Sweet and Spicy Deals for February 13, 2020

House Hunt - Jackie Keswick

A day out with unexpected consequences. And Jack's second chance at happiness is under threat.

Jack wants to enjoy his new life, but he can't catch a break. A perfect day out turns into three months undercover. A bully threatens Nico and Daniel. And returning a favour leads him into a trap.

Jack has never refused his help, but he never had anything that mattered to him, either. Now he must change his priorities, or the family he's making for himself and his growing relationship with Gareth will fall to the demands made on him.


Ryder's Boys: A Sun-Soaked Gay Romance Bundle - Cody Ryder

Ryder’s Boys is a sweet and fluffy contemporary gay romance bundle featuring three sun-soaked novels set in glamorous Southern California. Fans of fast-paced, lighthearted stories (and dogs!) will love this wonderful collection.


Taming Tristan - Leighton Greene

Tristan: I'm a trouble-maker. Everyone at the club knows I don't kneel on command. So what? I’ve never met a man who’s worthy of my full surrender. I’m bored of all the wannabes who think they can expect perfect obedience without proving themselves first.

But if I don’t play nice, I’m gonna get banned from the scene. And that’s when I meet Seth, the one guy who might have a chance at bringing me to my knees.

Seth: A Hollywood producer and his plaything bet me I can’t tame a notorious trouble-maker by Valentine’s Day. I can’t refuse—not when it comes with the promise of big money when I win. I’ll be able to pay off my family's debts.
Tristan Taylor is an enticing gamble. I’ll make him beg. I’ll make him obey. I’ll make him kneel…

But it'll take more than one night to train Tristan, and each session leaves me wanting something more. Something I wasn't prepared to gamble on. Taming Tristan was meant to be a bet. I never thought I’d wager my heart.


Saving Rory - Anders Grey

Rory: My life is supposed to be perfect, but it sure as hell isn’t. All the money I make from being the drummer in a popular band goes straight to my ungrateful parents and poor younger brother. Something in my life needs to change. Maybe it’s finally time for me to get over my past and try to love again. But the scars from seven years ago still ache, and I won’t let anyone close enough to get under my skin—until Thatcher. He slowly heals the pain inside me, and he seems perfect. But something’s holding me back. If he’s too good to be true, he must be hiding something… Right?

Thatcher: No one ever tells you that being a successful billionaire is a lonely life to lead. I weathered the past decade with my Doberman, King, as my sole permanent companion. My intensely calm nature turned off one too many dates, and I was convinced I’d be alone forever. Rory changes everything. I want him more than anyone I’ve ever met.But can I comfort the hurt inside him? And when a dark shadow from our pasts threatens to rip us apart, will I be able to save him?


Twenty-One Arrow Salute - Kasia Bacon

Verhan Tŭrryés of Black Mountain is a handful.

Freshly enlisted in the Highland Regiment, he does all he can to steer clear of responsibility and commitment. Just not his cup of mead, that. Loose of tongue and even looser of morals, he rarely misses an opportunity to get into trouble—and into the other archers’ knickers, too.

In a unit composed almost entirely of Dark Elves, Hernan Seinnés, with his green eyes and auburn hair, is an outsider. When Verhan, up the creek again, is blackmailed into helping Hernan, he never expects to fall for him. But during the long hours spent training Hernan for the Honour Guard, feelings strike the Highlander right in the heart—and with the force of an arrow.

Unversed in relationships, Verhan finally plucks up enough courage to tell Hernan how he feels, only to drive the Asirhwӱnian away instead. If Verhan can swallow his pride, he might get one last chance to show Hernan what he means to him—and maybe this time he can hit the mark.


6 Days to Valentine - LE Franks

Any dreams bartender Nick Valentine had for a 'Happily Ever After' were shredded long ago, and the last thing Nick and his customers need is a bunch of happy loving couples rubbing hearts and cupids it in their faces one day a year. But the new, presumably straight bouncer thinks he knows Nick's heart better than that. He's willing to wager it all that he’ll change Nick's mind about romance—before the holiday strikes.

Too bad Nick's not going down without a fight.


Revelations - Nikole Knight

Jai was my strength, Noel, my sanity, and Gideon, he was my safety. For my family, I would do anything. I would die for them, and I feared, in the end, that’s exactly what would be asked of me.

College freshman, Riley Shepard, is nothing if not ordinary—except for his crippling shyness, social ineptitude, and, every once in a while, seeing things that don’t exist. Other than that, he is definitely normal. Or at least, he tries to be.

When one fateful night opens his eyes to a universe he never knew existed, his life changes forever. Reality-altering truths are revealed, and Riley must navigate a world of angels, demons, and everything in between. Thankfully, three overprotective Guardians have made it their mission to help.

With the promise of friends, family, and freedom finally within his grasp, he fears not only for his heart, but for his life as well.

But some things are worth dying for.


Blind Date for Valentine's - Colbie Dunbar and Lorelei M. Hart

Valentine’s Day is for many things—it is not for blind dates…

Alpha Dean climbed up the corporate ladder with a ton of hard work and perseverance, pushing everything else aside including his love life. When his assistant sets him up with a blind date for Valentine’s Day and won’t take no for an answer, he reluctantly goes. Little does he know that it won’t be a doctor joining him for dinner, it will be his high-school crush, the one he never had the courage to ask out all those years ago.

Omega Jesse Henderson wants nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, especially not telling his roommate’s blind date that he is being stood up, but that’s exactly how he is spending it. The last thing someone expecting to have dinner with a doctor wants is to be shot down by said doctor’s math teacher roommate. It was going to be the worst Valentine’s Day ever. Little does he know that his roommate was set up with the one who got away, his high-school math tutor and crush, Dean Brooks.

Memories come rushing back and sparks fly as the two secret crushes come face to face all those years later.


ROMEO - M.C. Adams

Reasons not to date a footballer...
1. He's the cockiest guy I've ever met.
2. Everyone in London wants a piece of him.
3. I'm being paid to spy on him...

BYRON: Always complete your mission. That's what they teach you in the SAS. It's been drummed into me for years. But Romeo Brooks is a mission like no other. The highest-paid footballer in the UK. The most beautiful man I've ever seen. Being his personal bodyguard should be straight-forward. But I've got a conflict of interests. Because the mob own me. And when I get orders through that could hurt Romeo, my commitment to the mission is put to the ultimate test.

ROMEO: The off-season means three things: parties, booze and lots of cute boys. But this year's different. I've got a new bodyguard. He's a massive, ex-military brute, and the way he looks at me is...intense. His muscles have muscles. No-one's ever made me feel like this before. Like he's looking right through me, into my soul. But just when I feel like I'm gonna fire him, the threats start. And soon, it feels like Byron's the one thing protecting me. Unless, he's the source of the danger.