kid's hot body.

It's going to be so much fun putting this goody-two-shoes in his place.

Kingsley: I've changed my name to hide out behind the ivy walls of this college for the rich and the spoiled. Funny thing. My cocky roommate thinks he's the outlaw. Dude even thinks he can bully me.

Another funny thing. He's hot enough to make me want to play along.



Soulmates - Liv Rancourt

Trajan Gall is ready to meet the sun. The vampire has spent two years mourning a lost love, but he can't refuse his maker one last assignment. Babysitting some VIP's kid is hardly worth his effort. Until he gets an eyeful of David.

Spring break in LA is werewolf David Collins’s last chance to do whatever the hell he wants. Graduation in June will be his first step into the family machine, and with one week to paint the town red, he’s aiming to do it in neon and glitter.

David’s father is the American Alpha, and something – some rumor or instinct or parental discretion – prompts Dad to hire a vampire to keep his heir out of trouble. Good thing. The shooting starts before David reaches his Sunset Beach hotel.

The danger chasing David – not to mention the white hot sparks that fly between them – give Trajan a much-needed jolt of life. When Trajan’s past roars back in a way that won’t be denied, the three of them must find a way to bridge past and present or David won’t have any future at all.


In His Sights - Victoria Light

Chris: Thanks to the fight, my face is once again on every tabloid page in America. Now my management's forcing a 24/7 bodyguard to keep an eye on me until my new album drops. Just what I need, temptation in the form of Sylus Synn, a hot-as-hell ex-Marine now living under my roof.

When I find out Sylus is gay, I want him to know my secret. But how can I break through a lifetime of fear and guilt?

Sylus: Babysitting a troublemaking celebrity should be nothing compared to what I’ve done as a spec ops sniper, but Chris has a way of making everything difficult. I can’t help but feel like he enjoys getting his ass subdued by me.

My intuition tells me Chris might not be straight. It ain’t my job to get Chris out of the closet. But when he comes to me with an unusual request, it’s hard to remain professional. How can I turn down an offer to teach a “straight” guy a few gay tricks?