Sweet and Spicy Deals for December 5, 2019

Chasing Stars - Cody Ryder

Wrecked car, wrecked movie, wrecked image. That’s Christopher Lawton: Hollywood’s latest celebrity wreck. After decking Hollywood’s most powerful producer in the face for blacklisting his movie, he’s hidden himself away at a secluded mountain resort called the Constellation Lodge to avoid media attention until the whole thing blows over. He expected to be bored out of his mind. He didn’t expect to meet Jackson.

Jackson Baker hates the film industry. His whole family is big in the business, but he wants nothing to do with the hollow, toxic world behind the glitz and glam. Self-exiled to the Constellation Lodge, he needs to finish his second novel and prove that he can succeed without the assistance of his well-connected family.

Christopher loves that Jackson has no clue of who he is, but he can’t keep his celebrity a secret forever. Will the truth ruin a connection that seems to be written in the stars?


A Royal Ruse - Ellie Finch

What's the only Christmas surprise better than a prince in disguise? Two of them.

The town of Yuletide, Maine is a veritable winter wonderland, full of Christmas-themed shops, light displays, and cookie baking contests...plus a criminal money laundering front. Prince Alaister is here to investigate.

Which becomes difficult when he meets Ama, a handsome commoner visiting the town...or so he thinks. But Ama is not a tourist on a Christmas vacation. He is Prince Jean-Michel Amadou Musa Des Rois, younger brother to the King of Port des Rois, a small island nation in the Caribbean.

Like Alaister, Amadou has come to Yuletide following threads of corruption. Both men are clever in their investigations, but their efforts thwart each other in a comedy of errors as their identities get tangled and their intentions get steamy. It will take a Christmas miracle to untangle this royal ruse!


Hating Cain - Anders Grey

Johnny: After my parents kicked me out over a rumor, I ran away at 16 and vowed never to return to Rosecreek. The shocking news of my parents’ passing changes all that. Now, with rent way past due and an offer I can’t refuse, I have no choice but to give up my life in the city and move into the mansion they left me. But the estate comes with a price. The man I despise lives next door. I spent ten years hating Cain. Now I’m forced to be his neighbor. And despite my attraction to him, we’ll never be more than enemies.

Cain: I’ve survived among the two-faced people of Rosecreek by hiding my pain behind a mask of smiles. When my childhood crush moves back in next door, I’m ecstatic to have an opportunity to reconnect with someone I care about—especially when that old spark ignites instantly. But Johnny makes it clear our relationship is shattered beyond repair. A decade ago, he was my friend. My protector. So why does he hate my guts now? And how can I change his mind?


Hunter - M.C. Adams

Reasons not to fall for my bodyguard... 1. He's ten years younger than me. 2. He's got a criminal record. 3. I'm straight...

HUNTER: When some straight nerd tells me he wants to marry me, I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or punch his lights out. No matter how f*cking sexy those lights might be.

But Klein’s got something I need. Money, and lots of it. I just wish he wasn’t so f*ckable. And that he wasn’t putting out signals that are hard to ignore. As I get to know him better, I start to feel things I’ve never felt before.

Like maybe, my life might actually mean something. Maybe someone might actually care for me. Maybe I might be worth something after all. So when it turns out his life’s in danger, I’ve got to put my own on the line. Time to be the tough guy I know I am.


Lingerie - Jason Collins

He likes to design it, and I like to wear it. Braden's not the straight guy I thought he was. Turns out, his designs fit me like a glove. His designs reveal a lot, but I want to see every last inch of him.


Obsexsion - Matt Converse

When sex and a deadly obsession collide, not everyone will survive.

Matt returns to the stage as a stripper but fears his nightmares are premonitions that his stalker will reappear. Justin comforts him but they soon face separation. Can their love survive Matt's wild romp at nude male resort?

His return to the stage brings back many fans, maybe one too many. Sex sells, what it attracts can be deadly.